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Kindness of Strangers
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The New Girl
Jim hires a new sales person and Phred is upset. Jim sets up a shootout to see who should go to Vegas for a gun show.

Watch Wild West Alaska Season 4 Episode 7 Now

Alaska Dreaming
Danny and Regina take Phred on a much needed fishing trip; Ken wants to celebrate his 20 years in Alaska; Bryan and Hans take Corey Cogdell hunting.

Watch Wild West Alaska Season 4 Episode 6 Now

Pizza Madness
Ken and Hans get suckered into helping Mustache Ken at Uncle Joe's Pizza; Bryan and Phred help a bear punching woman save her dog; Niels makes Camo Mark do inventory.

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Pony Express
Phred and Bryan build a survival kit for a woman who is spending the winter out in the bush of Alaska. Hans and Niels both enter the Cabin Tavern Chili cook off.

Watch Wild West Alaska Season 4 Episode 4 Now

Kindness of Strangers
Hans and Ken compete against each other to win a local scavenger hunt. Phred lies to a cute boy and tells him that she knows how to fly fish just to get a date.

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Glacier Girls
Phred and Regina's kayak adventure leads to extracting ice from nearby glaciers and just like that the glacier - slushy, or "Glushy" is born.

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The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
Hans and Ken battle in a local scavenger hunt. Phred lies to a cute boy, telling him that she knows how to fly fish just to get a date.

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The television show Wild West Alaska is one of the highly intriguing and adventurous reality series showcased on the popular channel, Animal Planet, in 2013. The show dives into the diverse and enthralling world of Alaska's wildlife and follows the lives of a group of staff working at the Wild West Guns, a renowned firearm store based in Anchorage, Alaska. The store is dubbed as the most unique gun shop in Alaska, an epitome of the wilderness, survival, and resilience that the state embodies.

The show is embraced by its loyal audience due to its seamless blend of business operations typical of reality shows, with captivating Alaskan outdoor escapades. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the Wild West Guns store serves a myriad of customers, from bear hunters venturing into the wild to homeowners looking for home defense weapons.

The store in focus, Wild West Guns, isn't just your typical gun shop. It sets itself apart by offering custom-built firearms. It's a place where exotic, vintage, and unusual firearms come to life, revealing why it has become a preferred destination for hunters, outdoorsmen, and gun enthusiasts. At the heart of this bustling business are Phred, Ken, and Jim - the trio that brings distinctive skill sets and personalities, serving to entertain and inform viewers throughout the series.

Phred, the store's sales associate, is a sharp-talking, tough negotiator, with a thirst for adventure that matches the Alaskan wilderness. Ken Feinman, the store manager, uses a level-headed approach to cope with the day-to-day pressure of running this unique enterprise. Jim West, the master gunsmith, and owner, comes across as a maverick spirit, an expert gun maker, and an adventurous soul who isn’t afraid to step into the Alaskan wild. These vibrant and unique personalities add a special flavor to the show, making it a show as wild as Alaska itself.

What sets Wild West Alaska apart from typical reality shows is its fusion of the daily tasks of running a shop with the unpredictable and thrilling outdoor activities. The show takes viewers on various journeys, following the crew as they test their custom-built weapons in the extreme conditions of the Alaskan wilderness, take part in thrilling hunting expeditions, fishing experiences, wilderness explorations, and even rescue missions. Occasionally, the series also illustrates abstract scenarios in which the team fabricates an ingenious solution to meet a customer's unique request or solve a pressing problem.

Moreover, the show provides a glimpse into the Alaskan way of life that revolves around survival, resourcefulness, and resilience in one of the world's most hostile environments. It paints a vivid picture of Alaska's grandeur and untamed beauty plus the varied wildlife that thrives in it. Yet, it doesn't digress from its core theme of firearms, their functionality, their history, and their significance in Alaskan life.

While entertaining viewers with its unique mix of workplace dynamics and outdoor adventures, Wild West Alaska also doesn't shy away from offering educational content. It enlightens the audience about different types of firearms, their uses, their mechanisms, and safety precautions. As someone who is intrigued by firearms, you might enjoy learning about how different guns are used for different purposes, and how they are customized and adjusted according to the user's needs.

Nevertheless, even if you're not a firearms enthusiast, the show has a lot to offer. It feeds viewers' adventurous spirits with thrilling expeditions into the wild. Observing wildlife, experiencing nature, and delving into survival stories add a captivating edge. The show celebrates the spirit of Alaska – it's a wild, rugged, larger-than-life representation of freedom, adventure, survival, and wilderness.

In conclusion, Wild West Alaska is an adventure-filled, thrilling, yet educative reality television series that touches multiple facets of Alaskan lifestyle starting from the operation of a unique gun shop to venturing into the sublime and dangerous Alaskan wilderness. Having aired in 2013, the show continues to engage viewers across the world with its fascinating content and charismatic personalities. If you have an adventurous spirit, curiosity for firearms, or a love for wildlife, then Wild West Alaska is a show you won't want to miss.

Wild West Alaska is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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