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Petersville Remote Retreat
The Owens family is challenged to build a log cabin for homeowners.

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No Limits
Some of the most intense challenges and heart-pounding moments in show history are presented. When Alaska sets limits, the builders confront harrowing commutes and uncompromising weather to reach the end of their projects.

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Ketchikan Cottage
Retired math teacher Jackie Keizer takes on wet and muddy southeastern Alaska to build a family legacy cabin with her son, Maxx. Jackie battles constant rain as she attempts to finish her cabin in time for her family to enjoy it in the summer months.

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Denali Dream Cabin
First-time builders Amy and Matt Hill brave the frozen landscape as they race to build a cabin in the dead of winter for their snowmobile adventures. They quickly discover that building in freezing temperatures is more challenging than they thought.

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Grain Bin Getaway
Mike Oldenkamp is determined to build a grain bin-style cabin that honors his wife's roots. As the Alaskan winter looms, the couple battles to complete their cabin before the weather stops them in their tracks.

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If you think building in Alaska is hard, try doing it as a newbie! Join some of our bravest and most determined first-time builders as they go all-in and figure out how to build their dream cabin, rookie-style!

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Granite Point Perch
Jeff work on a cliffside project at Seward, AK and encounters danger when he had the supplies delivered via a helicopter.

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Driftwood Lodge
First-time builder Nick Blanco is eager to construct a fishing lodge entirely out of driftwood he plans to scavenge and mill himself. However, Nick faces harsh realities on Kodiak's rugged shores when he disappears during a storm while searching for wood.

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Floating Lodge
Father and son duo Jere and Ben embark on a mission to construct a massive,112-foot-long, 5,000-square-foot floating lodge; tough maneuvering and hurricane force winds make this the most dangerous and challenging project they've ever attempted.

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Cliffside Ski Hut
Constructing a backcountry ski hut with quick access to sought-after powder snow.

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Building Alaska, a popular series that premiered on the DIY Network in 2012, captures the unique challenges and thrills of construction in the Last Frontier. The show offers an exhilarating excursion into the wilderness, revealing the intricacies of constructing structures in this rugged terrain. It's not just about trades such as carpentry, plumbing, and wiring. Building Alaska also explores transport logistics, weather conditions, and resource management in a distinctly Alaskan context.

The series centers on the daunting, yet fascinating process of creating habitable and aesthetically appealing structures in remote regions of Alaska. Given the extraordinary environment and the isolation of the locations, unprecedented struggles and unforgettable triumphs occur that give a whole new aspect to DIY ventures. The highlighted projects vary each season, spanning from off-grid hunting lodges to luxury summer homes, and even remote bed and breakfast establishments. This ensures that every episode, the viewer is introduced to a whole new range of Alaskan landscapes and the distinct challenges they pose for construction.

Enlivening the show is a set of dynamic and talented builders who defy the odds and the elements to bring their vision of an Alaskan-style sanctuary to life. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a mix of expertise to the playing field that upholds the captivating essence of the show. They not only contribute hard construction skills but also provide viewers with an insight into the richness and diversity of Alaskan culture. The host narrates their stories, their efforts in acclimatizing to the harsh weather, dealing with supply shortages, and offering an inside look into their character and motivations.

One of the key elements of the show is the logistical challenges the builders face. In the remote wilderness of Alaska, the difficulty of transporting construction material cannot be underestimated. From using boats to planes and even helicopters, the logistical endeavor itself becomes a captivating subplot within the show. This aspect provides an additional layer of adrenaline and suspense to Building Alaska, turning the process of constructing a building into a high-stakes adventure.

The unforgiving and unpredictable Alaskan weather also plays a significant part in the narrative. Builders have to race against winter, dealing with frozen grounds and dwindling daylight hours, adding a ticking clock element of suspense. This not only showcases the inherent difficulties of such endeavors but also brings forth the resourcefulness and resilience of the cast as they battle these challenges, making for compelling storytelling.

Despite being an all-out construction show, Building Alaska doesn't bind itself within the technicalities of the field and focuses immensely on the people behind the scenes and their way of living. It explores deeply the lifestyle of its protagonists, their families, the camaraderie among the crew, and how this experience changes them. In the wilderness, amid crunching deadlines and constant challenges, the raw, human emotions and interactions often take center stage.

The breathtaking landscape of Alaska is a huge draw for viewers and it becomes a character in itself on the show. The stunning vistas, featuring forests, mountains, rivers, and open skies serve as spectacular backdrops to each construction, adding a cinematic quality to the series. It makes you appreciate the enormous natural beauty Alaska has to offer, adding a visually stunning element to the viewing experience.

Lastly, Building Alaska offers a plethora of knowledge about Alaska and its indigenous communities. By highlighting local flora, fauna, and geographies, in conjunction with locales' deeply ingrained respect for the natural world, the show is as much an education as it is entertainment. It offers a rich cultural experience and a window into a lifestyle that is very different from what most of us are accustomed to.

In conclusion, Building Alaska is not just about the tangible idea of building in the wilderness. It reflects the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit, the value in simplicity, and showcases the deep-seated respect for nature embedded in Alaskan communities. It takes the viewer on an emotional journey interspersed with construction, survival skills, and the unfolding of the human element in the harsh wilderness. This unique blend of elements makes Building Alaska an enlightening and engaging watch for anyone with a love for DIY projects, nature, adventure, and stories of human resilience and spirit.

Building Alaska is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 110 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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