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Cascades Inn
The Dawgs take on a salvage in Bath County, Virginia, at the Cascades Inn.

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Roanoke Fire Station #1
Robert takes the Dawgs downtown to salvage a historic firehouse that is being transformed into a restaurant and brewery. Later, Mike and Tay visit an antique shop in hopes of picking up some parts for a commission build.

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Roanoke Bell Tower and Sign
Recruited by a local church, the Dawgs head across town to remove a weakening bell tower, and things turn out to be more dangerous than expected. Later, Mike works with a customer to design a checkout counter that's as practical as it is stunning.

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Dublin Mill
The Dawgs travel to Dublin, Virginia, to help remove a dated water turbine from the historic Belle-Hampton Farm. After a full day of salvage, Mike and Tay return to the shop to build a kitchen island cart.

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Firehouse Number 7
Firefighters ask the Dawgs to salvage what they can from their old fire house, and the team works with them to incorporate the materials into a new facility. Then, the guys heads to Highpoint, NC, to fill up their trucks with international treasures.

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Liberty Trust Building
Robert keeps the team local as they take on the old Liberty Trust Building.

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Virginia Tobacco Plant
The team tackles a five-story cigarette factory in tobacco country.

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New Jersey Mansion
The Dawgs are challenged by extravagant remodeling and design touches while salvaging a governor's mansion in Livingston, N.J.

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North Carolina Pick and Haul
The Dawgs travel to North Carolina in hopes of salvaging a mansion in Charlotte and an iconic sign in Raleigh. Later, Mike and Tay reconvene at the shop to transform ironwood pallets into ergonomically pleasing chairs.

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Last Trip to Cap Center
The Dawgs focus their attention on the exterior finishes of the Boulevard at the Capital Centre to complete their last round of salvaging in Largo, MD. Later, the team transforms a box of old farm equipment into a one-of-a-kind build.

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Return to Jamestown, NY
The Dawgs return to Jamestown, NY, for their second go at salvaging a home that's been expanded to create a 26,000-square-foot Moose Lodge. The mixed architecture turns over an array of treasures, including neon lights and ornate roofing tiles.

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Maryland Strip Mall
The crew salvages items from a sporting goods store in Largo, Maryland.

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Jamestown Moose Lodge
Eager to save some late Victorian architecture, the Dawgs accept an invitation to salvage a hundred-year-old Moose Lodge in Jamestown, New York. The 10-hour drive proves worth it as they collect unique stair spindles and beautiful stained glass.

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Salvage Dawgs is a unique and compelling reality television series that aired on DIY Network in 2012. The show brings to the small screen an intriguing combination of both construction-based and historical exploration entertainment. A multi-season series, Salvage Dawgs particularly drew the attention of architectural enthusiasts, historical buffs, DIY lovers, and fans of reality TV.

The heart and soul of Salvage Dawgs are its two charismatic hosts, Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside, who are co-owners of Black Dog Salvage, an architectural salvage business located in Roanoke, Virginia. They are an unlikely yet effective duo: Robert, the meticulous planner and former officer in the United States Navy, aims to maintain a controlled and organized work environment. Mike, on the other hand, is a daredevil entrepreneur with a knack for improvisation, often bringing a touch of excitement and unpredictability to their operations.

On Salvage Dawgs, Robert and Mike, along with their dedicated crew, travel across the United States in search of valuable artifacts hidden in condemned or crumbling structures. Their mission - to reclaim, repurpose, and resell these architectural elements while simultaneously preserving their historical significance. Whether it's a century-old mansion scheduled for demolition, a rustic barn nearing its end, or a soon-to-be renovated hotel, no location is off-limits for the enthusiastic team of Salvage Dawgs.

From mantels, doors, windows, and staircases to unique pieces like vintage signs, light fixtures, and even an old carousel horse, the items they salvage encompass a wide range of eras, styles, and purposes. Beyond the financial aspect, there's a genuine appreciation for the craftsmanship, history, and aesthetic value of these salvaged items—making the show as much about preservation of culture as about business.

Another significant aspect that gives Salvage Dawgs its charm is the process of salvaging itself. Each episode presents different logistical challenges that the team must overcome to efficiently and safely extract valuable items without damaging them. It's not just about pulling out old stuff from buildings; it's a well-coordinated operation that requires an understanding of architecture, history, construction, and sometimes, daring physical feats. Whether it's overcoming a tricky removal process, negotiating prices, or dealing with unexpected turns of events, the drama unfolding on site adds to the show's entertainment quotient.

Moreover, street-smart, witty banter, and friendly camaraderie between Robert and Mike steer the show's tone, keeping it light-hearted and fun. The underlying humor often evokes laughter, and the light moments of triumph generate cheers from viewers. It transitions seamlessly from funny to factual, effectively breaking up the heavy technical jargon and complex logistics with humor and heart.

The show is not just about the salvage either. Often, it brings viewers into their shop, providing a glimpse into how the salvaged artifacts are often repurposed into stunning, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and décor items, thereby giving them a new lease on life and attracting a whole new range of potential buyers.

Salvage Dawgs also serves an educational purpose, subtly embedding nuggets of information about American history, architecture, and sustainability into its narrative. With each artifact they rescue, Robert and Mike help viewers delve into the history of forgotten architectural styles, the evolution of interior design, the craftsmanship of yesteryears, and the environmental benefits of repurposing and recycling.

In a nutshell, Salvage Dawgs is more than just a reality show about picking through old buildings. It's an engaging journey of two passionate men who don't just see scrap but opportunities—opportunities to salvage, save, and infuse new life into discarded pieces of our culture and history. It's a rich tapestry of history, architecture, DIY ethos, humor, and business acumen that makes it a delightful watch for a wide array of audiences. Beyond its entertainment value, Salvage Dawgs fosters an increased appreciation for architectural salvage, inspiring viewers to view their own surroundings with a fresh perspective.

Salvage Dawgs is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 145 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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