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Coastal Maine Yurt
From the edge of an active volcano in Hawaii and the Appalachian Mountains to the deserts of New Mexico and upstate New York, builders battle harsh conditions to construct innovative, self-sufficient homes in remote areas.

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Georgia Country Cottage
A couple wants to build a country cottage on the remote family farm in southeast Georgia. But building a 1,400 square foot structure in four months will be anything but easy for these novice builders as they face material delays, hurricanes and wildlife.

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California Earth Home
Friends and natural builders set out to construct a family adobe dome home using the earth onsite in a mountain range in Calif; just as they get into a rhythm, Mother Nature hits them hard with heat waves, fires, earthquakes and a hurricane.

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Maryland Treehouse
In an effort to spend more time with their kids, a couple sets out to build a treehouse in remote Maryland. With a $400,000 budget and a two month timeline, they hope to build their home in time for foliage season -- but Mother Nature has other ideas.

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Arkansas Mountain Cabin
A couple heads to Arkansas with their kids to build a dream mountain getaway. While the views of this location are breathtaking, this build is anything but a breeze.

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Utah Mountain A-Frame
Needing to get out of the city, a Las Vegas couple and their son head to southern Utah to build a modern A-frame. But with strong winds, winter storms and a challenging terrain, they must work together to build their dream getaway.

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Virginia Underground Home
A fantasy-loving family decides to bring their dreams to life by building their own underground home in the hills of Virginia. With shipment delays, errors and severe weather, this couple must fight against all odds to make their dream world a reality.

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Arizona Straw Bale Home
A couple plans to build their forever home out of straw bales in the Arizona desert in only six months. Using Earthship architecture as their motivation, they hope to make this structure modern, durable and unique.

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Texas Luxury Tent
A Texas couple teams up with two South African canvas tent experts to create their dream glamping experience. But they soon find the build is anything but luxurious.

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Georgia Mountain Cavern
A young family embarks on their biggest and most challenging build yet -- an in-earth cavern in the mountains of northern Georgia. But building on a mountain will be anything but easy as they deal with a rocky terrain, extreme heat and heavy rain.

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Building Off the Grid is an intriguing and captivating series that aired on the DIY Network in 2014. The show highlights the adventure and determination of various brave individuals who strive to construct their dream houses in remote and secluded places, far away from densely populated areas that have easy access to utilities like water and electricity.

Deciding to forsake the conveniences of modern urban life, these daring individuals seek a different kind of life, one that is closer to nature and exists outside the hustle and bustle of modern civilization. In tune with the environment and their own innovative spirits, they take on the challenge of not just building a house but creating a complete living environment while ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding nature.

Each episode of Building Off the Grid trails independent builders as they manage the process of constructing their homes from scratch. Viewers accompany the builders throughout their journey from the initial setup, through the myriad challenges during the construction phase, to the final stages of bringing their vision to life. Notably, these ambitious builders utilize a wide range of diverse, innovative, and creative construction methods and materials that suit the environments they have decided to inhabit.

As the name of the series suggests, the homes being constructed are designed to operate independently of public utility services, choosing to rely instead on renewable energy sources and other techniques for water supply and waste management. The builders' aim is to create sustainable and eco-friendly properties that dovetail with the untamed beauty of their surroundings. Solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvest systems, and bio toilets are just a few examples of the off-grid systems employed.

The locales chosen by these intrepid builders range from the secluded wilderness high in the mountains to serene and tranquil islands, from dense and mysterious forests to arid deserts. Aside from the joy of the construction process itself, viewers get to enjoy breathtakingly beautiful and exotic locations that add a layer of natural magic to the whole project. As the builders navigate the challenges of the terrain, weather, and limited resources, the audience is granted an intimate look into each unique living experiment.

Building Off the Grid also presents an enriching viewer experience by its focus on innovation. Whether it be a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness built with locally sourced lumber, a glass house in the middle of the desert courses using solar panels, or a dreamy beach house utilizing wind power – the show beautifully brings together the principles of ecology, architecture, and DIY spirit. It’s not just about building homes, but creating a sustainable lifestyle that coexists harmoniously with nature.

Part of the fascination of the show lies not only in the daring and creative architectural feats accomplished by the subjects but also their resilience, resourcefulness, and tenacity in the face of adversity. Episodes often showcase the builders tackling difficult logistical obstacles, unfavorable weather conditions, and other unexpected hitches – all of which they invariably overcome with grit, determination, and novel problem-solving approaches.

Moreover, the show consistently emphasizes the sense of community and collaboration. Friends, families, and even kind-hearted locals often roll up their sleeves to lend a hand, reinforcing the idea that while the property may be off-grid, human connection and collaboration remain integral to these epic construction endeavors.

In essence, Building Off the Grid is a testament to the human spirit – an ode to those adventurous souls who dare to dream differently and possess the audacity to turn those dreams into a liveable reality. Artfully straddling the realm of ambitious architectural design, resilient DIY efforts, and eco-conscious living, this series offers an engaging view into what it truly means to step outside of one's comfort zone and build a life less ordinary. With both an element of escapism and an underlying current of inspiration, this show makes for compelling viewing and offers a thought-provoking take on alternative ways to live one's life.

Building Off the Grid is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 121 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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