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Episode 6
In Jefferson County, Newman finds the largest maple theft in 10 years, but becomes a chase when the suspect is one step ahead of him. In Mason and Grays Harbor Counties, Deputies stop at nothing to take down criminals in the outskirts of the forest.

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Officer Logan's sting operation deep in the woods brings him face to face with his chainsaw wielding suspect and in Mason County, Deputy Rhoades' hunt for human remains takes an unexpected turn.

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Secrets in the forest begin to reveal themselves. Kolilis has a run-in with a timber theft suspect he knows well, Rhoades calls in a 40-person search team to help find the human remains, and Newman encounters a childhood friend suspected of maple theft.

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The Mystery Deepens
Rhoades make a breakthrough in his search for mysterious human remains, and a timber theft suspect finally faces justice. Sheriff's Deputies crack down on recent thefts and attempt to solve new mysteries.

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The Secret
Detective Rhoades receives another tip about a mysterious body in the woods. Deputy Newman responds to a critical call with lives potentially hanging in the balance.

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Deep in the rainforest of Washington's Olympic Peninsula, Sheriff's Deputies are battling a rising criminal underground. Here some thieves use the vast wilderness as their playground, willing to destroy the forest and the communities that depend on it.

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Dark Woods Justice is a gripping, real-life crime series that first aired on Investigation Discovery in 2016. The show, true to its name, delves into the vast expanse of America’s wilderness to uncover some of the most unsolved and terrifying mysteries that have occurred in the depths of the mysterious woods.

This distinctive series is set in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, an area internationally recognized for its immense natural beauty and extreme remoteness. It spans over two thousand square miles of deep and impenetrable forest – an area so dense and dark that it is simply referred to as the ‘Dark Woods’. The series' moniker, "Dark Woods Justice" emphasizes the vigilant work of law enforcement officers striving to bring justice to one of the country's last true frontiers.

Dark Woods Justice follows the active cases of the local detective force. The officers dealing in such adverse conditions are a dedicated and crusty yet heroic breed who are determined to find the truth and uphold the law at all costs. The series uncovers their investigation process and demonstrates how they navigate the unique challenges posed by operating in such a physically challenging and isolated environment.

These detectives are not just up against the criminals, but they also must grapple with deep forest terrains, extreme weather conditions, treacherous mountains, and tricky waters. The territory they cover has vast expanses that do not even receive a satellite signal, making investigation even more challenging. Despite these obstacles, the officers' relentless pursuit of justice for the victims highlights their unwavering commitment to their duty.

Dark Woods Justice puts on display a variety of cases – from missing persons to homicides. Some cases span over a decade or more, with many remaining unsolved due to the daunting geography and the enormity of the forest expanse. The lack of direct access and the sheer isolation of this perilous environment present many hurdles, making the gathering of evidence and clues significantly more challenging than in conventional law enforcement scenarios.

A key element within the show, enhancing its overall suspenseful atmosphere, is the locals’ tales of historical lore and urban legends surrounding the forest — tales that add crucial interpretations to understanding the gravity of crimes that have happened in this harsh but enigmatic environment. These haunting tales include stories of spirits, mythical creatures, and chilling criminal accounts that are as much part of the area's lore as they are seemingly rooted in the vast, green depths of the Dark Woods.

Dark Woods Justice uncovers a complex blend of suspects, convicts, witnesses, victims, and tales. It explores elements of human conflict, survival, loss, and recovery, set against a backdrop of spellbinding natural beauty threatening to consume any evidence of human activity. The forest is a character in itself; darker, deeper, sometimes unforgiving, a witness to the undercurrent of crime beneath its canopy.

The series ‘Dark Woods Justice’ is as much about the tireless and valiant efforts of its officers as it is about the victims and their upsetting, compelling stories. Each episode, with a gritty and dramatic real-life storytelling approach, peels layers of a grim tale that has once unfolded in the backdrop of the wild. It is a program that highlights that crime, indeed, can happen anywhere. The forest, for all its serene serenity, harbors secrets that only these determined officers can hope to unravel.

Investigation Discovery’s show Dark Woods Justice, is a riveting journey into unexplored territory, a suspenseful thriller that combines true crime, mystery, and the frightening ambiance of the unknown. The series brilliantly intertwines the tale of nature's majesty, human malevolence, and relentless determination for justice, making every episode a unique piece of captivating storytelling.

In conclusion, Dark Woods Justice takes the audience on an intense journey into the heart of America’s vast wilderness. It uncovers the unique challenges faced by law enforcement officers operating in isolation and adversity and highlights the eerie aura of the bewitching beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. It is an engaging watch for those who appreciate the interplay of crime, natural beauty, human tenacity, and the ongoing quest for justice, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Dark Woods Justice is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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