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Down For The Count
ALB races to finish their work in Tuntutuliak, while EPC ends a successful winter with their riskiest job yet. City Electric's Bam Bam tries to make a comeback after his neck injury, but receives shocking news.

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Fallen Giants
With Bam Bam hospitalized, the City Electric team struggles to move forward. Ben and Kenny from EPC race snow machines into the night for an emergency job.

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Web Of Hell
A devastating injury shocks the City Electric crew. Meanwhile, ALB tip toes through an intricate web of live wires to push their job to completion.

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The Bear
All three companies battle for a single job, but who will come out on top? Meanwhile a Kodiak Bear stalks the EPC crew and one lineman has a terrible accident.

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Power Down
Sparks fly between a veteran ALB lineman and a newcomer gunning to take control. City Electric's equipment is lost to an icy river, and EPC tests a new invention in Kodiak.

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Thin Ice
City Electric's Thompson Pass job is at a standstill. Desperate for money, Bam Bam sends his crew to a remote tundra town where they encounter a deadly ice road.

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Bombs Away
ALB battles to get their biggest job of the season off the ground, while two of their top lineman battle each other. EPC fears bankruptcy with their Kodiak job, and CITY has an explosive plan for Thompson Pass.

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The Avalanche
Three companies battle to keep power flowing in the remote, frozen Alaskan wilderness. Extreme locations, avalanches, and the constant threat of electrocution stand in their way.

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Power and Ice, produced in 2015 and aired on the History Channel, is an engaging, high-intensity reality TV series which offers an intimate and often nerve-wracking glimpse into the extreme and perilous world of working with high-voltage power lines in Alaska. Originally premiered in August 2015, the series features three renowned Alaskan power line companies as they vie for the highly competitive yet potentially dangerous contracts.

The series follows linemen bravely facing the hazardous conditions of ice, wind, snowstorm and sub-zero temperatures in Alaska's rugged landscape to ensure the power grid is intact and power outages are minimized. The companies compete for millions of dollars worth in contracts, knowing full well that the slight mishap not only could prove to be a financial disaster but could also turn fatal in mere seconds. The personal and professional lives of these linemen and the respective companies they represent are the focus of this revealing and dramatic series.

The landscape of Alaska is visually stunning, and the series takes full advantage of that, using the breathtaking and sometimes terrifying backdrop of the frozen tundra to amplify the intensity of the work these dedicated men do. They face the towering heights of the electricity pylons and severe weather conditions, handling wires loaded with thousands of volts of electricity. Dangers are ever-present, from the risk of serious injury and death to the potential imposition of power outages that may have drastic effects on the inhabited but hard-to-reach locales of Alaska.

The companies showcased in Power and Ice are Alaska Line Builders, City Electric, and Electric Power Constructors. These companies are driven by a remarkable blend of competition and camaraderie, frequently putting the daily lives of their hardworking linemen on display and allowing viewers to become personally involved with the workers' struggles and triumphs. It not only adds a human element to the perils of this industry but also emphasizes the level of teamwork and professional dedication required to carry out such a risky job.

Subplots are also featured within the series, which adds richness to the narrative. These include the operational complexities of managing a company in such a cutthroat industry, as well as how the mounting pressures could strain relationships within and between the teams. Disputes and disagreements often arise over safety measures, working conditions, and division of labor, adding another layer of tension and suspense to the story.

Each episode of Power and Ice delivers a mix of drama, competition and high-stakes action, giving viewers a gripping inside look at a unique profession that is rarely portrayed in mainstream media. The linemen's courageous efforts to navigate Alaska's volatile weather and dangerous terrains, their rivalry to secure the contracts, the danger that hangs constantly over their shoulders are all vividly captured throughout the series.

Through this show, the History Channel highlights an often forgotten but crucial occupation, paying tribute to the unsung heroes who risk their lives to ensure that Alaskans have consistent access to electrical power. Each episode not only teaches viewers more about the intricate network that keeps cities and towns across Alaska lit up but also showcases the personal sacrifices made by these dedicated professionals in the process.

Power and Ice appeals to those who are fascinated by the behind-the-scenes workings of everyday infrastructure, as well as those who enjoy the high stakes, competition, and real-life drama of reality TV. The series is equally attractive to those seeking a deeper understanding of the enormous efforts that go into maintaining infrastructure and the perilous conditions under which Alaska's lineman work.

By spotlighting a group of workers who continue to work despite the extreme geographical and climate-related challenges, Power and Ice underscores the resilience of Alaskan professionals, crafting a fascinating narrative while also paying tribute to those in this challenging profession.

In conclusion, Power and Ice is more than just a reality show. It's an homage to the spirit of resilience, team effort, and unflinching determination, all blessed with the jaw-dropping setting of Alaska's harsh yet stunning environment.

Power and Ice is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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