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Episode 11
Dr. Dee returns to Ruby for a remote clinic. At Animal House, Dr. Dee treats a malnourished bunny and tackles a border collie puppy with a congenital issue and a rescued cat who may have an incurable disease called feline immunodeficiency virus.

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40 Snakes and Counting
Dr. Dee performs an operation on a canine for three-hours straight to save its life; diagnosis is altered on a dog with seizures; Dr.

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Operation Baby Owl Rescue
Dr. Dee and her husband Ken respond to an emergency, flying to rescue six baby owls whose parents were killed by an eagle.

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Raging Bull
Dee visits a remote clinic in Healy and finds out a dog she's spaying has tumors. Meanwhile, a bull is prepped for breeding season; and Terry administers shots to six kitties.

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Farm Frenzy
Dee's mother tags along for a flight to a remote clinic in Manley Hot Springs. Back in Fairbanks, a Rottweiler may have bone cancer, and a rabbit has a horrible abscess, but it's smiles on everyone when some Saint Bernard puppies arrive.

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Down to the Wire
Dee heads to a ranch to care for a pack horse that has a reputation for kicking. Meanwhile, Terry and Nicole run a remote clinic in Arctic Village; and back in Fairbanks, a dog has a growth that may be cancerous.

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Critical Condition
Animal House gets busy as Dr. Dee must care for a Chihuahua with a life-threatening malady, trim the beak of a vocal Macaw, and handle a gravely ill newborn calf; Dr.

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Against All Odds
Dr. Dee and Ken visit Eagle, Alaska, to hold a vet clinic; a dog that suffered a terrible attack needs an emergency operation; Dr.

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High on the Hog
Dee opens a fund-raiser for a no-kill shelter in Fairbanks with a pet-tricks competition. In the meantime, a potbellied pig receives an operation; and Dee's friend has a stallion with a potentially life-endangering tumor.

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On the Edge of Nowhere
Dee and her spouse, Ken, run a clinic in a remote town with a population of 107. Back in Fairbanks, an Akita is treated for a possible gunshot injury.

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Socked In & Stranded
Dr. Dee swaps roles as she takes her own dog to a specialist in Anchorage for eye surgery. There, she reconnects with her step-daughter to check on a barrel racing horse. Meanwhile, a remote clinic takes a turn for the worse for Dr. Terry and Nicole.

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Dr. Dee Alaska Vet is a reality television series spanning over two riveting seasons that premiered on Animal Planet in 2015. The show centralizes around the heroic work of one dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Dee Thornell, whose passionate commitment to animal health care makes her an extraordinary figure in a vibrant, vast landscape of Alaska.

Hauling from Montana, Dr. Thornell journeyed to Fairbanks, Alaska, during the famous Iditarod sled dog race in the late 80s. Deeply captivated by the rugged beauty of the region, the compassionate dealing of Alaska's people with animals, and their demonstrable need for veterinary care, she soon made Alaska her home. Here, she built her single-doctor practice, the Animal House Veterinary Hospital that has now flourished into a thriving multi-veterinarian hospital and mobile clinic.

The series gives viewers an intimate, yet exciting insight into the life of Dr. Thornell, known as "Dr. Dee," as she provides an array of services to various domestic pets, livestock, and wildlife native to Alaska under challenging conditions. From general wellness check-ups, dental cleaning, spay and neutering services, to advanced orthopedic procedures, Dr. Dee's unique position mandates her to be prepared for anything and everything.

Whether it's operating from her hub clinic in Fairbanks, journeying across treacherous terrains via her four-wheeler, or even flying in her plane for a series of 'bush' vet visits, she delivers veterinary care to geographically isolated communities and animals in dire need. Using everything at her disposal, including her knowledge, strength, and wit, she personifies the essence of what it takes to be a vet in an extreme environment such as Alaska.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet breaks away from the modern urban setting, overcrowded streets, and jam-packed metro life. The show not only highlights the demanding and unpredictable nature of veterinary medicine but also showcases the raw, unfiltered beauty of Alaska, its rich variety of wildlife, and the incredible relationship Alaskans share with the animal kingdom.

As a viewer, you experience Dr. Dee's sheer resilience as she braves through harsh weather, limited resources, and logistical hurdles. A day in her life can range from castrating reindeers, tooth extractions in rabbits, to emergency surgeries on dogs suffering from life-threatening conditions. There's never a dull moment in her line of work, with each episode holding a different animal story and challenge.

Despite the occasional grim situations, Dr. Dee's charismatic onscreen presence keeps the spirit of the show light and hopeful. Her deep-rooted passion and high energy shine throughout the series, as she shares her thrilling adventures, insights into animal health, nuggets of veterinary wisdom, and, more importantly, her heart-touching connections with animals and their owners.

Complementing the dynamic and inspirational work of Dr. Dee, the series also introduces her dedicated team of professionals at the Animal House. Her staff and husband, Ken Richardson, who helps with high-risk animal rescues, add depth, character, and professional expertise to the series. Their commitment and camaraderie in working for animal well-being, while juggling the vast Alaskan wilderness, is truly commendable.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet packs high adrenaline, educational value, and emotional depth, making it captivating to animal lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. The show delivers an insightful glimpse into the remarkable efforts of vets in remote territories, as they save lives and uphold the spirit of animal welfare.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet truly chronicles the ultimate marriage of grit, love for animals, and the inspiring determination to offer the best care possible, despite the odds. In encompassing the vitality, danger, and stark beauty of Alaska, whilst immersing in the world of veterinary medicine, this series underpins the glorious struggle and reward of being a veterinarian in the Last Frontier.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of inspirational stories, animals, or enamored by the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness, Dr. Dee Alaska Vet is a must-watch. It's a profound reminder of the sacrifices and tireless efforts veterinarians make every day, no matter where they practice, to ensure that our beloved animals are healthy, safe and loved.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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