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The Story of Villalobos
More than two decades of second chances for the dogs and humans who need them most - it

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The Road Ahead
As the new VRC location nears completion, Tia and the team prep to welcome the public for a volunteer day; an Ohio couple feels a powerful connection with deaf dog Ben; Mariah draws on her passion for motorcycles to honor her beloved pit bull Tater.

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Watching from Above
Tia Torres and a crew of paroled felons care for abused and abandoned pit bulls and other dogs.

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Bad Reputation
Tia Torres and a crew of paroled felons care for abused and abandoned pit bulls and other dogs.

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Dirt Road Refugees
Tia and Lizzy answer a distress call from a Mississippi shelter and take on eight dogs in desperate condition; M2 holds down the fort at VRC while juggling life as a mom of two; Mariah finds the perfect home for her special-needs foster dog Rant.

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Incredible Catch
M2 leaps into action to save a dog roaming the cane fields before it runs afoul of harvest machinery; Tia and Earl help match veteran adopter Kim with a senior dog; Toney and Emily make every day count for hospice dog Chester.

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A New Chapter
Hell hath no fury like a woman on a mission. Tia Torres, her family, and Villalobos Rescue Center team are returning for a new season of PIT BULLS & PAROLEES, premiering Saturday, April 3 at 8p ET on Discovery Channel.

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Pit Bulls and Parolees is a reality television series that initially debuted on the Animal Planet channel in 2009. This show is the perfect blend of drama, emotional resilience, and the untold bonds between humans and animals as it follows the turbulent yet exceptional journey of Tia Torres, a devoted animal lover and rescue expert. Tia has dedicated her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of Pit Bulls, a dog breed often stereotyped for its aggressive nature, and the reintegration of parolees into society.

The series is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Villalobos Rescue Center, one of the largest Pit Bull rescue facilities in the United States. Tia Torres, an experienced dog handler with a fervent passion for saving abused and neglected Pit Bulls, runs the rescue center. Having encountered several challenges in her own life, Tia has a lot of empathy for both the Pit Bulls in need with heartbreaking histories and the parolees who are striving to rebuild their lives.

The center was originally established in California but relocated to the heart of New Orleans after encountering challenges with local legislation regarding Pit Bulls. The move to Louisiana brought its own set of challenges, as the team faced the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, poverty, and a significant stray dog problem, adding more dimension to the series.

The unique part about Pit Bulls and Parolees is that it is more than just an animal rescue show. It goes far beyond that, by showing Tia’s heartwarming yet challenging efforts to provide employment opportunities to parolees, individuals who have been released from prison and are striving to reintegrate into society. Tia believes in second chances and redemption, understanding that, like the Pit Bulls she rescues, these individuals are often wrongly stigmatized based on their past mistakes. By working in the rescue center, the parolees learn essential life skills, responsibility, diligence, and compassion, which are key in their journey to transformation and societal reintegration.

The show depicts in candid and poignant detail the individual stories of the dogs that come through the Villalobos Rescue Center and the unique bond formed between the dogs and their caretakers. Each episode tackles difficult rescues and emotional rehabilitations, highlighting Tia and her team's unwavering dedication and commitment. The team often ventures into risky areas and precarious situations to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, neglected, or abused Pit Bulls. They cater not only to the physical well-being of the dogs, but also to the emotional and mental health aspects, allowing viewers to comprehend the holistic approach to animal rescue operations.

The interwoven narratives of the Pit Bulls and the parolees drive the show. Every episode delves into the rescue of Pit Bulls in distressing situations, conducts visits to their adoptive families, and documents the parolees' life-altering efforts to change and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Overall, Pit Bulls and Parolees is a series that offers hope, redemption, and transformation amidst adversity. It demonstrates the power of resilience in both humans and animals and the beautiful synergy formed when both work together towards rehabilitation and recovery. For anyone who loves animals, particularly dogs, or redemption stories of second chances, this series is a heartfelt and inspiring selection. The gripping narratives and Tia Torres' devotion make it a compelling watch, sparking awareness about the misunderstood and maltreated breed, and fostering empathy towards those trying to navigate their lives after their encounters with the legal system.

Although the show deals with serious and sometimes heart-wrenching scenarios, its core of love, resilience, and redemption for both the Pit Bulls and the parolees provides a wholesome and uplifting experience to viewers worldwide. Across the seasons, audiences are sure to fall in love with the resilient canine heroes and their human counterparts who guide them from dark pasts into bright futures, revealing the truly inseparable bond between humans and dogs. Pit Bulls and Parolees is a tale of empathy, redemption, and love that transcends boundaries, proving that everyone, man or beast, deserves a second chance. The solid narrative of Pit Bulls and Parolees keeps fans engrossed, making it a standout show in reality television.

Pit Bulls and Parolees is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 19 seasons with a total of 239 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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