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Battle in the Bayou
Paul rallies the Gator Boys to rush to Mississippi to capture the gigantic gator Moby Dick before hunting season begins. With Ashley in charge in Florida, her goal is to prove that the Gator Girls can match the Gator Boys catch for catch.

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Crunch Time
After Jimmy is bitten by a mean gator, Bob Freer announces he must close Everglades Outpost due to money problems. With no outpost to take in gators, the rescue can't continue.

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Girl Power
Ashley analyzes the challenges she's overcome to achieve success for a gator wrestling event with a women's empowerment group. She must show how the work of a lady-gator wrestler differs from that of her male counterparts.

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Scariest Catches
The Gator Boys review some of their scariest catches.

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Road Warrior
Jimmy is shy of a few people for his road show and recruits Ashley to join the team. While Jimmy and Andy show Ashley the road rules, Paul must combat deadly nuisance gators with volunteer Carline's assistance.

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The Fast Track
Paul is busy juggling nuisance gator catches and training new volunteer Caroline; Jimmy, Tre and Scott try to save a gator that swallowed a flip-flop.

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Thrash and Snap
After Paul and Jimmy rescue an aggressive gator, the homeowner decides to volunteer his time at Gator Boys. Tre decides to start gator wrestling classes, but Paul is afraid he's not serious enough to run a school.

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The Legend of Moby Dick
The Gator Boys are back in Mississippi to save a supersized gator before hunting season. After a week of trudging through treacherous Mississippi mud, Paul and Jimmy return to Florida but leave some Gator Boys behind to search for "Moby Dick.

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Under the Knife
Paul is desperate to find a veterinarian to fuse an injured alligator's mouth back together to save his life. The gator's life hangs in the balance as the doctor and Paul work to perfect a risky procedure that has never been done before.

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A Twist of Fate
During a gator rescue Ashley twists her ankle which makes it impossible for her to help Paul catch a dangerous gator.

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Stretched Too Thin
In the season premiere, the Gator Boys struggle to respond to all the nuisance calls since Jimmy quit. Paul realizes Jimmy won't return and decides it's time to find a replacement.

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Gator Boys is an intriguing and thrilling reality television series that aired on Animal Planet in 2012. Protecting both the population and alligators in the deep marshes of Florida, this unscripted docu-series holds its audience captive as it characterizes the high-stakes, often unpredictable encounters between man and beast in a unique wildlife-conservation environment.

The show revolves around the fearless duo, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, who form the core of Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, a team that specializes in humanely capturing and rescuing nuisance alligators. Both seasoned veterans, they work as a perfect team, where Bedard, a former professional wrestler, showcases his extraordinary strength and agility in capturing alligators, while Riffle, a Native American Indian from the Seminole tribe, brings his vast knowledge of this native species and unparalleled alligator wrestling skills.

As licensed trappers by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, they respond to calls about problem gators in the entire South Florida region. From home pools, public parks, to business properties, there is no location off-limits for these gator rescues. Their mission is clear: mitigate human-alligator conflicts by safely removing the dangerous gators without causing harm to either party.

One of the standout features of Gator Boys is the integral aspect of conservation and education promoted by the team. They rescue alligators that are typically killed by state-contracted trappers, providing them a second chance at life by relocating these ancient reptiles to either their Everglades Holiday Park or other permitted sanctuaries. In doing so, the team not only saves the alligators but also plays a crucial role in maintaining a balance in Florida's delicate ecosystem.

As with all exceptional reality shows, it's not just about the main event. Gator Boys masterfully weaves in behind-the-scenes dynamics, featuring the engaging and sometimes comical interactions among the team members. The team not only includes experienced gator trappers but also volunteers, including photographers, biologists, and other enthusiasts, all of whom add a unique texture to the operational dynamics of the rescue organization.

The episodes often include public performances at Everglades Holiday Park, where team members attract and educate crowds with thrilling alligator wrestling exhibitions and educational discussions, again focusing on promoting a respectful coexistence. The show, while being wholly entertaining, serves as an enlightening exploration of the necessary ecological balance between man and nature, reminding viewers of the key role we as humans play in maintaining this balance.

Bedard and Riffle's unrivaled bravery is a consistent highlight as they engage with nature's magnificent yet fearsome creatures. Although danger and risk are inherent in each episode, their unwavering commitment to their mission and professionalism during operations excitingly tip the scales more towards awe than fear.

Gator Boys also delves into the personal lives of the team members, adding a human element to the raw, untamed natural backdrop at its core. It narrates their personal struggles and triumphs, their camaraderie, and the sacrifices they make in their relentless pursuit of their mission.

In essence, Gator Boys beautifully captures what can only be described as an adrenaline-fuelled ballet between man and alligator. From breathtaking life-and-death situations to heartwarming moments of protection and preservation, the series is a perfect blend of suspense, excitement, compassion, and education, making it an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature's untamed wilderness. With a noble cause at its core and a fearless team at its helm, the show is a testament to the philosophy of peaceful co-existence and admiration for the mysterious yet awe-inspiring realm of alligators. It is not just a show but a daring and captivating venture into understanding and respecting the wildlife that shares our world. For anyone intrigued by nature, wildlife, or who appreciates exhilarating, real-life drama, Gator Boys is simply a must-watch.

Gator Boys is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 54 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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