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Courageous Canines
The officers revisit cases involving their K-9 partners; Bob Mancini recalls tracking down a trespasser with Ruger; Boudreau honors Ruby's memory with a story about uncovering evidence of illegal hunting.

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Officer Down
When a reckless UTV strikes Officer Holmes from behind, Officer Mancini helps him seek medical treatment while handling the crime scene. A car accident kills a doe leaving two twin fawns vulnerable, and firecrackers give a veteran intense flashbacks.

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Squirrel Showdown
Officer Letourneau receives an interesting tip about a woman in possession of baby flying squirrels; things take a turn for officers investigating an ATV accident; an OHRV rider is caught trespassing on restricted trails.

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Dangerous Consequences
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team fights harsh conditions while on a double drowning mission; Officer Egan rescues a baby owl after the nest is disturbed; a family of ATV riders are busted for breaking the law.

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Raccoon Rodeo
A report of possible gunshots fired near a Police Chief's home has Officers on the hunt for answers, but what K9 Moxie discovers leads to a twist in the case. An ATV accident leaves a rider seriously injured, and a rabid raccoon puts lives in danger.

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Call in the Cavalry
In the dark of the night, Officers Hannet and Masucci rush to the aid of an injured hiker trapped on Mount Monadnock. Lt.

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Grave Danger
When a riverbank begins to erode near a cemetery, The Fish and Game Dive Team searches the water for gravestones and bodies; a hunter is caught without her license, and a loaded firearm puts lives at risk.

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After an abandoned barrel is discovered, Officer Hannett works with local police to see if it's related to a 20-year-old cold case regarding a missing mother and daughter. Later, the popular GoNorth Snofest starts with a bang and ends in citations.

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Don't Tread on Me
An investigation over unattended fishing lines takes a turn when it's discovered that the fisherman was arrested for shooting his friend; a snowmobiler is confronted for riding across a landowner's property without permission.

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Snow Patrol
At the annual ice fishing tournament in Washington, NH, numerous fishermen are cited for breaking the law. Meanwhile, Officer Canfield catches reckless snowmobilers riding without registrations then receives a call that has him rushing to the hospital.

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Officers help rescue an injured hiker but the icy trail puts the whole crew at risk; Officer Egan is the first medical responder to a sudden snowmobile crash; two four-wheelers crash through ice.

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Cat and Mouse
Officers stake out hunting sites across the state for illegal activity.

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Bobcat on the Loose
When a call is made about two bobcats on the loose, Officer McKee must track them down before things escalate. A fisherman is caught concealing his unregistered snowmobile, and Officer Cyrs rushes to the site of a head-on snowmobile accident up north.

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Hidden in the Water
As temperatures drop to near-freezing, Officers Canfield and Jones use an ROV to search Merrimack River for a missing person. Meanwhile, a man is caught illegally releasing coyotes from traps, and officers host a meet-and-greet at the headquarters.

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North Woods Law is an intriguing, adrenaline pumping, and heartwarming reality television series that premiered on Animal Planet in 2012. The show provides viewers a behind the scenes look into the lives and the captivating work of the resilient Conservation Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Beyond patrolling and preserving the great outdoors of the Granite State, they serve as protector, educator, and emergency responder in a sprawling terrain that can often prove as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Set amid the vast and wild landscape of New Hampshire, North Woods Law captures the essence of the varied, rugged, yet picturesque terrain that encompasses dense woods, sprawling lakes, flowing rivers, and high peaks. In this entirely unique occupational world, each episode advances an impressive narrative that transcends the traditional service-drama genre, offering a captivating mix of adventure, nature, law enforcement, and wildlife preservation. It takes viewers far beyond the realm of normal city policing into the unpredictable and largely untouched wilderness.

The officers featured in North Woods Law inhabit multifaceted roles, including being protectors of both wildlife and people. They enforce conservation laws, educate the public about wildlife preservation and provide emergency response services. From routine checks of fishing boats and patrolling remote woods on foot or all-terrain vehicles to performing daring mountain rescues or investigating reports of poaching, no two days are the same for these dedicated officers.

One defining characteristic of the show lies in its unscripted nature. Each episode provides an unfiltered look at the life and role of a Conservation Officer, and the dangers they face in their day-to-day operations. High-speed chases across frozen lakes, encounters with aggressive wildlife, tactful negotiation with unruly hunters, hikers lost amidst the vast wilderness, or poachers threatening the well-being of vulnerable species - these are not uncommon occurrences and only appear to scratch the surface of the myriad scenarios that unfold on the show.

The series does not merely focus on the professional responsibilities of these officers. It offers a fully dimensional view of their personalities, showcasing their deep connection with and reverence for the forest they protect. Their dedication to their work is coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the forest, its ecosystem, its inhabitants, and an ingrained respect for the natural world. The officers' personal lives and backstories also add a human element that helps the audience relate to them on an emotional level.

North Woods Law breaks the stereotype of a typical law enforcement show by introducing us to concerned, compassionate officers who act not only as law enforcers but also as guardians of nature. The thrilling encounters, dramatic rescues, and close interactions with wildlife make each episode an adventure in itself. The show skillfully reminds of the delicate balance that exists in nature and how important it is to respect and protect that balance.

Beyond adventure and drama, the show also includes educational elements. It informs viewers about different species of flora and fauna, their habitats, life patterns, and the importance of preserving these natural existences. The officers often relay crucial information about wildlife laws, explaining why these regulations are essential in maintaining the biodiversity of the area and the health of the ecosystem overall.

The camera work in North Woods Law deserves particular mention. Stunning vistas of the North Woods region are captured in all their natural glory, from its majestic mountains to the fascinating wildlife that inhabits them. The camera team does a remarkable job of tracking the officers’ movements and actions, capturing not just the intensity of high-stakes situations but also the quieter, introspective moments.

North Woods Law, thus, is more than a reality show. It serves as an intimate look into a unique profession that mixes law enforcement with conservation, offering action, emotion, and education in a beautifully cinematic package. The series continues to enjoy popularity due to its sincere and down-to-earth portrayal of the dedicated service of men and women in uniform who work tirelessly to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the New Hampshire wilderness. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a reality show aficionado, North Woods Law has something to captivate every viewer.

North Woods Law is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 16 seasons with a total of 190 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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