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Ultimate Treehouses VI
Pete Nelson seeks out the most wonderful arboreal structures in the world, highlighting how each has been swayed by different artistic movements while also appreciating these treehouses as artworks featuring an unparalleled blending of function and form.

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Climb-in Drive-in
Pete tackles the first ever CLIMB-IN movie theater! Concessions are served to seating pods through a pulley system, and loungers elevate into the trees to give perfect views of the big screen.

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A Treehouse Production
Pete has spread the treehouse bug to a long time friend and show producer who's hanging up his TV hat to open a treehouse B&B. The classic A-Frame structure will have all the amenities and a waterfall that pours from the wraparound deck to the pond below.

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Semper Fi in the Sky
Semper Fi in the Sky

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Lifted Lodge Treehouse
The crew travels to an alpaca farm to build a lodge in the trees inspired by National Parks. They create a structure to take in the mountain views with a 50 ft long cable bridge entrance and a deck devoted entirely to hammock lounging.

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View from Above IV
Pete Nelson and his merry band of treehouse men make up a team of designers, carpenters, and builders who create the most magnificent, whimsical, staggering, spectacular, and jaw-dropping treehouses all around the world.

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Super Spy Treehouse
Pete heads to Alabama's Appalachia to build a super spy treehouse! There, he pulls out all the stops to make the client's espionage-themed dreams come true.

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Antonio Brown's Steel City Skybox
Pete makes a treehouse touchdown in Pittsburgh for Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Steelers. Pete is building a luxury skybox with a 2-story window wall that overlooks a custom basketball court and football field.

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Never too Old for a Treehouse
Dreams are coming to life in Oregon as Pete builds for an exceptional client named Marlene, who at 81-years-young is finally getting one of her greatest wishes fulfilled: a TREEHOUSE. Marlene's giddy with excitement for this new adventure!

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Hot Tub Rumpus Room
Pete's fun-loving friend, and forklift supplier, is the lucky recipient of a treehouse built strictly for good times. The team builds a dream of a treehouse complete with a wine bar, a loft and their first ever hot tub in the woods of Western Washington!

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Hawaiian Island Treehouse Adventure
Pete journeys to Kauai to build a sky-wave treehouse for a couple who ditched the mainland for a laid-back lifestyle and transforms a bohemian treehouse for two former professional surfers into a masterpiece with a crow's nest 60 feet off the ground.

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Treehouse Masters is a reality television show that aired on Animal Planet from 2013. The show is centered on the unique craftsmanship of creating specialized treehouses, all works of art in their own right. Treehouse Masters is a captivating blend of construction and imagination that seeks to impress and entertain viewers with every episode.

At the heart of Treehouse Masters is Pete Nelson, a quintessential expert on creating these fascinating structures. He owns Nelson Treehouse and Supply, a thriving business dedicated to treehouse construction. A world-class treehouse designer and builder, Nelson infuses his passion, creativity, and love for nature into each project, leading his talented team in constructing treehouses that are not just places of refuge or play, but functionally viable living spaces.

Each engaging episode of Treehouse Masters takes viewers on an inspiring and uplifting journey. From in-depth consultations with clients to reveal their vision and dreams for their unique treehouse, to the preliminary design sketches, and finally the laborious and meticulous construction process itself. Ultimately, the unveiling of the final structure is a sight to behold, always an architectural marvel that beautifully blends in with the natural surroundings.

The treehouses featured in the show aren't just your average childhood playhouses; they are exceptionally designed and constructed structures with features that surpass many ground-based homes. These treehouses often include fully-plumbed bathrooms, functional kitchens, and loft bedrooms with picturesque views. Many others are equipped with entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, and other luxuries that make the treehouse a comfortable and relaxing retreat. The aesthetics of these treehouses range from rustic and traditional to modern and elegant, ensuring every episode caters to different architectural tastes.

Aside from engaging in the construction process, Treehouse Masters also focuses on the ecological aspect of the treehouse building. Pete Nelson and his team take great care in ensuring their constructions do no harm to the trees and the environment. They design and build these arboreal sanctuaries in harmony with nature, sometimes even using salvaged or recycled materials. This aspect of the program draws the audience's attention to both the beauty and the importance of nature conservation.

Another riveting aspect of Treehouse Masters is the array of clients featured in each episode. These range from families desiring a unique addition to their home, businesses seeking a distinctive attraction, or nature lovers wishing to live closer to the outdoors. Some clients even request treehouses to be used as yoga studios, office spaces, or home theaters. The extensive and interesting client base further adds to the intriguing nature of the program.

The show masterfully integrates elements of drama, comedy, and adventure, presenting it in an easy-to-understand and educational format. It's not just about building a structure in the trees, it’s about the entire journey, the meeting and understanding of the clients, the conceptualization of an idea, the designing, the problem-solving, the transformation, and the final reveal of a dream come true.

Treehouse Masters takes viewers away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, transporting them to serene and peaceful environments. It arouses nostalgia among viewers, reminding them of simpler times and rekindling childhood dreams of tree-bound hideaways.

In terms of production quality, Treehouse Masters is top-notch. The cinematography is exquisite, capturing the magic of the great outdoors while focusing on the intricacies of treehouse construction. The editing is also commendable, providing a cohesive narrative that maintains viewers' interests throughout each episode.

In conclusion, Treehouse Masters from Animal Planet is not just an informative show about treehouse building, it is a showcase of the magic that happens when creativity, craftsmanship, and a profound love for nature intertwine. It captivates viewers, not just with its impressive structures, but with its stories of dreams realized, inviting us all to entertain the idea of living a little closer to the sky.

Treehouse Masters is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 125 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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