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Finding Southern Charm in Charlotte
A Philadelphia couple relocates their family for work and looks for a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. She wants a traditional southern house that has plenty of charm, but he prefers something that's more modern.

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Winding Down from the Windy City
A young family looks to leave Chicago and search for a home in the far-flung suburbs. They're thrilled to gain tons of space, but adjusting to the quirks that come with the suburban real estate market will be a challenge.

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Angst in Aberdeen
A couple searches for a new, large family home after their existing house sold unexpectedly in Aberdeen, South Dakota. She's a designer and wants a fixer-upper to make their own, but he's a contractor and doesn't want to spend time on another renovation.

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New Home for Atlanta Newlyweds
After 14 years together, a couple looks to buy their first place while planning their wedding in Atlanta. He wants a swanky townhouse as close to downtown as they can get, but she's insisting on a big traditional single-family home in the country.

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Twin Trouble in Massachusetts
A comic book creator leaves Los Angeles for a new life in Holyoke, Massachusetts. As an artist, they want a house with some quirks, even if it needs some work, but their twin sister is along on the hunt and thinks a place that's move-in ready is more ideal.

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Midcentury vs. Last Century in Texas
A surgeon and an engineer look to relocate for work but can't agree on style in Lubbock, Texas. He's looking for a place that's sleek and modern, but she prefers something with a storybook appearance.

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Generating Wealth in New Jersey
A young professional looks to buy a multi-unit house to supplement her income in New Jersey. She's hoping her own unit will be spacious, but homes in her price range tend to be smaller, so she'll have to choose between a higher price or less space.

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Returning Home to New York
After living abroad for seven years, a family returns to the U.S. and looks to buy a home in New York's Hudson Valley. She would love one of the area's classic Cape Cods or Colonials, but he's concerned about the hidden costs of buying an older home.

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Golfer's Paradise in Southern Florida
A Florida family is bursting at the seams and needs a place with more room. He craves a unique two-story in a golf course community, but she thinks a short car ride is all he needs to easily get his golf fix.

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Settling Down in Rural Oklahoma
A military family looks to finally settle down long-term in his hometown of Atoka, Oklahoma. He wants a grand, ornate house that represents their success, but she thinks that's too much and prefers something more understated.

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Hollywood Single Mom Moves to Florida
A single mom and her son look to relocate from California back home to Boca Raton, Florida. She wants a single-family home on the beach, but since her mom is helping with the down payment, she has her own opinion on the best place for her daughter.

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Kosher Conundrum in Jacksonville
A family of seven looks to relocate from Philadelphia to sunny Jacksonville, Florida. They agree that they need a big kosher kitchen, but while he wants a Victorian, she's hoping for an airy, country Ranch-style home.

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Family Home for Three
A couple is on the hunt for a family home just outside of Chicago. She's set on raising their son in the same neighborhood she grew up in, but in a tight market, they'll either have to put up with some quirks or go farther out to get all the upgrades.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 8 Now

Bringing Family Together in Vermont
A Connecticut couple has worked long and hard, and they're ready to find a family vacation home in Vermont. She's looking for a big place with all the upgrades that's near a lake, but he prefers to spend less on a fixer that's close to the ski slopes.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 7 Now

City or Suburban Life in Chicago
A couple looks to get out of the cramped condo they share with their daughter and move into a more family-friendly home in Chicago. She loves city living and thinks they just need a more spacious condo, but he prefers a single-family home farther out.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 6 Now

Smart Moves in Seattle
A Los Angeles couple looks to relocate for a new job and a better housing market in Seattle. He's looking for a modern downtown condo with an easy commute, but she's pushing for a house that has character, even if it means living in the suburbs.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 5 Now

Daddy-Daughter Decision
A father looks to purchase a home that his newly graduated daughter can rent in Charlotte, NC; he wants her to live in a conventional single-family home in the suburbs, but she's set on a downtown loft with history and character.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 4 Now

Dreams vs. Dollars in New York
A couple has outgrown their rental and looks to buy a home for their family in Rockland County, New York. She wants to fulfill her dream of buying a grand Colonial, but he's more cautious with spending and wants to make sure they stay within their budget.

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Grand in Indiana
A real estate agent couple is looking for a larger house for their growing family in Indianapolis. She's hoping for something grand with a white kitchen and a lot of space, but he's pushing for a more modest place with privacy and a finished basement.

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Bringing Families Together in Chicago
A couple looks to merge their households and find a place together in Chicago. She wants something charming that feels like home for their blended family, but he's having trouble giving up his bachelor lifestyle and prefers a modern house fit to party.

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Throwing Parties in Columbus
After years of apartment hopping, a young couple looks to settle down in their first house in Columbus, Ohio. She wants a quiet and cozy home, but he's an entrepreneur who's willing to spend big for a space where he can host large and memorable parties.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 130 Now

Texans in Tennessee
After a job promotion, a family looks to quickly relocate from Texas to rural Tennessee. He's looking for a turnkey home with as much land as possible that's a short commute to his new job, but she's dreaming of a place closer to bustling city life.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 131 Now

Rebuilding a Life in the Bay Area
After losing a home to foreclosure during her divorce, a single mom has worked for years to rebuild her credit and looks for a home in the Bay Area. She's not willing to budge on her priorities, but in a cut-throat market, that may present a challenge.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 132 Now

Building Wealth in California
A buyer wants to follow in her immigrant parents' footsteps and build wealth through homeownership in San Bernardino, California. She's looking for a place that has modern details and space to entertain extended family, but it may take some sacrifices.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 133 Now

Finding the Wow in Florida
With their kids grown and flown, a couple realizes their dream of moving from Dallas to Tampa. She longs to be near the beach and local family, but he's starting a new career as a stand-up comedian and wants to be as close to the nightlife as possible.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 134 Now

Moving Up To a High-Rise
Newlyweds realize their dream of living in downtown Los Angeles; they're looking for something with plenty of space to entertain friends and family, but their dollars may not stretch very far in the high-rise condo market.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 135 Now

Best Friends and Bunkmates in Florida
Longtime friends are hoping to pay cash for a home together in New Port Richey, Fla.; one dreams of a single-family ranch with a backyard, but the other wants a two-story home with an HOA for a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 136 Now

Moving Up To a High-Rise
Newlyweds realize their dream of living in downtown Los Angeles; they're looking for something with plenty of space to entertain friends and family, but their dollars may not stretch very far in the high-rise condo market.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 137 Now

Barbie Dreamhouse in Illinois
Having outgrown their condo, a young couple looks to buy their first home together before starting a family in Chicago. She wants an older Tudor with enough room for her enormous doll collection, but he prefers simple and modern at a reasonable price.

Watch House Hunters Season 2023 Episode 138 Now

House Hunters is a captivating reality television series that originally premiered in 1999 on the Home and Garden Television (HGTV). Since its inception, the show has successfully gripped its audience with its unique concept that revolves around the real estate market. Viewers not only get a sneak peek into the world of property hunting but they also get to learn about different housing styles, locations, and the underlying process involved in securing a new residence. The premise of House Hunters is straightforward yet intriguing. Each episode follows prospective homeowners in their quest to find the perfect property that matches their specific needs and preferences. Over the course of the half-hour show, viewers are introduced to the buyers who reveal their wish list, budget, and what they desire in their new home. The wish lists vary greatly from one family to another and may range from enough backyard space for a dog to historically preserved colonial-era homes. The buyers are assisted by a professional real estate agent who guides them through the daunting task of house hunting. The real estate agent’s role in the show is instrumental as they utilise their skills to identify three potential properties that align closely with the buyers’ preferences and price range. In each episode, the featured buyers visit and tour these three homes, examining the pros and cons of each property. While some houses may tick all the boxes but exceed the budget, others might fall within the budget but fail to match the desired look or style. House Hunters encompasses a broad spectrum of prospective homeowners, ranging from newlyweds looking for their first home, seasoned couples downsizing for retirement, or families relocating due to job transfers. This diversity not only enriches the show’s content but also offers an engaging platform where different types of viewers can resonate. The geographical diversity is another noteworthy aspect of House Hunters. Over the seasons, the show has traversed various cities, states, and even countries, offering viewers an insight into a myriad of cultures, architectural styles, and estate market trends. One of the key highlights of House Hunters is the decision-making segment. After prospective homeowners visit all three properties, they must make the tough decision of choosing one home. This part of the show is filled with suspense as viewers eagerly wait to see which property the buyers will finally call home. The suspense is broken as the last few minutes of the episode reveal the selected house followed by the homeowners' celebration of their new purchase. One aspect that sets House Hunters apart is its informative nature. The viewers are educated about the broader aspects of real estate, but they are also made aware of the intricacies that can influence a buyer's decision such as location, neighborhood safety, proximity to amenities, and other factors. This educational element has made the show a go-to for many first-time homeowners and people interested in real estate investments. House Hunters combines the elements of adventure, education, and suspense to create a nail-biting, yet enriching, viewing experience for people of all ages. The show has retained its charm over the years due to its vibrant cinematic depiction of various properties and the emotional journey of the buyers. Although the discourse around the show's format and the authenticity of its production is a common occurrence among its viewers, its success in providing a fun, informative, and relatable portrayal of the home-buying process is undeniable. All these factors contribute to House Hunters being an engrossing real estate reality TV series that has become a staple for HGTV since 1999.

House Hunters is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2023 seasons with a total of 5335 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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