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How Far Can $100 Go?
A pair of designing dudes take on a pair of junk-loving ladies on a budget of only $100, plus a time limit of just one hour to find three projects of their choosing.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 18 Now

Flipping Neighbors
Two teams of designing neighbors have a showdown at the flea market for $5,000.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 17 Now

This Flip Is Electrified!
Two designing ladies take on a team of creative metalworkers for $5,000.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 16 Now

Funky Junkers Vs. Team Love
A married couple faces off against two friends in an effort to win $5,000.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 15 Now

Shake Your Money Maker!
Two teams of pro flippers face off at the flea for $5,000.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 14 Now

Time to Make Some Dough
Two married couples learn that all is fair in love and flipping as they battle for $5,000. Their flip list includes Versatile Vintage, an Upholstery Project and Compact Design.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 13 Now

Slinging Mudcloth
Two furniture-flipping couples both make a similar purchase at the flea.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 12 Now

Hey, Big Spenders!
Two teams of furniture flippers create pieces like a desk made of drawers.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 11 Now

A Hot One at the Flea!
Two teams of furniture flippers battle each other -- and the heat.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 10 Now

Battle Of The Dealers
Professional pickers compete with a flip list that includes Mix and Mash.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 9 Now

Flipping Funny!
Two comedians and their partners face off for flipping bragging rights.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 8 Now

Weather Warriors
ABC News meteorologists and their partners face off at the flea market.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 7 Now

Star Time at the Flea
Actor sisters take on a news anchor and her husband in this celebrity flip.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 6 Now

Sisters vs. Misters
The teams shop their flip list and transform their purchases.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 5 Now

Law Men And Their Ladies
Police officers partner up with ladies in their lives to go head-to-head.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 4 Now

Design School Smackdown!
Two teams of design students from Brooklyn's Pratt Institute School of Design do battle to be the head of the flipping class.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 3 Now

Bring on the Bling
Two teams that pride themselves on their glitz and glam do battle.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 2 Now

Rainy Day Specials
Two teams of married flippers put their skills to the test.

Watch Flea Market Flip Season 14 Episode 1 Now

Flea Market Flip is an innovative and engaging reality show that first premiered on HGTV in 2012. Hosted by Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer, who is also a self-confessed interior design enthusiast, Flea Market Flip revolves around the concept of reclaiming, refurbishing, and reselling so-called ‘junk’ items.

Each episode of Flea Market Flip is a whirlwind tour of fun, creativity, and sometimes nail-biting competition. The show features two teams, often comprising friends or couples, each equipped with $500. Under the guidance of Lara Spencer, the teams scour an extensive outdoor flea market in search of unique, yet underappreciated items that they believe possess potential for transformation and value enhancement.

Once the shopping spree is over, each team receives a one-day timescale in a workshop to convert their newly purchased treasures into beautifully refurbished items. These makeovers often require considerable craftsmanship and vision and highlight the creativity and skills of the contestants. Lara Spencer offers advice, and professional designers and carpenters lend their expertise to help each team reimagine and revitalize their finds.

Once the refurbishment process is complete, the teams return to the flea market to sell their renovated items. The team that makes the highest profit wins the contest and earns bragging rights along with the cash difference. Through the process, Flea Market Flip gives viewers a stimulating insight into the world of upcycling, restoring, and reselling. In every episode, mundane, worn-out items are transformed into stylish, desirable pieces of furniture and decoration that often stun the viewers with their beauty and novel utility.

The appeal of Flea Market Flip doesn't just rest in the enjoyment of watching transformation before your eyes; it lies in the life lessons subtly wrapped in each episode. It communicates the value of waste reduction and recycling and reinforces the concept that every object, no matter how forgotten or neglected, has potential value. The show also instills a sense of respect and admiration for the art of craftsmanship and creativity.

The host, Lara Spencer, adds charisma to the show with her excellent presentation skills and delightful personality. Being a flea market enthusiast herself, she shares her wisdom about the potential worth of items and tips for successful bargaining. Her dynamic presence, combined with her expertise in interior design, truly bring the show to life.

Visually, the show fascinates as well, with each episode presenting a diverse range of items collected and transformed. From antique furniture and vintage lighting fixtures to old signs, farm equipment and even boat oars, the breadth and variety of items chosen reflect the vision of the contestants and their creative potential.

One of the striking features of Flea Market Flip is the low-key competitive environment it maintains. The focus is always more on the items, their transformation, and the joy derived from the process. The rivalry between teams adds just enough spice to make it interesting while promoting camaraderie and mutual respect among contestants.

The heartwarming aspect of Flea Market Flip is the emphasis on the sentimental value that old items can hold. It’s a unique pleasure to watch teams' satisfaction as they breathe new life into their finds, and the often-surprised reactions of their customers who are finally able to give these rejuvenated pieces a new home and purpose.

One of the unique gems in HGTV’s lineup, Flea Market Flip is perfect for design enthusiasts, antique lovers, do-it-yourself hobbyists or anyone who appreciates the magic of transformation. Overall, the show is not only about flipping flea market finds for profit but also a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainable living. It prompts viewers to see the hidden potential in things and encourages the idea of giving a second life to old, neglected items, proving that one person's trash can truly be another's treasure.

Flea Market Flip is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 14 seasons with a total of 196 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch Flea Market Flip online? Flea Market Flip is available on HGTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Flea Market Flip on demand at Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Philo, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, Vudu, Max, Discovery+, HGTV online.

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