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The Dream That Almost Wasn't
A breast cancer survivor looks to uproot her husband and two boys from California and move to Torquay, Australia. She wants to fulfill her dream of living abroad, but to ensure their big move is a success, he may need to put the brakes on their budget.

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Partying It Up in Thailand
A Rhode Island man is quitting his day job to soak in the nightlife on the party island of Ko Pha-Ngan, Thailand. He's looking for a furnished one-bedroom that's close to the beach, but with house prices soaring, he may have to make some sacrifices.

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Southerners in Amsterdam
Proper Southern newlyweds look to relocate after his start-up company sends him abroad to Amsterdam. They're looking to purchase a spacious home with an outdoor space for their dog, but with limited inventory, their budget may not meet their expectations.

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Room for Family in Mexico City
A young woman leaves her hometown of Miami to focus on finishing her dissertation in Mexico City. She's looking for a home near the green spaces of Condesa, but her sister is along on the hunt to advocate for place with enough room to accommodate visits.

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Finding Comfort in Chambery
A couple looks to honor his late brother by leaving Los Angeles and relocating their family closer relatives with a move to Chambery, France. He wants a place that's walkable in the city center, but she prefers a standalone house in a more quiet area.

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Squeezed in Seoul
A recent college grad is moving out of her parents' house in Las Vegas to try life with her long distance boyfriend in Seoul, South Korea. She has a tiny budget, and with Seoul's micro-apartment scene, her big dreams may clash with an expensive reality.

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House Hunters International is a captivating reality television series that aired on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) in 2006. It's a spin-off of the original American-based House Hunters series but with a distinctive global twist. The show takes viewers beyond the US borders into exciting international terrains, offering a glimpse into the thrilling, and sometimes nerve-wracking, process of buying a home in foreign lands.

The standard format of each episode features individuals, couples, or families seeking to purchase a home outside their native country. The range of relocation reasons is as vast as the variety of locations showcased. From fulfilling career pursuits, embarking on life-changing adventures, or retiring in a serene paradise, the show spotlights individuals embarking on their life-changing journeys in search of a dream home.

House Hunters International takes place in a multitude of diverse countries and cities, such as Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and Buenos Aires. This depiction offers viewers a unique chance to enjoy a virtual expedition into the landscapes, architectures, and cultures of these foreign territories, often undiscovered by the average American viewer. With more than a decade on air, the show has taken viewers on a global adventure, visiting over a hundred destinations, and counting.

The show masterfully weaves wonderful storytelling with the homeowners' house hunting journeys. Each episode begins with the buyers explaining their reasons for the move, their expectations for their new home, and their budget. A real estate agent, specialized in the chosen country's housing market, then presents them with three different housing options, each with its unique characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks.

As the episode unfolds, viewers get a front-row seat to the complex deliberations and decision-making processes the potential homeowners undergo. Each home presented often varies significantly in terms of price, location, size, amenities, and overall lifestyle—and rarely ticks all the boxes of the buyers' wish list. The suspense builds up as they weigh the pros and cons, debate on their choices, and sometimes even squabble over their differing preferences, before finally settling on a home.

While the housing hunt forms the core of the show, House Hunters International is about more than just choosing a home. It also provides fascinating insights into various aspects of living as an expatriate, such as adjusting to a new culture, dealing with language barriers, figuring out local customs, or grappling with unfamiliar real estate laws. The show has a knack for balancing the glamorous, adventurous elements of living abroad with the realities and challenges that such a move entails.

Another compelling aspect of House Hunters International is the stunning visual portrayals through its high-definition videography. The series enlightens viewers about these international locales through breathtaking panoramic shots of urban landscapes, serene rural settings, charming coastal villages, and rushing metropolises. Viewers also get a taste of local life, culture, cuisine, markets, and public life. This vivid depiction often feels akin to a travel show, making it an engaging viewing experience even for those not particularly interested in real estate.

The show has garnered a considerable international fan base, thanks to its addictive format, charismatic homebuyers, and engaging real-estate agents. The audience vicariously lives through these individuals' cross-country adventures, sharing in their excitement, surprises, dilemmas, and, ultimately, their satisfaction when they find their perfect international home.

In conclusion, House Hunters International is a stimulating ride into the world of international real estate. It is as much an educational show as it is entertaining, shedding light on different global housing markets, and the mysteries and marvels of settling in a foreign land. Whether one is an avid travel enthusiast, a real estate aficionado, or simply a curious viewer, House Hunters International offers an enticing and sometimes emotional journey into the world of living abroad. It's a unique blend of lifestyle, travel, architecture, and reality that has captured the fancy of viewers since its inception back in 2006.

House Hunters International is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 196 seasons with a total of 3224 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch House Hunters International online? House Hunters International is available on HGTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch House Hunters International on demand at Amazon, Sling, Apple TV, Vudu online.

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