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Happy Dance in Tennessee

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 11 Now

Pensacola Peanuts
Gold star do-gooders who have struggled financially scratch up a $5 million win, and they barely know what to do with it! David steps in to make sure they spend some money on themselves and help find their dream home in Pensacola, Florida.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 10 Now

Low Country Comfort
Connecticut teachers struck it lucky just when they were ready to retire! Now, David helps realize their dream of finding a forever home in the beach loving, low country of South Carolina where there's lots of water, boating and gorgeous scenery.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 9 Now

The Gold Lady of Naples
A woman asks David to find a vacation home in Naples, Florida. She's bringing her sister along as David looks for super-bougie properties in luxury golfing communities.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 8 Now

Newlywed and Cashed Up in Richmond
After winning a whopping $2 million, a couple is on the hunt for a big and flashy forever family home. With flamboyant outfits and dance moves, David arrives to discover brand new communities south of Richmond where he searches for a gem of a house.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 7 Now

Small Town, Big Dreams
After winning $1 million on a scratcher, a couple is ready to find a home outside their tiny town of Wilmot, Ohio. David steps in to search the surrounding areas for a home that has a big yard for their grandson and two Jack Russell terriers to enjoy.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 6 Now

Rolling on the Texas Plains
A stargazing couple got set up for life when they struck it lucky and won $3.5 million in the Texas lottery!

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 5 Now

Below Dock
A woman was left an inheritance from her parents and has decided to honor their memory with buying a generational vacation home on the Emerald Coast. David embarks on a pilgrimage for perfection as he searches for some real waterfront showstoppers.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 4 Now

Family Bonds
Siblings inherited money from their late brother, and after finding one a home in Palm Springs, David's ready to help the other locate a place of his own. And for David, it's a desert oasis exploration as he hunts for a stunner in the Coachella Valley.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 3 Now

Gold Lady of Lake Mendota
A Wisconsin woman didn't hit the lottery, but she hit the jackpot with a savvy investment that paid off to the tune of eight figures! Now, David has the largest budget he's ever been given and looks to find her the ultimate lakefront mega-mansion!

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 2 Now

Tappahannock Is for Lovers
A couple met as he was recovering from a devastating injury, and now with a big lottery win, they're ready to find a dream home in Tappahannock, Virginia. They want a quiet, small-town life, so David sets out to find the perfect country home.

Watch My Lottery Dream Home Season 16 Episode 1 Now

My Lottery Dream Home is an engaging and captivating reality series that first aired in 2015 on HGTV. Hosted by the buoyant and charismatic David Bromstad, the show encapsulates the journey of ordinary people who literally hit the jackpot by winning the lottery, leading to an extravagant hunt to find their dream home with their newfound riches.

Set in various locations across the United States, each episode follows a different beneficiary of a large lottery payout. The host, David Bromstad, is not just a regular real estate aficionado; he is an accomplished interior designer, known to HGTV audiences from his victorious stint on the channel's design competition show "Design Star", where he first proved his charisma and expertise. His vibrant personality, creative vision, and practical knowledge of the housing market make him an ideal guide in this unique home-buying situation.

Bromstad does a fantastic job of adding a different dimension to the show. Besides showcasing a range of jaw-dropping houses, he actively interacts with the contestants, making an effort to understand their requirements and desires, and effectively becoming their confidant. The conversations he has with clients often extend beyond just the material aspects of the house, but also often delve into the personal stories and dreams that have led these newly minted millionaires to this exciting crossroads.

My Lottery Dream Home doesn't limit itself to a particular location or type of house. As the show visits cities from coast to coast, it highlights the diversity of U.S. housing styles, from quaint rural dwellings to sprawling metropolitan mansions. Some lottery winners have simple desires, like retiring to a peaceful beachfront property or investing in a traditional family home. Others, however, seek the epitome of luxury, viewing extravagant residences complete with all their opulence such as resort-style pool areas, high-tech home theaters, designer kitchens, and master suites that rival five-star accommodations.

The series exemplifies the American Dream in a very literal sense, showing average individuals being rocketed into lives of wealth and luxury. However, My Lottery Dream Home also provides a real world peek at the challenges this sudden increase in wealth presents. As Bromstad navigates through the various properties with these individuals, it becomes apparent that while winning the lottery is obviously cause for celebration, it also brings its own set of complications, such as increased expectations and tough decisions. These scenarios add a flavor of reality and authenticity to the series, making it not just an exhibition of luxury homes, but also a genuine human-story-telling platform.

A unique blend of reality television, lifestyle advisory, and property show genres, My Lottery Dream Home carves its own niche in the competitive world of TV programming. It serves as a fascinating window into the lives of those who've experienced the ultimate financial luck, showcasing their elevation from normalcy to enormous wealth, and the houses they consider worthy of this leap.

Simultaneously, My Lottery Dream Home does well to cater to an audience more interested in home-buying adventures, home decorative styles, and property value in different parts of the U.S. It not only fulfills the fantasy element of lifestyle programming but also provides a fundamental education on real estate and high-end features that might interest potential property buyers or invigorate home owners with new ideas for home upgrades.

With a watchable host and stories that range from mundane to grand, My Lottery Dream Home is an engrossing series that captures the imagination of audiences around the world. It allows us to dream about what we might do "if we won the lottery" while also reminding us to count our blessings and appreciate the fundamental values of home and hearth. Entertaining and thought-provoking in equal measure, My Lottery Dream Home invites viewers to dream big, while still keeping one foot grounded in reality. It's a journey of awe-inspiring transformations, punctuated by personal revelation and financial awakening, which keeps audiences tuned in episode after episode.

My Lottery Dream Home is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 16 seasons with a total of 202 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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How can I watch My Lottery Dream Home online? My Lottery Dream Home is available on HGTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch My Lottery Dream Home on demand at Philo, Sling, Vudu, Apple TV, Amazon online.

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