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Rock Star Renovation
Musician Mike Herrera and his wife, Holli, are moving to Waco and want a home with lots of space and a large studio. But when Chip finds serious structural issues, they realize they may not finish the project in time.

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The Rock Star's House
Chip and Jo renovate a historic house for a musician and his family.

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Chip and Jo's Breakfast Joint
After hearing Chip's vision for a modern breakfast joint and inspecting an available property, Joanna jumps on board and agrees to help make Chip's dream a reality.

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Farewell Pakistan, Hello Waco
After 17 years in Pakistan, a couple returns home to Waco. They hire Chip and Jo to help renovate an 1890s farmhouse that they bought sight unseen.

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Downtown Loft Challenge
Chip and Jo meet up with a friend who is hoping to buy a modern-industrial style loft apartment with a guest bedroom and an office in downtown Waco. Chip and Jo get to work tackling their first-ever downtown loft apartment.

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All-American Farmhouse
A wounded veteran and his girlfriend call on Chip and Jo to help them convert their small house in Waco into a dreamy farmhouse.

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Old World Charm With a View
Chip and Jo take on a reno for clients looking for a cottage with a view.

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The Gaines Family Garden
Chip and Jo decide to build a large garden at the farm with their children; the garden will contain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers as well as a chicken coop, a chicken run and a cottage-style garden shed.

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Big Budget For A Big House
A couple has narrowed down their search to three homes that would work for their family of five. They task Chip and Jo with determining which house has the most renovation potential for their all-in budget of $850,000.

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Touchdown For A Family In Need
Chip, Jo and Tim Tebow create a wheelchair accessible home for a family.

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A Modern Cabin Makeover
A little house is transformed into a modern mountain cabin with a little help from Laura Bush.

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A Classic, Traditional Beauty
A couple moves from Oregon to Waco, Texas, and enlists Chip and Jo to transform their bland, outdated home.

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New Chapter, New House
Chip and Jo meet with a client who just purchased a 1950s bungalow hoping to make it her forever home after losing her husband to cancer.

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Flip House To Family Project
Chip and Jo return to their roots and work to give a home a clean, new look, until Jo decides she wants her sister and brother-in-law to buy the house.

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Ranch House Reimagined
Chip and Joanna work with the Aguilar family to find a forever home that fits their family of four and reflects their personal style.

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Historic Home for a New Family
Chip and Joanna take on a historical project for Courtney and Joey Scrivano, who are ready to upgrade from their modest loft to a house where they can raise their new baby; the 1927 Tudor home is outdated and lacks a true master suite.

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New Chapter for Family of Four
Chip and Joanna help the Jacksons, a family of four, looking for a new home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms that, ideally, can be renovated within their budget.

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Family Seeks Spacious Upgrade
Bryce and Emily Sandvall want a new home for their family of five in the Woodway area that's not only right for their family but also has a traditional design style that they love.

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Austin Couple Finds Waco Charm
In the Season 5 premiere, a couple are looking to move from Austin to Waco, Texas, and buy their first house together. With a total budget of $200,000, they are hoping to find a place with some historic charm that Chip and Jo can transform into their dream home.

Watch Fixer Upper Season 5 Episode 1 Now

How We Got to Here: Looking Back on Fixer Upper
Chip and Joanna take a trip down memory lane revisiting some of their favorite renovations and design styles over the last five seasons of Fixer Upper. They also look back on old video footage of the Gaines family during life before the show and discuss how Fixer Upper came to be.

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Fixer Upper is a popular American reality television program that aired on HGTV from 2013 to 2018. The show highlights the craftsmanship, design, and renovation skills of the chipper and charmingly warm couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Both hailing from Waco, Texas, the duo bring their considerable home improvement and decoration expertise to their clients' real estate woes, and swiftly transform run-down or otherwise uninspiring properties into breathtaking dream homes.

The general premise of the show starts with Chip and Joanna taking prospective home-buyers on a tour of three potential houses in Central Texas that often require some degree of renovation work. Each of these homes, largely overlooked by other buyers due to their initial state of disrepair, is sold below the couple's predetermined budget. This concept reinforces the show's philosophy that a "fixer-upper" house - one in poor condition and requiring repair - is not necessarily a poor property investment, with the right team in charge of the renovation.

Once the home-buyers pick the house that they see the most potential in, Chip, described as a "real estate lead", starts tackling the structural and renovation work. He often dives headfirst into demolition and construction work with a charming and keen sense of enthusiasm. This never fails to entertain viewers, particularly in instances where he is tearing down walls or other substantial parts of the home to make way for the stunning transformation. Alongside him, Joanna, the "design lead", marries her exquisite taste and design aesthetic to the project, working to turn the selected house into a tailored sanctuary that meets the home-buyers' desires and needs.

One of the unique elements that gives Fixer Upper its charm is the rapport and chemistry between Chip and Joanna. They delight viewers with their playful banter, showcasing their down-to-earth personalities and shared love for their work, while handily juggling their roles as parents to five children and entrepreneurs running multiple businesses.

The show combines a feel-good, family-friendly tone, with the tension, excitement, and ultimate satisfaction that comes with a promising makeover project progressing from dilapidation to a jaw-dropping revelation. Numerous episodes feature heartwarming stories that highlight the importance of home and family, while others display some astonishing architectural feats, heart-stopping design choices, and creative problem-solving.

Typically, each episode ends with an awe-inspiring reveal of the transformed home. A staple in these revelatory moments is the grand "before and after" presentation, where Joanna expertly uses a large picture of the original home to conceal the renovated property from view until the last possible second. The couple then part the photos to reveal the stunningly transformed home, much to the delight of the viewers and often to the thrilled gasps and tears of joy from the homeowners.

Through the run of the series, Fixer Upper inspired a major trend in home design with Joanna's signature modern farmhouse style, characterized by neutral color palettes, open shelving, and shiplap walls. Together, Chip and Joanna Gaines redefined what it means to restore and refashion forgotten homes. Their upbeat personalities, exemplary work ethic, and genuine love for each other and their craft made Fixer Upper a beloved icon amongst home improvement shows.

In a nutshell, Fixer Upper offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of home renovation and real estate. Regardless of if one is a DIY enthusiast, a design aficionada, a passionate home flipper, or even just a casual viewer, the show holds an undeniable charm that draws in a vast audience. It is not merely a home renovation series; but a showcase of dream-making, methodical crafting, clever designing, and unwavering dedication bound by the loving intimacy of the Gaines family. This is likely why, even after its end in 2018, Fixer Upper continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its viewers.

Fixer Upper is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 81 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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