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A Finger in Time
The Big Mouth kids start high school! Andrew looks inside himself to solve his problem with Pumbaa while dread stops Missy from attending her first day.

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Panic! At the Mall
During a sleepover, Jay teaches Andrew how to defend himself against bullies. Then, Missy gets overwhelmed while back-to-school shopping with Jessi.

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The Bad Hookup
At their first high school party, Andrew discovers his talent for drinking games, Nick hopes for a shot with Danni, and Missy meets a potential rebound.

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Get the F**k Outta My House
Andrew takes a liking to his new neighbor — and her mom. Nick wants to be more than Danni's friend, but her entanglement with Travis gets in the way.

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The International Show
Big Mouth goes global for a very special episode as Maury and Connie take a closer look at how kids around the world experience puberty.

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As graduation day nears, Nick must decide if he will attend Cobblestones Academy while Andrew goes on an apology tour after being voted "Grossest Human.

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Day Tripping
While Andrew and Nick follow Judd to Brooklyn to score drugs, Jay gets jealous of Kurt and Lola's relationship, and Jessi oversteps at Matthew's house.

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The Ambition Gremlin
With no distractions, Andrew's schoolwork improves — winning his father's praise. Jessi goes a little too far when trying to emulate cool, mature Leah.

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A doctor puts Andrew on testicular rest, Nick asks Jay to help him get in shape for high school and Jessi becomes fascinated by Caitlin's breastfeeding.

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Big Mouth's Going to High School (But Not for Nine More Episodes)
With two months left in eighth grade, the incoming freshmen tour their new high school with junior hosts while Jay evades his terrifying brothers.

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Big Mouth is an original American animate series that was premiered on Netflix in 2017. As one of Netflix's flagship adult animated comedies, it’s co-created by a team of talented individuals, including Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The show focuses on the fascinating yet terrifying time of adolescence, specifically the pivotal stage of puberty, bundling all the bodily changes, hormonal surges, and emotional rollercoasters into a hilarious and often deeply relatable package.

The series is centered around a group of teenage friends who navigate the troublesome waters of puberty. It brings to life characters that mirror the typical middle school experience with the integration of humor and clever storytelling. The show's main characters revolve around best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman. Other key characters include Jessi Glaser and Jay Bilzerian, who each bring unique perspectives and equally unique problems to the table.

What sets Big Mouth apart from many other animations is the incorporation of magical realism. The series features various imaginative elements such as 'Hormone Monsters' who personify the raging hormones adolescents experience during puberty. Other fantastical characters include the Ghost of Duke Ellington, Depression Kitty, and the Shame Wizard, each representing different emotions or experiences tied to adolescence.

Each episode tackles a specific issue related to puberty, meaning it covers everything, ranging from mood swings, the growth of body hair, romantic crushes, hormone fluctuations, to the exploration of sexual identity. Varying emotions like anxiety, depression, shame, and the pressure of societal norms are also depicted accurately. The brilliance of the show lies in its ability to be thoroughly entertaining while also providing insightful commentary about these challenging topics.

There’s plenty of humor in Big Mouth, where the comedic undertones usually involve a well-thought-out combination of juvenile hilarity, satirical elements, and sharp punchlines. But there's something bittersweet in its depiction of adolescence too. It handles the tumultuous, confusing period of life with surprising kindness and empathy, making it as thoughtful as it is funny.

The series continues to defy the normative conventions of animated television and is not afraid to push boundaries in terms of its content. Despite its overtly sexual humor and outrageous plotlines, Big Mouth consistently manages to create emotional depth and realness in its portrayal of its characters.

One grounding aspect of Big Mouth is its basis in reality. Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg have based the show largely on their own experiences as they navigated through their adolescent years. You could even say that Big Mouth is, in part, an autobiographical account of their puberty stage, created with a generous dose of imagination.

Visually, Big Mouth adopts a traditional animation style that complements its quirky characters and storylines. The bright colors and cartoonish designs serve to takes the edge off the more serious themes, ensuring the show remains lighthearted and humorous.

As the seasons progressed, Big Mouth received widespread praise for its bold storytelling, humor, and sincere approach towards adolescence and puberty, consistently holding a high rating on popular movie and TV show databases. Its exploration of the often taboo and embarrassing experiences associated with puberty through the lens of hilarity and frankness has resonated with audiences, elevating it to be a must-watch animated sitcom.

Since its debut in 2017, Big Mouth has consistently released new seasons, each one having 10 episodes on average. Netflix confirmed that the show's success had led to a multi-season renewal, with fans eagerly anticipating what puberty adventures and adolescent tales the creators will come up with next.

Overall, Big Mouth is an unflinching and daring show that pulls no punches when it comes to portraying the highs and lows of puberty. Blending raw truths about adolescence with surreal elements and raunchy humor, it manages to offer viewers a uniquely entertaining and thought-provoking comedic experience, which explains its popularity and the rave reviews it continues to garner.

Big Mouth is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 78 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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