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Bart's Brain
Bart makes a new friend.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 18 Now

The Tipping Point
Homer loses his mind over tipping culture run amok.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 17 Now

The Tell-Tale Pants
Marge secretly spends a surprising windfall on herself when she gets mad with Homer.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 16 Now

Cremains of the Day
When someone in Homer's life passes away, he and guys from Moe's go on a road trip to scatter the ashes... but will their friendship die as well?

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 15 Now

Night of the Living Wage
Marge gets a job in a high-pressure ghost kitchen, but when she tries to start a union, she gets more than she collectively bargained for.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 14 Now

Clan of the Cave Mom
A parenting disagreement between Marge and Luann Van Houten escalates into a life-or-death struggle for survival.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 13 Now

Lisa Gets an F1
Lisa feels a need for speed as well a need for control of her anxiety when she becomes a pro kid go-cart racer.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 12 Now

Frinkenstein's Monster
Homer gets a high-level job at the nuclear plant in Shelbyville with the help of Professor Frink. The professor regrets what he did as he needs to monitor everything Homer says and does as he is proven to be incompetent and unqualified for the position.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 11 Now

Do The Wrong Thing
Homer and Bart become kings of the blue-collar sports circuit, but Marge suspects something dishonest at the core of their father-son bond.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 10 Now

Murder, She Boat
Lisa must solve a closed-boat mystery when Comic Book Guy's million-dollar action figure is "murdered" on a pop culture cruise.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 9 Now

Ae Bonny Romance
When Groundskeeper Willie is kidnapped to Scotland, Bart and the Simpsons follow - only to discover that what awaits is Homer's worst nightmare.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 8 Now

It's a Blunderful Life
Lisa recounts the story of how Homer was scapegoated for a power outage that plunged Springfield into darkness days before Thanksgiving.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 7 Now

Iron Marge
When Marge's heart is broken by a bad birthday present, Bart and Lisa must dig into their mom's past to show that they really know her. Homer becomes a neighborhood fear-monger.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 6 Now

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV
Bart is turned into an NFT and Marge must fight through the Blockchain to rescue him; Lisa turns to a murderer from her past; an outbreak transforms Springfielders into a plague of lazy, beer-loving oafs.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 5 Now

Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story
In a parody documentary, a young college-dropout CEO embraces the Silicon Valley "fake it until you make it" philosophy and bewitches Mr. Burns into funding her highly dubious dream project.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 4 Now

McMansion & Wife
When a new neighbor showers him with kindness, Homer thinks he's being tricked into buying a sports car at the dealership where the neighbor works, but the truth turns out to be even more sinister; Lisa neutralizes Nelson after he goes on a bullying spree.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 Now

A Mid-Childhood Night's Dream
Marge feels an overwhelming dread of the empty nest.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 2 Now

Homer's Crossing
Feeling worthless at work, Homer volunteers to be a school crossing guard. But when his safety squad receives too much funding, the crossing guards become a force to be feared.

Watch The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 1 Now

The Simpsons is an animated television series that has been a flagship entertainment offering of the Fox Broadcasting Company since its inaugural season in 1989. Centered around the lives of the Simpson family living in the fictional town of Springfield, the show offers a satirical representation of contemporary American life delineated through the lens of a conventional middle-class family.

The show’s nomenclary stems from its central characters, the Simpson family, which includes five main characters: Homer Simpson, the bumbling, often misguided but well-intentioned father figure who works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; Marge Simpson, his patient, loving, and socially conscious wife who stands as the moral compass of the family; and their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Bart Simpson is the ten-year-old, audacious, rebellious spirit known for his frequent truancy, precocious pranks, and oft-repeated catchphrases. Lisa Simpson, on the other hand, is a highly intelligent and politically conscious eight-year-old, who not only embodies intellectualism and creativity, but also counters Bart’s often disruptive character with a balanced, sensible approach. Finally, there’s one-year-old Maggie Simpson, a silent character who primarily communicates through emotive pacifier sucks and brings a dimension of childish innocence to the show’s dynamics.

Developed by Matt Groening, and shaped by a team of top-notch creatives - James L. Brooks, and Sam Simon, among others, The Simpsons positioned itself at the heart of pop culture iconography through its critical yet comedic representation of socio-political issues, middle-class family dynamics, and wider societal norms and values. The show takes pride in its capability to provide commentary on current societal events and trends, often featuring parodic portrayals of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures.

Other notable characters that make up the colorful universe of Springfield include the cynical bartender Moe, the incompetent Chief Wiggum, the religious neighbor Ned Flanders, the tyrannical power plant owner Mr. Burns, and a horde of other quirky characters, each of them bringing their fair share of sharp humor and idiosyncrasies to the show.

The satirical humor of The Simpsons employs a melange of different comedic styles, taking the form of visual gags, slapstick comedy, cultural references, wordplay, and irony, to name just a few. The show's humor often extends to self-referential mockeries, especially its trademark 'couch gags' that serve as the opening sequence for each episode, where the Simpson family’s attempt to sit on their living-room couch spirals into unexpected humorous situations.

The show’s animation style is distinct and has evolved throughout its over 30 years tenure on television. The characters are immediately recognizable with their iconic yellow skin and a variety of interesting physical characteristics. The fictional town of Springfield, with its myriad settings, has become as much a character of the show as the characters themselves and provides a canvas on which the life and times of the Simpson family are painted.

Despite its cartoon format, The Simpsons has not shied away from treading into complex social, political, and moral territories, making it appealing to audiences of all ages. However, the show's longevity is not without controversy. Numerous debates have arisen over the years regarding its handling of different social issues, its representation of various cultural identities, and its tendency to lampoon real-life figures, implying that the show's influence extends far beyond mere entertainment.

The longevity and prominent success of The Simpsons speaks volumes about its cultural impact. It has garnered a multitude of awards and recognitions since its inception, including but not limited to, numerous Emmys, a Peabody award, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The show has also given rise to a plethora of merchandise, video games, a feature film, and more. It's not an exaggeration to say that The Simpsons have become a cultural institution in their own right, shaping and reflecting the socio-cultural landscape of contemporary America and beyond.

In essence, The Simpsons, while packaged and presented as an animated sitcom, operates on multiple levels. It’s a commentary on the American way of life, a critique of societal norms and values, a platform for satire, as well as a source of laughter and entertainment. It's not simply a show about a family in Springfield; The Simpsons is a mirror, albeit a comedic one, bouncing reflections of real-world happenings, issues, and concerns back to its audiences across the globe. Through this blend of humor, criticism, parody, and social commentary, The Simpsons remains a significant cultural tour de force, captivating audiences with its inimitable style and content.

The Simpsons is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 35 seasons with a total of 769 episodes, the show debuted on 1989. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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