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California, Here We Come (2)
Martin and Gina must say good-bye to Detroit and all their friends including Tommy, Pam and Cole. New job offers in Los Angeles for both Martin and Gina, prompt them to move.

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California, Here We Come (1)
Martin's talk show is picked up by the network, and is slated to air to a nation-wide audience. The only problem is that if Martin wants the show, he must move to L.

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One Flew over the Hoochie's Nest
Pam's twin cousin Tammy escapes from a mental ward and comes to stay at Pam's house, but everyone mistakes her for Pam.

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Goin' for Mine
Pam becomes upset over the fact that she has been recently fired from her former job. Tommy, Cole and Martin stop by Pam's apartment along with their high school buddy Trey Foster who happens to work at a record company called Keep It Real Records as an successful A&R.

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The police want to use Pam's apartment for a stake-out, to keep surveillance on a suspect named Dynamite Willie. Martin comes up with an idea to capture the suspect himself, and cash in on the $100,000 reward.

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Daddy Dearest
Tommy's ex-marine father, Sgt. Strawn, shows up and tries to make his son a man by showing him up in front of his friends.

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Martin gives his cuckoo clock to Pam, who finds that it makes too much noise, and donates it to a charity auction. Later, Martin & Tommy realize that the clock he gave away might be a very valuable antique, and worth a lot of money.

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I, Martin, Take Thee Pam?
Martin takes Pam back to Jamaica where he married Gina when he learns that his marriage to Gina is invalid and that he's actually married to Pam.

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Power to the People's Court
Tommy decides to act as his own legal representative after Sheneneh sues him for hitting her car.

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Goin' Overboard (2)
Martin and the gang are on a cruise ship with The Love Boat characters. Martin is doomed to finish the trip without Gina, who missed the boat, and is stalked by a suicidal temptress.

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Goin' Overboard (1)
Martin and the gang go on a cruise, which Gina accidentally misses. He later meets a beautiful woman named Ellen who he believes is contemplating suicide.

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Ain't That About a Ditch
Even though Gina's out of town on business, her mom comes to town for a weekend visit, and wants to spend all her time with Martin, playing boardgames and just getting to know him better. But Martin has plans to hang out with Tommy and Cole at a new club that just opened up.

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You Play Too Much
Martin helps a burglar rob his apartment, because he thinks its part of a scheme Pam put together, to get back at him for all his pranks. It's only after he's been robbed, that he realizes the awful truth.

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Waiting, Debating and Ovulating
Martin and Gina are planning to have a baby. They plan to have a lunch-time rendezvous to get things going.

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Ghosts bring Martin holiday spirit.

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Come on over to My Place
Cole attempts to entertain a girl at his Mom's house. But Mom shows up and ruins everything. Cole gets his own apartment. But it turns out to be a real dive. Cole and Shanise are happy anyway.

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Snow White
When Tommy invites the gang for a ski vacation, they are all in for the ride of their lives. Cole's date Shanise is one ski short of a set; Pam's date Tahiem is one cold headache; and Tommy's date Aquannetta is one big surprise, as she is a white woman.

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The Life You Save...Might Make You Rich
While attending a dinner party at an exclusive restaurant, Martin saves the life of an African prince. The prince rewards Martin with lavish gifts and offers him a large sum of money for Gina's services.

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Banging Hard in the School Yard
When Martin announces on his talk show that any man can beat any woman at any thing, especially in sports, Gina and Pam challenge him to a girls-against-guys basketball game. Martin and the guys think it will be easy to beat the girls, until they discover the girl's secret weapon: the women's Olympic gold medal-winning basketball team.

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Boo's in the House
The prospect of owning a home gets scarier when Martin and Gina buy their "dream house" on Halloween, but soon find that the place is a haunted, calamity-filled horror.

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Working Girls
Gina is all ready for an underwear ad presentation until Cole accidentally erases her computer. She goes to Pam for help, but her friend is too busy with a date.

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Sophomore Jinx
After some misadventures with marriage counselors, bad advice from friends fouls things up even more for the constantly quarreling Martin and Gina.

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Back in Trouble Again
When Gina learns she is nominated for an advertising award, she asks Martin to attend the awards dinner with her and advises him not to play basketball with the boys because his back has been bothering him. He decides to play anyway and ends up disabled.

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Is You Is or Is You Ain't
Gina thinks she might be pregnant and warns Martin to keep quiet. Within an hour, the whole city knows.

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Martin is an American sitcom that originally aired on Fox from August 27, 1992, to May 1, 1997. Reflecting on the life, love, friendship and humor in a Detroit community, the show, directed by Marius Penczner, Gerren Keith, and Stan Lathan among others, was produced by Bentley Kyle Evans and Martin Lawrence, the latter of which also played the titular role.

The show primarily revolves around Martin Payne, played by the charismatic and often over-the-top Martin Lawrence. Martin is an enthusiastic, lovable but occasionally conceited radio talk show host who juggles his professional life with his personal affairs. Lawrence brings a distinct charisma and often slapstick comedic style to the character. What truly sets Martin apart from other shows is Lawrence's ability to don multiple roles including that of Martin's sassy, perpetually unemployed best friend Sheneneh Jenkins, an old, nostril-flaring neighbor called Mama Payne, and several more. This versatility showcased the comic genius of Martin Lawrence and made the show a highlight of 90s television.

Signing on for the role of Gina Waters-Payne, Martin's love interest, is Tisha Campbell. Gina is a successful, level-headed marketing executive who often plays the 'straight-man' foil to Martin's antics, adding considerable comedic contrast. Their chemistry forms the backbone of the sitcom, fueling both the laughter and drama of the show's five-season run.

The show also features an impressive lineup of supporting characters. Carl Anthony Payne II plays Cole Brown, Martin's dim-witted but kindhearted best friend. Thomas Mikal Ford appears as Tommy Strawn, a laid-back charmer and another of Martin's best friends. His character often sparks comic relief with his mysterious employment status throughout the series. Tichina Arnold rounds out the main cast, playing the role of Pam James, Gina's quick-witted and sharp-tongued best friend who shares a love/hate relationship with Martin—a constant source of hilarity.

Additional cast members include Jon Gries as Shawn McDermott and Garrett Morris as Stan Winters, Martin's boss at the radio station. Over its five-season run, Martin also hosted a variety of guest stars, featuring everyone from contemporary musicians, actors and famous athletes, further adding depth and color to this quintessential urban sitcom.

Each episode of Martin is characterized by its unique blend of humor, drama, and soul. While most of the comedic situations establish Martin as the catalyst, slapstick galore and punchy one-liners, the well-developed characters each hold their ground when it comes to contributing to the laughter quotient. The show does not shy away from dealing with serious issues and often includes topics like job security, relationships, marriage, and friendship. However, all such scenarios are handled with a light touch and interspersed with humor, ensuring that no episode feels too weighty or out of sync with the show’s entertaining premise.

The iconic show continues to reflect 90's pop culture, with its 132-episode run capturing and satirizing the era's fashion, music, and zeitgeist. The sitcom is often marked by its distinct urban humor and memorable comedic situations. From Martin's street-smart charm to Gina and Pam's high-powered careers and feisty friendship, and the outrageous sibling-rivalry between Martin and Pam, every episode of the show is a slice of life that audiences can relate to.

The impressive chemistry of the ensemble cast coupled with the witty writing and the multiple engaging storylines contribute to Martin's enduring popularity. The show strikes a commendable balance between comedy and romance portraying realistic character dynamics, situational comedy, and occasional drama giving it a versatile appeal.

Overall, Martin is a lively, relatable, and thoroughly entertaining variety show that combines humor, heart, and a dash of hot sauce. Its unique flavor, memorable characters, and bold comedy style make it an authentic representation of the time it was set in. Even more than two decades since its final episode, Martin continues to charm viewers with its infectious humor, engaging narratives, and the remarkable comic timing of its lead. With cross-generational appeal, Martin is not just a '90s sitcom—it's a timeless classic.

Martin is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 132 episodes, the show debuted on 1992. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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