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Episode 100: Always and Forever (a.k.a. Happily Ever After)
Jamie and Fancy's big day arrives as Jamie rents a tuxedo and return to the event on time as the bride, her parents, and Jamie's mother anxiously await his arrival.

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East Side Story
Junior and Helen announce they are retiring the hotel to Jamie and Fancy, not knowing Fancy is considering a job in New York. Meanwhile, Braxton feels unappreciated when he doesn't get the hotel, after all his hard work.

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Bachelor Party
Jamie finds out Fancy is auditioning male dancers for her bachelorette party after they each promised not to have a party like that. So Jamie and Mouse set up a bachelor party.

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When he strikes out with Fancy after a bowling game, Jamie calls on Cupid to help win her over. Meanwhile, Mouse starts dating a woman who he met using Cupid's help.

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If the Shoe Fits...
Jamie thinks Fancy is involved with NBA superstar Kevin Garnett, who is at the hotel for a press conference, when he finds a pair of size 22 sneakers under her bed.

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Shakin' and Fakin'
Fancy nurses Jamie after he gets sick from Japanese food. He fakes a relapse the next day to prevent Fancy from going out with another man.

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Candy Girl
Helen is opposed to Jamie filming a music video in the hotel due to its sexual content. The actress slated to appear in the video also objects to the video because of her lack of wardrobe.

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I'll Do It My
Jamie refuses to sign with a record company. Instead he tries to sell his CDs over the Internet.

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Shades of Gray
Jamie spends the night at Fancy's, leading to an awkward morning for the former couple. Tension increases when Jamie sees Fancy at a party with another man.

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Serve No Wine Before I Get Mine
After going through a series of low paying jobs, Jamie finally gets a break and records an original songs for a record producer, but the arrangement might not be as legitimate as Jamie thinks.

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Double or Nothing
Phil and Mouse take Jamie to the club after his breakup with Fancy. After failing to pickup ladies, he meets a girl named Nancy who has a lot of things in common with Fancy.

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On Bended Knee
When Jamie's plan to propose to Fancy fails, he decides to break up with her. But when he leaves the engagement ring at her apartment, Jamie and his friends must get it back before she finds it.

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The Jamie Foxx Show is a popular American sitcom that graced screens on the Warner Bros. Television Network from August 28, 1996, to January 14, 2001. Running for five successful seasons, the show stars Jamie Foxx, a supremely gifted comedian and actor, and a talented ensemble cast consisting of Garcelle Beauvais, Christopher B. Duncan, Ellia English and Garrett Morris. The show epitomizes the perfect blend of laughter and life’s poignant moments, wrapping it in a relatable and entertaining package, ever-reverberating with energetic beats of humor. Jamie King, played by Jamie Foxx, is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas, who has moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. But as luck would have it, his aspirations don’t materialize smoothly. Instead of the glamorous life of fame and fortune that he envisages, Jamie ends up single, jobless, and practically penniless. With no other immediate options, Jamie decides to take up a job in his family's hotel, King's Tower. It's a modest establishment which offers plenty of opportunities for comedy, thanks to its colorful procession of guests and eccentric staff. Garcelle Beauvais stars as the female lead, Fancy Monroe, who begins the series as the hotel's front desk clerk. Fancy is beautiful, smart, headstrong and becomes the object of Jamie's affection, serving as the romantic interest throughout the series. The competent yet pompous hotel manager Braxton P. Hartnabrig, portrayed by Christopher B. Duncan, often bears the brunt of Jamie's playful schemes and jokes. The interactions among these three main characters form the heart of the sitcom. Further enhancing the laugh-riot are characters played by Ellia English and Garrett Morris. English plays the no-nonsense Aunt Helen King, Jamie's sassy, overbearing but loving aunt. On the other hand, Morris portrays Uncle Junior King, a wise-cracking, flamboyant uncle, who along with Aunt Helen, helps operate the hotel. Both actors contribute significantly to driving the narrative, presenting a delightful mix of comedic elements and family dynamics. The Jamie Foxx Show taps into the contrasting worlds of dreams and reality, demonstrating how a simple dreamer navigates through life's challenges within a peculiar yet comically gifted environment. This is the bedrock upon which every episode is built. The show's signature offerings are Jamie's constant pursuits for Hollywood stardom, his romantic endeavors towards Fancy, and the constant comedic rivalries within the hotel staff. It humorously illuminates the practical struggles of an artist, using the hotel as a microcosm of the Hollywood situation. Despite being a sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show upholds emotional connections with humor and a tinge of drama. Themes such as love, friendship, togetherness, and the importance of family are emphasized throughout the series, making it an engaging watch beyond just the humor. The Jamie Foxx Show is a mixture of fast-paced comedy and light-hearted themes, crafted beautifully around the daily struggles of a young man trying to make it big in Hollywood. It provides a refreshing comedic take to balance the underlying narrative, offering viewers something more than just a run-of-the-mill sitcom experience. Behind the lively comedy, the show addresses genuine emotions and experiences that resonate with viewers on many levels. In all its 100 episodes, The Jamie Foxx Show presents a likeable showbiz aspirant, who, despite facing rejections and disappointments, still hangs on to his dreams with unwavering positivity and relentless humor. It portrays how Jamie King rolls with his punches, turns every setback into an opportunity, and makes light of difficult situations through humor. The Jamie Foxx Show is sure to keep audiences engaged and entertained with its wit, eccentric characterizations, and endearing romance. Offering a nostalgic trip back to the 90s, it brilliantly balances drama and comedy, wrapped with Foxx's charismatic humor and an engaging storyline that makes it an iconic television sitcom.

The Jamie Foxx Show is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 100 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Jamie Foxx, Garrett Morris, Garcelle Beauvais, Christopher B. Duncan, Ellia English
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