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Cousin Raymond
The Evans home gets a visit from Florida's nephew, Raymond, and hands out gifts for everyone. But Florida refuses to accept them after she learns how he makes his money.

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The Art Contest
J.J. is teaching art, and one of his students, Emily, has great talent. J.J. asks Bookman to bring his painting to an art contest and picks up the wrong one. In fact, he has brought one of Emily's instead. But when it wins first place, will J.J. be man enough to tell them who the artist really is?

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The Evans' Dilemma
Keith has been looking for a job for awhile now, and seems aloof when asked how his day has been. Little do they know that Keith has become an alcoholic.

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The End of the Rainbow
The series final episode ties up all the loose ends, as J.J. now is employed as a graphic artist with a comic book company, and Keith has been secretly working out with the Bears and just signed on as a free agent. Florida is asked to move in with Keith and Thelma inside their new apartment, which happens to be the same building that Willona just signed a lease for. Michael decides he wants to move away and live in a doom, and the biggest surprise of all awaits Thelma, who announces she is pregnant.

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A Matter of Mothers
Willona's newest boyfriend, Jeffery has been lavishing gifts on both Penny and herself. Little do they know that Jeffery has been hired to do this by Penny's birth mother, who is trying to make Willona look like a bad mother so she can get her daughter back.

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The Physical
Florida has an important physical in the morning to keep her job at the bus company. So it may not be the best time for Michael to wind up in jail.

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J.J. and T.C.
J.J. has been the subject of T.C.'s affection since she first met him, and now wants to finally ask him to go to a dance with him. But J.J. has always treated her like one of the guys, that is, until he sees her all dressed up in a bar.

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Where Have All the Doctors Gone?
While Penny is left in Florida's care, she comes down with an illness and is brought to the free clinic to be examined. But after a long wait, Florida is greeted by a grumpy female doctor who is planning on leaving the ghetto behind for a better place.

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Blood Will Tell
Nothing is plain for Sweet Daddy Williams, including his blood type. It's a rare type in which J.J. just happens to have also, and is 'asked' to give Sweet Daddy a transfusion before he dies. Meanwhile, JJ discovers that Sweet's right hand man wants him dead so he can take over his business.

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Florida's Favorite Passenger (2)
Larry, a child with a hearing problem, nearly loses his life when he almost walks into a broken elevator shaft. But after his check up at the hospital, he reveals he is running away from home, feeling his mother doesn't care for him enough to know he had a hearing problem.

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Florida's Favorite Passenger (1)
Florida takes a young male passenger under her wing when she discovers he has a hearing problem. But for some reason his mother refuses to believe her son has any problems.

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House Hunting
The Evans family have found a house they'd like to move into. But this will all depend on receiving a loan from the bank....

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The Traveling Christmas
Keith's boss at the cab company refuses to let him have Christmas day off. So Florida comes up with the idea of putting on a show at the cab company for the workers who are stuck there.

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The Snow Storm
Florida brings the kids from her school bus into an abandoned building after the bus becomes stuck in a snow storm.

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The Witness
Sweet Daddy's lady, Samantha, has a car accident with a cab, and J.J. is a witness. So Sweet Daddy pressures J.J. into saying the cab driver was at fault, but that driver just happens to be Keith.

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J.J. and the Plumber's Helper
J.J.'s old flame Vanessa has returned and he can't break the news that he no longer has a job. Meanwhile, Bookman has a new female assistant name T.C. who has fallen in love with J.J., but he only has Vanessa on his mind.

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Michael's Decision
Michael feels the apartment has become too full now that Keith has moved in, and makes plans to move in with a white girl. Although Florida is not too happy about the plans, surprisingly, her parents are all for it feeling that Michael will be a good protector of their little girl.

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J.J. the Teacher
J.J. offers to give a young kid free art lessons after seeing how his violent father treats him, but his dad still says no.

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Stomach Mumps
Penny asks Willona questions when her 13-year old friend appears to be pregnant. But Willona is not prepared to tell Penny the truth and explains that she is suffering from the stomach mumps.

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Florida Gets a Job
Both JJ and Florida are looking for work to pay the bills. Florida finds a job as a school bus driver in the want ads, but if Alderman Davis gets his way, the job will be going to one of his relatives.

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Florida's Homecoming: United We Stand
J.J. tries to put on a brave face after the wedding, but Keith can't stop thinking that his career is already over before it began. And it the meantime, Sweet Daddy has sent his goons to collect on the loan J.J. took out.

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Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding
J.J. takes out $1,000 loan from Sweet Daddy Williams, to help pay for the wedding. All goes off without a hitch until Keith trips over a photographer's foot and tears a knee ligament, jeopardizing his contract with the Chicago Bears.

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Florida's Homecoming (2)
There's good news and bad news as Florida finally arrives back from Arizona. She meets her new son-in-law to-be, well, at least he will be as long as Thelma can get past her pre-wedding jitters.

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Florida's Homecoming (1)
Everyone gets a happy surprise when they learn that Thelma has been dating a famous football star who is in the process of negotiating a $1,000,000 deal with the Chicago Bears. But when he proposes to Thelma, all she has to do is try to get her mother's blessing.

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Good Times is a classic CBS television show that aired from 1974 to 1979 and became an iconic piece of American pop culture. Starring a cast of accomplished African-American actors, the show is widely recognized as one of the first prime-time TV series to feature an African American family. The ensemble cast was led by Esther Rolle and John Amos, supported by Bern Nadette Stanis, Ja'Net DuBois, Jimmie Walker, Moses Gunn, Ben Powers, Ralph Carter, Johnny Brown, and a young Janet Jackson. Set in the housing projects of Chicago's Near North Side, Good Times offers a candid, entertaining, and often touching portrayal of a lower-income, African-American family striving to make ends meet. Despite their financial struggles, the Evans family—parents Florida and James, and their three kids, J.J., Thelma, and Michael—not only survive but find room for joy, laughter, and love, giving the series its heartwarming charm. Esther Rolle plays Florida Evans, the resilient matriarch, who holds the family together with her unyielding love, wisdom, and understanding. John Amos delivers a compelling performance as James Evans Sr., the hard-working father, who provides for his family with sheer tenacity and a refusal to give in to life's adversities. Bern Nadette Stanis plays Thelma, the middle child, whose fierce intelligence and quick wit play a significant role in the family dynamics. Ralph Carter, as the youngest child Michael, often provides a more youthful perspective on the family's challenges. But perhaps the show's most iconic character is J.J., the eldest Evans child, portrayed by Jimmie Walker in a role that earned him two Golden Globe nominations. J.J. is a nascent artist with a knack for comedic timing. His catchphrase "Dy-no-mite!" resonated with audiences and became a popular catchphrase in the 1970s. A notable mention goes to Ja'Net DuBois who portrays the family's sassy and lovable neighbor, Willona Woods. She adds a unique spark to the show with her larger-than-life personality and readiness to help the Evans family whenever needed. In the later seasons, Janet Jackson joined the charismatic cast as Penny, Willona’s adopted daughter, showcasing her talents long before becoming the R&B pop icon we know today. Good Times stands out for its groundbreaking storytelling. The show explores social and political issues relevant during the 1970s - such as poverty, unemployment, and racism – while also tackling universal themes that remain poignant today: love, family, and the power of resilience. The series also delves into topics such as childhood discipline, police harassment, and medical issues. Being a sitcom, the creators skillfully blend these serious topics in a palatable way using comedy and humor to shed light on these issues. While Good Times does depict the situation of a struggling family, the series also presents a narrative of perseverance and the importance of sticking together as a unit. The Evans family, though they face hardship, represent the epitome of the term 'family' by offering each other unwavering support, embodying the self-sacrificing love one has for their family that resonates with viewers of all backgrounds. From Johnny Brown as the consistently duplicitous building superintendent 'Bookman' to Ben Powers as Thelma’s endearing husband Keith, each actor brings a fantastic performance and adds to the textured portrayal of the community. Moreover, the show has consistently been lauded for its pioneering representation of African American culture on a primetime television platform. The series offers nuances that show a distinctive narrative – the struggle, the resilience, the love, the humor, and the undying hope – giving a voice to a demographic that was underrepresented at the time. Remembered for its frank portrayal of the black experience in America as well as for its humor and vibrant characterizations, Good Times has been immortalized in the annals of American television sitcom history. The show remains a significant landmark of television programming, a stalwart reminder of the power of storytelling in challenging the status quo and offering broader, more diverse narratives on the small screen.

Good Times is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 210 episodes, the show debuted on 1974. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Jimmie Walker, Esther Rolle, Johnny Brown, Bern Nadette Stanis, Ja'net DuBois, Ralph Carter, John Amos, Ben Powers, Janet Jackson
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