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The Finale
A brief complication after minor surgery forces the Barones to consider life without Raymond.

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Ray fears getting his adenoids removed, but Debra convinces him to go through with the surgery. During the surgery when Marie is in the bathroom, the nurse tells the family that Ray is not waking up from the anesthesia.

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Pat's Secret
Robert is shocked when he catches Pat smoking a cigarette, but is thrilled to be part of Pat's dirty little secret. The secret causes Robert and Pat to bond, until someone spills the beans.

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The Power of No
Ray attempts to make Debra want him more by rebuking her advances.

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After Ray has a long conversation with Amy, he tells Robert that she talks too much.

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Tasteless Frank
Marie is shocked when Frank must use salt on her homemade lasagna. Ray and Robert investigate why he would need to salt something with so much flavor.

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The Faux Pas
Ray accidentally insults the twins' new friend's father. When the boy's dad comes over, and Ray accidentally repeats it, he's in for some trouble.

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When Debra accidentally throws away a letter to Ray from Muhammad Ali, she goes to Marie for help. Marie takes the blame, but now Debra owes her a favor.

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A Date for Peter
Ray and Debra try to get a date for Peter, Amy's brother. They hold a cocktail party to try and find him a girl.

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A Job for Robert
Ray becomes jealous when Marie starts treating Robert better than him. What are Marie's motives in doing this?

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Debra's Parents
Debra's parents come over for Thanksgiving. Ray catches them making love, and Ray and Debra think they are back together.

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Boys' Therapy
Ray, Robert, and Frank are sent to a therapist from their wives. They skip therapy, and go out to the race track.

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Ally's F
When Ally comes home with an "F" on her report card, Debra thinks they should pay more attention to her, while Ray thinks it is the teacher that is causing Ally to get bad grades.

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P. T. & A.
Ray lies to Debra and tells her that members of the PTA called her outfit "trampy". Debra decides to show the PTA the meaning of trampy.

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Angry Sex
Ray craftily turns what looks to be misfortune, after Debra and Marie fight, into a night of passion by helping Debra channel her emotions into what he terms, "angry sex.

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Not So Fast
When Ray and Debra visit Frank and Marie's new home, they are informed that the landlord is going to kick Frank and Marie out of the community.

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The Home
After Frank and Marie have a wonderful time visiting old friends, they deliver the shocking news to the family that they have decided to buy a condo in New Jersey. Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy are both sad and happy about the news.

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Everybody Loves Raymond is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from September 13, 1996, to May 16, 2005. Created by Philip Rosenthal, the show is primarily focused on the life of Ray Barone, a sportswriter from Lynbrook, Long Island, New York, and his peculiar familial ties. Ray Romano, who portrays the titular character, brings to life the character's dry sense of humor and often sarcasm, which serves as the show's comedic spark.

The sitcom co-stars Patricia Heaton, who brilliantly portrays Debra Barone, Raymond's wife. Debra is the quintessential modern American housewife juggling motherhood, marriage, and her own personal life. Often at the receiving end of Ray's humor, Debra's exasperated yet charming response to his antics makes their on-screen chemistry extremely engaging.

Brad Garrett plays Ray's brother, Robert, a New York Police Department Cop living in the shadows of his younger brother's success, both professionally and personally. He's often seen dealing with a complex mix of envy, love, and respect for Raymond, even as he moves in and out of their intrusive parents' home.

The show is characterized by its ensemble cast, including Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle, who play Ray's and Robert's overbearing parents Marie and Frank Barone. The obsessive yet comical dynamics of the Barone matriarch and her unrefined, eccentric husband are pivotal to the show's narrative.

The Barone children, Ally, Michael, and Geoffrey, played by Madylin Sweeten, Sawyer Sweeten, and Sullivan Sweeten respectively, add to the charming family element and occasionally provide the grounds for humorous plot twists.

The show's supporting cast includes numerous guest stars like Monica Horan, Bob Odenkirk, Maggie Wheeler, Charles Durning, Kevin James, and others, who often play a mixture of friends, extended family, and acquaintances. Their interactions with the Barone family add unforeseen twists to the storyline, enhancing the sitcom's overall appeal.

Everybody Loves Raymond navigates the trivialities of day-to-day family life, relationships, children, and careers, encapsulating these aspects within heartwarming humor. Rosenthal's deft handling of the show's premise makes run-of-the-mill incidents extraordinary and funny. Whether it's a simple family dinner, a school event, or marital squabbles, the hilariously relatable situations form the crux of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The show’s lasting appeal is found in its dissecting authentic family dynamics with humor and wit. It delivers a subtle critique of suburban family customs and modern parenity without being overly cynical or satirical. Everybody Loves Raymond captures the essence of family life - chaotic, unpredictable, occasionally exasperating, yet ultimately loving and supportive.

Everybody Loves Raymond received wide acclaim throughout its nine-season run, garnering several awards and nominations. It was praised for its smartly written script, the consistent comedic performances of its main cast, and the finesse with which it handled storylines that revolved around ordinary life events.

From a broader perspective, Rosenthal and his team managed to create a sitcom that was, in a way, a homage to common familial disputes and love. Despite being a comedy, its storyline was subtly imbued with honesty and emotional nuances that resonated with audiences. For all its laughs and sarcastic jabs, Everybody Loves Raymond was fundamentally a show about family and the ways in which they navigate the quirks of everyday life, making it a successful and beloved sitcom in the annals of television history.

Everybody Loves Raymond is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 213 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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