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Rockets or Romance
Hogan partners up with a pretty underground agent to destroy a missile battery.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 24 Now

Look at the Pretty Snowflakes
Hogan starts an avalanche.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 23 Now

Hogan's Double Life
Hogan must pass himself off for a German officer to avoid being taken in by a Gestapo.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 22 Now

Kommandant Gertrude
Hogan hatches a plan to get more information to England.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 21 Now

The Kamikazes are Coming
A rocket lands near camp, but Hogan and his men can't come up with a way to get it to London for an evaluation.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 20 Now

Klink for the Defense
Klink is ordered to serve as the defense for a German officer on trial for treason against Germany. Hogan helps Klink prove the man's innocence so that he can get his hands on secret plans.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 19 Now

To Russia Without Love
Hogan has a beautiful Russian woman to convince Klink that he should volunteer to fight on the Russian front.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 18 Now

That's No Lady, That's My Spy
Newkirk fakes that he's a general's wife so that he can get penicillin to the underground.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 17 Now

The Meister Spy
Hogan and his men pass themselves off for Nazi officers in order to get information out of an American traitor.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 16 Now

Easy Come, Easy Go
Klink and Hogan are sent to London to steal an Allied airplane.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 15 Now

The Dropouts
Three scientists are helped to escape by Hogan.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 14 Now

The Gypsy
Hogan is able to fake that LeBeau is a fortune teller in order to get German anti-radar machines to London.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 13 Now

The Big Broadcast
Hogan uses a radio to communicate with London.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 12 Now

Operation Tiger
Hogan and his men work to save an underground leader being sent to Berlin for execution.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 11 Now

It's Dynamite
Hogan plans on taking down a dynamite truck, but things don't go as planned when the truck doesn't follow its route.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 10 Now

The Big Record
Klink gives the prisoners tape recorders so they can send messages home.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 9 Now

Eight O'clock and All is Well
Hogan tells a prisoner about his operation, but soon learns that the man is a German spy.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 8 Now

Kommandant Schultz
Schultz is named camp kommandant, but his new found power goes straight to his head.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 7 Now

The Gestapo Takeover
The Gestapo take over Stalag 13 and plan on sending Klink and Schultz to Russia.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 6 Now

Lady Chitterly's Lover (2)
Hogan's plan goes awry when Chittlerly escapes.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 5 Now

Lady Chitterly's Lover (1)
An English traitor comes to camp with a message for Hitler.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 4 Now

Klink's Masterpiece
Hogan tricks Klink into thinking that he's an artist in order to get contact with an underground art gallery.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 3 Now

The Experts
Hogan hatches a plan to save a radio expert.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 2 Now

Cuisine à la Stalag 13
LeBeau decides to escape from camp.

Watch Hogan's Heroes Season 6 Episode 1 Now

Hogan's Heroes is a memorable television sitcom produced by Bing Crosby Productions that originally aired on CBS from 1965 to 1971. The series offers an intriguing blend of humor, history, and wartime camaraderie that has captivated many generations since its first broadcast. The show was quite unique, partly due to its unexpected and untraditional backdrop - a Nazi German Prisoner of War (POW) camp during World War II. Specifically, the series takes place in Luft Stalag 13, an apparent haven for captured Allied airmen. Despite its grim setting, Hogan's Heroes is packed with comedic cheerfulness and satire, turning the tables on the typical portrayal of such a heavy topic. The show's lead character, Colonel Robert E. Hogan, played by Bob Crane, is the senior ranking POW officer in Stalag 13. Hogan commands a covert team of skilled personnel who deftly exploit the camp's lax security to undertake various intelligence and sabotage operations under the noses of their Nazi captors. Hogan's charismatic personality, wit, and perpetual optimism make him a key figure to drive the spirit of the series. Playing the facetious Colonel Klink, the inept, egotistical, and naive camp commandant, is Werner Klemperer. Klink, despite his occasionally imposing demeanor, is mostly seen as a tool through which Hogan and his men can manipulate the situation to their advantage. Klink's sidekick, Sergeant Schultz, portrayed by John Banner, is a loveable, happy-go-lucky character whose obstinate refusal to acknowledge Hogan's frequent breaches of regulations —often claimed with his recurrent catchphrase, "I see nothing!"— increases the show's humor factor. Stalag 13 is also home to a few other allied POWs that play integral roles in the team's operations. These include Corporal Louis LeBeau, played by Robert Clary, the diminutive but fiery Frenchman who also happens to be an exceptional cook, winning the guards over on multiple occasions with his culinary skills. English Corporal Peter Newkirk, portrayed by Richard Dawson, serves as the crew's magician, card sharp, and pickpocket, calling upon his sneaky skills when necessary. Staff Sergeant James 'Kinch' Kinchloe, played by Ivan Dixon, is the radio operations and electronics expert, using his knowledge to keep the group in touch with the outside Allied forces. Later, Kenneth Washington took over Dixon's role in the series, playing Sergeant Richard Baker. Sergeant Andrew Carter, played by Larry Hovis, is the bumbling yet capable explosive expert and pharmacist. While the characters in Hogan’s Heroes may seem stereotypical at times, this aspect of the show serves to accentuate the humor in the situation, allowing for a unique character-based comedy to unfold within the series. Simultaneously, Hogan's Heroes provides a meaningful reflection of the spirit of wartime camaraderie and the will of soldiers to survive against the odds. The series is also known for its distinctive set, featuring the interiors of the POW's barracks, the commandant's office, underground tunnels, and secret radio rooms, which all contribute to the atmosphere and storyline of the show. Overall, Hogan's Heroes showcases comedy ingeniously juxtaposed with a war backdrop, creating a rich tapestry that humorously showcases the life and antics of POWs. The light-hearted humor, engaging plot, and enduring characters make this television show a timeless classic that continues to entertain audiences, even decades after its original run. With its well-crafted blend of comedy, wartime drama, and hard-to-forget characters, Hogan's Heroes stands as a testament to the creativity of 1960s television, offering a unique comedic twist on the traditional depiction of World War II.

Hogan's Heroes is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 171 episodes, the show debuted on 1965. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

John Banner, Bob Crane, Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon, Larry Hovis, Werner Klemperer, Kenneth Washington, Nita Talbot
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