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The Finale (2)
In part two of the finale, several character witnesses are called to the stand in George, Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer's trial. The bubble boy, Marla, the virgin, Mr.

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The Finale (1)
In part one of the finale, the gang find out that the pilot for Jerry's show has been approved and 13 episodes_4-18 were ordered. NBC lends the foursome a jet to use before they have to move to California for the show, and they decide to go to Paris.

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The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (2))
Part two of looking back on the past nine seasons of <i>Seinfeld</i> including bloopers.

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The Clip Show (1) (a.k.a. The Chronicle (1))
A look back on relationships, break ups, and other clips from the past nine seasons of <i>Seinfeld</i>.

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The Puerto Rican Day
At a Mets game, Elaine, George, Jerry, and Kramer decide to leave in the 8th inning since the Mets are losing 8 to 0. However, they have a tough time getting home due to a Puerto Rican Day parade.

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The Maid
Everyone George works with has a nickname, so he decides he wants to be called T-Bone. However, his idea backfires when his co-workers start calling another guy T-Bone.

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The Frogger
At a pizza parlor, Jerry and George see an old Frogger game that George used to play. He finds out that he still has the high score on the game, and attempts to save the game, with the help of Kramer, when he learns that the parlor is being torn down.

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The Bookstore
Jerry and George spend time at a bookstore in order to meet women. There, George takes a book to read into the bathroom, and is forced to buy it.

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The Burning
George begins to end conversations early so he doesn't end up saying something stupid. Jerry overhears his girlfriend talking about "the tractor story", and George and Jerry wonder what the story might entail.

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The Wizard
Jerry buys a $200 pocket Wizard organizer. Kramer moves to Del Boca Vista, deciding that he's ready to retire.

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The Strongbox
Kramer buys a strongbox to keep his valuable belongings in. But when it comes time to hide the key, Kramer has a hard time deciding where to put it.

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The Cartoon
Elaine comes across a cartoon in the New Yorker, but can't figure out why it's funny. She then becomes determined to get her comic published.

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The Reverse Peephole
Newman and Kramer switch peepholes so they'll have a different view on the world. George buys a large wallet and keeps all of his receipts in it, but ends up putting one too many receipts in it.

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The Dealership
Puddy is promoted from a mechanic to a car salesman, so Jerry tries to use Puddy to get a good deal on a new car. But when Elaine and Puddy get into a fight, Jerry tries to get them back together so he can get his good deal.

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The Strike
Jerry's girlfriend, Gwen, looks either ugly or beautiful depending on what type of light she is in. At a Hanukkah party, George receives a donation made to a charity in his name as a gift.

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The Apology
George demands an apology from a recovering alcoholic for a comment he once made about one of George's sweaters. Jerry's new girlfriend does everything in the nude, leading Jerry and George to debate whether or not there is a bad nude.

Watch Seinfeld Season 9 Episode 9 Now

The Betrayal
In an episode told backwards, Jerry, George and Elaine return home from their India trip and they don't want to talk about the trip or even talk to each other. George finds out that Jerry slept with his girlfriend and to compensate, George wants to sleep with Elaine.

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The Slicer
Elaine's neighbor is out of the country and left her alarm set to go off at 3:30 am. Kramer buys a meat slicer, and Elaine breaks it when he lets her borrow it.

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The Merv Griffin Show
Kramer finds part of a Merv Griffin Show set in a dumpster. He sets the pieces up in his apartment and creates his own show, featuring him as a host.

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The Junk Mail
Kramer gets disgusted with all of the junk mail he receives, so he closes off his mailbox and forwards all of his mail to Jerry's box. Jerry has a show to help a car dealership owned by "Fragile" Frankie, and is given a van for his help.

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The Blood
Jerry's parents hire a personal trainer for him. However, the trainer is very old and ends up throwing out his back.

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The Serenity Now
Frank begins to use the phrase "serenity now" every time he feels his blood pressure rising. Elaine is invited to a bar mitzvah for her boss's son and is French kissed by the son.

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The Voice
George's co-workers find out that he's faking his handicap and they no longer treat him special. George has a contract, so he can't be fired, but everyone tries their best to get him to quit.

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The Butter Shave
Kenny Bania, Jerry's rival, continues to take Jerry's past material, and even starts dating one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. To change this, Jerry decides to do badly in one of his acts so Kenny will do bad as well.

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Seinfeld is an iconic American television sitcom that aired on NBC from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998. Spanning nine seasons and an impressive 180 episodes, the show seamlessly weaves together the perplexing, entertaining, and at times, utterly mundane aspects of urban life, as observed through the comedic lens of its major characters. The show derives its name from its central character and co-creator, Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian in New York City, who navigates the complexities of modern urban life with his close-knit group of friends. Starring Jerry Seinfeld in the titular role, the show features a talented ensemble cast, including Jason Alexander as George Costanza; a bumbling, neurotic, and perennially failing-to-succeed character, who is Seinfeld's best friend. The fiery, intelligent Elaine Benes, portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is Jerry's ex-girlfriend and a central part of the friend group, known for her eccentric dance moves and heavy-handed style. The off-beat, and uniquely physical comedy of Michael Richards is portrayed in his role as Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld's eccentric yet endearing next-door neighbor whose wacky adventures and hare-brained schemes often provide the spark that ignites the episode's central plot. Throughout the series, these four main characters encounter a variety of comical situations, sparked by the quirks of everyday city life, their personal relationships, and numerous idiosyncratic characters they come across in their world such as George's quirky parents, played by Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris, and Jerry's comically troublesome nemesis, Newman, played by Wayne Knight. Co-created by Larry David, who later went on to create and star in the critically-acclaimed series "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Seinfeld is often described as a 'show about nothing'. With finely tuned observational humor, the show's charm lies in taking trivial, everyday occurrences and amplifying them to an epic scale. This unique approach focuses on showing the characters' comedic responses to the daily trials, absurdities, and tribulations of life and navigating personal relationships in the big city. Set primarily in an apartment building on New York City’s Upper West Side, each episode generally revolves around the central characters and their humorous interpretation of the world around them. Frequent settings in the series include Jerry's apartment, Monk's Café – the local coffee shop where the characters often meet, Elaine's office, George's various workplaces, and occasionally, Kramer's apartment. The show's storyline challenges conventional television norms with its circuitous plots, use of flashback structures, nonlinear storytelling, and the lack of growth or moral lessons for the characters. Seinfeld is saturated with sharp, absurdist humor, innovative storytelling, and memorable characters, that differentiate it from other sitcoms of its time. The show's consistent ability to reinvent age-old comedic conventions, its sharp writing, and the actors’ brilliant ability to perform physical comedy, contributed to its becoming one of the most popular and influential sitcoms in American television history. Even today, several individual episodes or phrases, such as “The Soup Nazi,” “The Bubble Boy,” and “yada yada yada,” continue to hold cultural significance, reinforcing the spectacular and lasting impact that Seinfeld has had on popular culture. The show regularly breaks the fourth wall, with Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up routines often serving as bookends to episodes and as segues between different scenes. This structure gives the sitcom a unique rhythm, and links the narrative of each episode to broader social observations, setting the stage for many unforgettable comedic moments. Acclaimed for its intricate storylines, stellar characterizations, and its unique brand of humor, Seinfeld enjoyed huge popularity during its broadcasting years and continues to be celebrated in syndication worldwide. Over the course of its nine-season run, it bagged numerous prestigious awards, adding to its legacy and the acclaim of its creators and cast. In conclusion, Seinfeld stands out as a classic American sitcom that used humor to transform the commonplace and the mundane into a hilariously entertaining depiction of urban life. Its unorthodox approach to sitcom storytelling, coupled with the strengths of its core ensemble, have catapulted it into a league of its own in the realm of television comedy. With a humour that resonates across time, Seinfeld remains an enduring example of observational comedy at its finest.

Seinfeld is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 181 episodes, the show debuted on 1989. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.9.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Liz Sheridan, Wayne Knight, Barney Martin, Estelle Harris, Heidi Swedberg, Larry David, Spike Feresten, Ruth Cohen, Jerry Stiller
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