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Sam Hill
The Cartwrights try to help blacksmith Sam Hill recapture land that his mother was buried in.

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Elizabeth, My Love
While Adam is ill with a fever, Ben stays with him and recalls his first wife Elizabeth, who was the daughter of the man that Ben served under as First Mate.

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The Dream Riders
Ben's old friend Major John Cayley arrives with his hot air baloon to do an experiment. But really Cayley and his men have other plans that Ben is unaware of.

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The Secret
Mary Parson's family say she was on her way to meet Little Joe. And when a witness with credibility says he saw them together, Joe is arrested.

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The Thunderhead Swindle
Ben hears of a strike at the Thunderhead Mine and decides to do some investigating of the new owners, Furnas and Cunningham, for himself.

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The Infernal Machine
Hoss tries to help Daniel Pettibone get some financial investment with his new 'horseless carriage'. When a stranger invests a very big amount of money in it, others follow suit.

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The Rival
Hoss contends with Jim Appelgate for the heart of a lady called Cameo. But Hoss faces a dilemma when he thinks Jim may have been part of a lynching.

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The Gift
Joe takes a trip to Yuma to pick up a horse as a present for Ben's birthday. When he gets into trouble, the only person who can help is the man who raised the horse.

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Cutthroat Junction
Ted Trask and the Cartwrights try to restore order to a town that desperately needs it.

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The Duke
Hoss is scheduled to fight against an English prizefighter who only thinks about himself.

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The Dark Gate
Adam becomes puzzled by his friend Ross' increasingly erratic behaviour and takes away his wife for her safety, when Ross becomes violent.

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The Rescue
The Cartwright sons tell their father to take it easy and they go in search of cattle rustlers, which gets them in grave trouble.

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Tax Collector
Hoss is the only one who wants to help hated tax collector Jock Henry when he has two new arrivals.

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In self-defense Hoss accidentally kills Willie Twilight, and Willie's brother swears revenge. He shoots Hoss in the back and while he lay dying, Joe promises to get revenge back.

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The Fugitive
Former Ponderosa ranch foreman Will Reagan is killed in Mexico so Adam elects himself to check out the circumstances.

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Bank Run
Ben puts Joe in charge while he is away on business. Joe's first order of business is to rob a bank with an unwilling Hoss.

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The Bride
Ben is away when a woman turns up on the Ponderosa claiming to be Ben's new wife. When he returns she says it was a different Ben Cartwright that she married.

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The Spitfire
Little Joe is forced to kill the kin of a backwoods hillbilly family named the Hoads. Now the Hoads are out to seek their own brand of justice.

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The Courtship
Hoss and Joe travel to Sacramento to meet the widow of one of Ben's friends. Hoss falls in love with her and intends to marry her.

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The Blood Line
When Ben is forced to kill Luke Grayson, his son tracks down Ben for revenge.

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The Ape
Hoss becomes friends with a ma nof similar staure but who has never learned to control his temper.

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Silent Thunder
Joe tries to teach a death mute girl called Ann sign language. Ben is unsure about it and questions Joe's motives.

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The Savage
Adam finds a woman threatened by The Shoshones and in his efforts to protect her he is show in the leg with an arrow. He then relies on a woman known to the Indians as the white buffalo woman to help him.

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The Trail Gang
Outlaw Johnny Logan takes on a job at the Ponderosa with a different name, so he can get revenge on his sheriff father who jailed him previously.

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The Last Viking
Gunnar Borgstrom and his outlaw gang kidnap Joe and his girlfriend on the way to Canada. Little does he know his true links to Joe.

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Breed of Violence
Joe's friend Dolly Kincaid gets involved with the wrong kind of people and when she gets together with Vince Dagen, Joes tries to stop her and intervene.

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The Abduction
Joe and Hoss go to the carnival with some ladies but things go wrong when Joe's companion goes missing.

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Day of Reckoning
An outcast Indian saves Ben's life and in return gives the Indian some land much to the dismay of the Cartwright's neighbour Ike Dagget who hates Indians.

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Denver McKee
A retired Sheriff and friend of the Cartwrights, is moonlighting as the ring leader of an organized crime wave.

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The Hopefuls
Regina Darien gets Adam to help escort her wagon train safely ona dangerous journey west. Adam helps along with his new traveling companion Sam Bord, unaware of what Sam has planned.

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The Mill
The Cartwrights decide to help Tom Edwards, a disabled man who holds Ben responsible for his condition, gain some purpose. However, Edward's foreman distorts his views on the Cartwrights' motives.

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Badge Without Honor
A crooked Marshal, turned hitman .. is hired to make sure a witness never makes trial.

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The Mission
Hoss suggests to Captain Pender that Charlie Trent could be his new scout. However Trent has become a drunkard after a massacre that he feels responsible for.

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A gang robs a bank and one of the criminals gets a job on the Ponderosa to keep a look out and warn his friends. The Cartwrights all take a shine to him except Joe.

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Bonanza is an iconic and beloved American television series that aired on NBC from 1959 to 1973, accruing an impressive tally of 431 episodes aired over 14 wonderful seasons. The series played a determinative role in propelling the western genre to unprecedented popularity on television screens across the United States, and indeed, much of the globe. Bonanza is centered around the Cartwright family, the proud owners of a sprawling and prosperous ranch known as the Ponderosa, in Nevada, near Lake Tahoe. The patriarch of the family, Ben Cartwright, is a three-time widower, married three times and fathering a son by each of his wives. Each son is a distinct character with contrasting personalities, bringing a unique touch to the show. These roles were flawlessly portrayed by an ensemble cast, whose performances are considered some of the best in the annals of television history. Lorne Greene, with his trademark resonant voice, portrayed the wise and capable Ben Cartwright. Pernell Roberts played the eldest son Adam, a cerebral and responsible figure. Dan Blocker portrayed the middle son, Hoss, a well-meaning, but naive giant of a man, while Michael Landon brought to life the youngest son Joe, a energetic brawler, as brave as he was reckless. The supporting cast helped to flesh out the world of Bonanza, with Victor Sen Yung playing Hop Sing, the family's knowledgeable cook, and Ray Teal portraying the wily, but fair-minded Sheriff Roy Coffee. Guy Williams, David Canary, Mitch Vogel, Bing Russell, Tim Matheson, Ted Cassidy, and Glenn Corbett also lent their talents to the series over the years, contributing to its enduring appeal. Bonanza is remembered for its vivid portrayal of life during the 1860s, a time when the United States was encountering massive transformations. Against this historic backdrop, the series engaged with a range of themes and dilemmas. The plots often revolved around social and moral issues that were pertinent then and continue to hold relevance today, such as racism, justice, forgiveness, and human dignity. One of the refreshing aspects of the series was that it deviated from the black-and-white portrayal of good and evil that characterized many westerns. Instead, it presented a nuanced reading of character and motive, with the Cartwrights often forced to navigate dilections and moral ambiguities. Despite being set in the old west, the issues they grapple with, and their resolutions, resonate with contemporary audiences. The performances are indeed a high point of the series, with the cast delivering memorable performances. The chemistry between the actors, especially the father-son dynamics between Lorne Greene and his on-screen offspring, is palpable on screen, making Bonanza as much a family drama as a western. The series was lauded for its production value, which was remarkably high for a television series of that era. The expansive sets and impressive outdoor shots added to the show's appeal, offering a sense of realism and authenticity to the narrative. The show also boasted of phenomenal writing, with the dialogue brimming with gravitas and wit. The pulsating musical score deserves special mention, as it added another dimension to the program. The theme song quickly became a classic and still brings about a wave of nostalgia among its many fans. Bonanza has left an indelible mark in popular culture and is often hailed as a masterpiece of television writing and performances. It continues to be celebrated for its high production standards, compelling storytelling, and unforgettable characters. Even decades after it was first aired, the show continues to bewitch audiences with its timeless appeal, offering viewers a cherished glimpse into the past while delivering thought-provoking and entertaining narratives.

Bonanza is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 14 seasons with a total of 431 episodes, the show debuted on 1960. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts, Bing Russell, David Canary, Lou Frizzell, Mitch Vogel, Ray Teal, Tim Matheson, Victor Sen Yung, Christine White
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