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Special One Hour ER Retrospective
As "ER" comes to a close, this hour-long retrospective takes a look back at past seasons with clips from the most memorable episodes_4-18 and interviews with many of the series' stars.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 23 Now

And In The End
John Carter opens his new medical facility and his former colleagues and friends come to show their support. Meanwhile, Dr.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 22 Now

I Feel Good
Doctors and nurses from the ER help out at a camp for children who have had open heart surgeries. A woman returns to County for the baby she previously abandoned there.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 21 Now

Shifting Equilibrium
It's Neela's last day in the ER, but everyone seems to have forgotten that she is leaving. She proves she is ready to be an attending by arguing with Dr.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 20 Now

In Times of Old
Neela and Sam are stunned when they find their transplant plane has left without them. Dr. Carter gets a surprise from an old friend as he waits on his transplant. Meanwhile, Dr. Banfield bonds with a child abandoned in the ER.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 19 Now

What We Do
The story of County General is revealed as a camera crew interviews the staff for a documentary on emergency medicine. Noah Wyle and Amy Madigan ("Grey's Anatomy") guest star.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 18 Now

Trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization proves frustrating and fruitless, so the Banfields explore their options with an adoption agency. Dr.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 17 Now

The Beginning of the End
Valentine's Day in the ER finds Neela spellbound by Brenner. Determined to have a baby, Banfield comes up with a plan but has difficulty getting her husband on board.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 16 Now

The Family Man
A car accident in the ambulance bay leaves a mother severely injured. Morris gets the run around from an insurance company.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 15 Now

A Long, Strange Trip
An old colleague visits the hospital to see a former mentor who is seriously ill. Sam's sister shows up unexpectedly.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 14 Now

Love is a Battlefield
Morris faces a complicated case involving a young girl hit while riding her bicycle. Gates finds it very difficult to let go of his feelings for Sam.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 13 Now

Dream Runner
Neela finds herself having a recurring dream about her crazy day trying to save a young girl with sickle cell anemia. Gates works on saving a patient that jumped out of a window during his sleep.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 12 Now

Separation Anxiety
Banfield treats two brothers that come into the ER with serious injuries after a drug deal goes bad. Gates is upset with Sam that she didn't tell him that Alex was going home from the hospital.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 11 Now

The High Holiday
Morris receives an unwanted package from his father at the ER doorstep. Sam is anxious about getting Alex off of the ventilator after his accident.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 10 Now

Let it Snow
Neela is in court to give her testimony over the death of one of her patients who bled out. Alex and Sarah get in a horrible car accident after going to a party against Sam's wishes.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 9 Now

Age of Innocence
Gates obsession with a homeless war hero has Sam frustrated. When the whole surgery department gets named in a lawsuit, Neela becomes upset at her intern who caused the suit.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 8 Now

Heal Thyself
Dr. Banfield sets out for a run to clear her head but soon finds herself attempting a rescue of a 3 year old girl who is drowning in a nearby lake.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 7 Now

Oh, Brother
Morris decides to teach Chaz various risky medical procedures, much to Banfield's dismay. Meanwhile, Gates oversteps his bounds with Sam.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 6 Now

Gates feels neglected as Sam spends all of her time studying for her upcoming pharmacology exam. Meanwhile, a stab wound victim comes into the ER following a vicious school fight and Brenner takes it upon himself to find out what really happened.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 5 Now

Parental Guidance
Banfield heads out for a cup of coffee and is caught off guard when she is mugged. Meanwhile, Dubenko is placed back on the surgery team thanks to Dr.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 4 Now

The Book of Abby
Neela is disappointed when she finds out Abby's good news second hand. When a gunshot wound victim comes into the ER, the new chief, Catherine Banfield and Abby butt heads on how to treat the patient.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 3 Now

Another Thursday at County
Dr. Banfield's arrival and tough attitude causes the whole ER staff to feel defensive. Gates and the new interns fight to save the life of a terrorist while risking their own lives. Neela finds an unlikely advocate in her fight to get Dr. Dubenko back on the surgery staff.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 2 Now

Life After Death
Abby wakes up after the ambulance explosion and realizes that she has a broken wrist but quickly rushes to check on the others in the ambulance. A mother and daughter are also rushed in from the explosion and Abby misdiagnoses the case.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 1 Now

Series Retrospective
One hour of memorable clips from past episodes_4-18, as well as interviews with current and former cast members.

Watch ER Season 15 Episode 0 Now

ER, aired on NBC from 1994 to 2009, is a renowned, critically acclaimed American medical drama series that skillfully intertwines the personal lives and professional affairs of the staff working in a frenzied, high-stress environment of fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. During its impressive 15-year running period, the drama series captivated viewers with its immersive storytelling and realistic portrayal of medical procedures and hospital dynamics.

Devised as a ground-breaking concept by the talented novelist and doctor Michael Crichton, ER sets the stage for a kaleidoscope of characters, their hardships, personal demons and triumphs. Characters who range from fresh interns and seasoned doctors to dedicated nurses and administrative personnel, each representing a unique piece of the puzzle that forms the backbone of an emergency room.

One of the leading characters in ER's ensemble cast was Dr. Mark Greene, portrayed by Anthony Edwards. His character is the chief resident when the series begins, a fair and principled doctor who often finds himself embroiled in the chaos of balancing hospital politics and the intricacies of his turbulent personal life.

Notably, the methodical Dr. John Carter, performed brilliantly by Noah Wyle, was a central figure throughout most of the series. His journey from a naive medical student to a skilled physician provides an insight-laden journey into the pressures and pleasures of pursuing a career in medicine.

George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Eriq La Salle, Laura Innes, and Maura Tierney were among the prominent faces as well, respectively playing the roles of charismatic pediatrician Dr. Doug Ross, determined physician Dr. Susan Lewis, passionate surgeon Dr. Peter Benton, straight-talking Chief of Staff Dr. Kerry Weaver, and empathetic nurse-turned-doctor Dr. Abigail 'Abby' Lockhart. As ER evolved, new but equally compelling characters appeared, including earnest nurses Sam Taggart and Neela Rasgotra, portrayed by Linda Cardellini and Parminder Nagra, and physicians Dr. Elizabeth Corday, Dr. Robert Romano, and Dr. Greg Pratt, played by Alex Kingston, Paul McCrane, and Mekhi Phifer respectively.

The series ventured beyond mere medical procedural narrative, delving into the complex dynamics of workplace relationships, ethical dilemmas, health disparities, and the constant battle between life and death. The hospital's emergency department, with its constantly revolving door of patients and myriad medical situations, created a rich and diverse universe that viewers could explore. Critically ill patients, disturbed individuals, heart-rending loss, miraculous recoveries, intense surgical operations – ER featured a relentless series of challenges for its characters.

ER distinguished itself with its frenetic pace, trademark long takes, and kinetic Steadicam shots that truly captured the perpetual buzz and unpredictability in an emergency room. The dialogue was often interspersed with a torrent of medical jargon and procedures, lending an element of authenticity to the storyline.

Laughter, grief, anger, fear – there's no shortage of emotional moments in the show. From the opening scenes through to the closing credits, one is completely immersed in the intensity of emergency medicine, dramatic cliffhangers, and humanizing moments imbued with poignant realism.

This groundbreaking series’ success was underpinned by its writing, which brought together the technicalities of medicine and the emotional depth of human relationships, punctuated with moments of heart-warming humor and devastating tragedy. This skillful blend of drama and realism won the hearts of critics and audiences alike, earning the series numerous awards over its running time.

In essence, ER shined a light on the stark reality of emergency medicine, the perils, the miracles, and above all, the human beings who navigate this relentless high-octane world daily. Prepare for a roller-coaster ride of emotions as you delve into this masterfully crafted narrative of humanity and medicine.

ER is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 15 seasons with a total of 334 episodes, the show debuted on 1994. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

Abraham Benrubi, Alex Kingston, Anthony Edwards, Deezer D, George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, Laura Innes, Lily Mariye, Linda Cardellini, Maura Tierney, Mekhi Phifer, Ming-Na, Noah Wyle, Parminder Nagra, Paul McCrane, Scott Grimes, Sherry Stringfield, Yvette Freeman, Eriq La Salle, Gloria Reuben, Conni Marie Brazelton, Ellen Crawford, Shane West, Jorja Fox, Kellie Martin, John Stamos, Erik Palladino, Michael Michele, Sharif Atkins, Maria Bello, Sara Gilbert, John Leguizamo, Angela Bassett, David Lyons, Frances Fisher, Swoosie Kurtz, Jared Padalecki, Lisa Vidal, Michael Beach, CCH Pounder, Gil McKinney
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