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The Business of Saving Lives
Angels Memorial descends into chaos when a plane crashes into the 8th floor. Noa has a car accident and it is up to Mario to save her life and Willis admits to Rox that he needs her in his life and the doctors gather in court to support Leanne for her custody hearing.

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As Night Comes and I'm Breathing
Willis continues to tend to Rox's medical needs in San Diego and Leanne and Max's father go searching for Ariel. Also, when Noa reveals to Mario she wants to take a job offer in Philadelphia, and Campbell offers Mario the attending position at Angels, they realize their career choices will mean ending their relationship.

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One of Our Own
While rescuing an injured firefighter, Rox is hit by a drunk driver and rushed to Angels Memorial. Willis begins to realize his feelings for Rox and goes to great lengths to help her.

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Change of Heart
Elliot fears the worst after hearing the emotional testimony by Detective Gomez's wife at his malpractice trial, but he hopes footage Diego shot for his documentary will change her mind. Also, Rox attempts to connect with Willis but he pushes her away, and Leanne attempts to comfort Ariel in the wake of a devastating loss.

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Only Human
Max is brought to Angels Memorial with breathing difficulty, and Ariel tells him she loves him. Also, Rox accompanies Willis and Martin to the funeral of an army buddy of Willis' brother, and Willis decides to get to the bottom of what happened to his brother's unit.

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Home Stays Home
Mario joins Rox and Willis on the scene of a boat crash and, in Center Stage, Leanne works to save a brother and sister who drank boiling water through a straw as part of a challenge. Also, Max's father tells Leanne to keep Ariel away from his son after he finds them kissing.

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Step Up
Rox decides to make amends with her former step coach when she arrives to Angels Memorial with the local high school step team after a pyramid stunt goes wrong. Also, Noa pleads with Leanne and Campbell to try any other method before performing an emergency hysterectomy on a young teenage girl, who is experiencing complications after giving birth.

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Hell's Heart
Willis and Rox are called to the scene of a wildfire in the mountains of Los Angeles to tend to the injured firefighters, and they choose to stay to look for a missing young boy who was separated from his father in the chaos.

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Cabin Pressure
Over the radio, Leanne and Jesse talk a young girl through how to use the supplies on board a small plane to build a makeshift defibrillator when her mom, the pilot, loses consciousness. Also, Rox and Willis are taken hostage at gunpoint while on their way to meet the plane at the landing site.

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The Same as Air
Elliot doubts his ability as a doctor when he's sued for his role in the death of a SWAT officer. Also, Willis and Rox arrive at a road rage accident resulting in multiple serious injuries, and Leanne discovers Ariel on an ice cream "date" with Max, a young patient at the hospital.

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La Familia
Jesse is in denial when his brother arrives at Angels Memorial in bad shape after being pinned down in a warehouse collapse, and further tests reveal he has advanced congestive heart failure. Also, Willis opens up to Rox about his brother who was killed in Afghanistan.

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Better Angels
Angus and Mario treat a patient who is a self-proclaimed psychic and envisions the staff singing and dancing, seeing beauty amid the chaos at Angels Memorial. Also, Willis and Rox put their lives in danger to rescue a congressman and his staffer from a multi-car accident.

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Third Year
In the Season 3 premiere, a drug bust-turned-shootout tests the bravery of the doctors of Angels Memorial as they race to save a girl caught in the crossfire. Also, Willis shifts his focus to field medicine, choosing to work primarily on an ambulance with his new partner, paramedic Rox.

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Code Black is a gripping, high-intensity medical drama series that was aired on CBS from 2015 to 2018. The show centers around the turbulent lives of doctors, nurses, and students battling to manage patients in an overwhelmingly busy emergency department in the renowned Angels Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles. The term 'Code Black' in a hospital scenario implies an increasing influx of patients, disproportionally higher than the dwindling resources available - a situation that the show intriguingly focuses on. The series offers an immersive outlook into the high-stress realm of emergency medicine, where medical professionals are constantly making life and death decisions under extreme pressure. One of the prominent figures in the series is Rob Lowe, who joined the show during the second season and maintained his lead role till the end. Lowe plays the role of Colonel Ethan Willis, a daring army doctor brought into Angels Memorial to teach innovative techniques to the residents. His expertise lies in battlefield medicine, which sets a new parameter in the way rescues are handled in the emergency department. The intricacy of Lowe's character, which involves seamlessly transitioning from a battlefield to a busy urban hospital, adds a unique flavor to the show’s storyline and feel. The nucleus of the narrative revolves around Dr. Leanne Rorish, played by the brilliant Marcia Gay Harden, an experienced and fearless emergency room doctor. She chooses four new first-year residents at the beginning of the series and guides them through the relentless pressures of working in the since closed residency department. This cadre of new doctors, striving to learn and survive alongside veteran colleagues in such dire circumstances, mutually forms the intricate narrative of the series. Among the residents chosen by Dr. Rorish is Dr. Christa Lorenson, played by Bonnie Somerville, a mature resident, who shelved her promising career in business to pursue her passion for medicine following personal tragedy. The connection and professional fraternity between Lorenson and Rorish eventually form a critical component of the narrative. The series also sheds light on the humanness and vulnerabilities of medical professionals, thereby demystifying the profession. It meticulously blends complex medical terminologies with situational drama, thereby maintaining the authenticity of the medical genre and also ensuring that it is an entertaining watch for its audiences. Not merely limited to presenting chaos, Code Black also serves as a tribute to the fighting spirit of the medical community who exhaustedly work against all odds for human survival. Righteously, the series explores how the demanding job scenarios, the invasive nature of the medical profession, and the constant exposure to human suffering impacts the lives and emotional state of the medical practitioners. The point-of-view execution in the series makes the audience feel as if they are a part of the manic emergency room environment. The fast-moving pace of the series is bound to keep audiences hooked to every episode, ensuring no dull moment. Nevertheless, the series also notably associates with deeper emotional moments, intestine relationships, and plot-straddling narratives giving it a softer tone amidst the horrifying realism of emergency medical procedures. Code Black also delves into the realm of medical ethics, politics within the hospital system, and the intricate balance between following protocol and making empathetic decisions. It vibrantly portrays the cost of being a doctor, the sacrifices they make, and the overwhelming burden they carry in their profession. With a premise deeply rooted in the realities of over-worked and under-funded hospitals, Code Black offers a gritty perspective into the tense, chaotic, and noble world of emergency medicine. Despite its often high-stress scenes, the show continually reminds the audience of the fragility of human life and the deep veneration for those who are committed to saving it. The robust character evolution throughout the series, exceptionally portrayed by a stellar ensemble cast with outstanding performances from Rob Lowe and Marcia Gay Harden, truly shapes Code Black into a must-see medical drama.

Code Black is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 47 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

Marcia Gay Harden As Dr. Leanne Royer Ben Hollingsworth As Mario Savetti Bonnie Somerville As Christa Hardin Luis Guzman As Jose Santiago Melanie Kannokada As Malaya Pineda Raza Jaffrey As Dr. Neal Hudson William Allen Young As Dr. Rollie Guthrie
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