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Somos Uno
Torres's personal involvement with an informant jeopardizes his safety and threatens to expose an undercover operation.

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On Paper
Upton brings SVU detective Petrovic back into the fold to help with the investigation of a tender-age kidnapping.

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The Living and The Dead
An ongoing case hits close to home for Voight as Intelligence teams up with an SVU detective to track down a prolific offender.

Watch Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 7 Now

Intelligence teams up with ASA Chapman to take on an abduction case involving a teenager. The case hits close to home for Voight, leading him to take a personal interest in finding justice for the victim.

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Split Second
Atwater turns to an unlikely source of support when a string of jewelry store robberies shake his confidence.

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Returning from furlough, Torres goes undercover in a tense and high-stakes drug trafficking case.

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Safe Harbor
Burgess works an extra shift at the 13th District and gets caught in the middle of a drive-by attack on refugees. The team works together to track down the shooter and uncover the true motive behind the attack.

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Despite being on leave, Ruzek gets mixed up in a case after a late-night poker game is raided.

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Tasked with shadowing a crisis prevention team, Upton finds her approach to policing at odds with the team's mental health clinician. The case brings out Upton's personal struggles, Voight stands by her.

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Chicago PD is an American television drama series that blends the thrill of a police procedural with the intrigue of character-driven storytelling. The NBC hit show, which kicked off in 2014, follows an elite unit of the Chicago Police Department as they fight crime in the city's most dangerous districts. With its realistic portrayal of law enforcement and gripping storytelling, the series numbers among the most viewed police dramas on television, appealing to a vast range of audiences around the globe. Commanding this dedicated team is Sergeant Hank Voight, a role brought to life by the versatile Jason Beghe. Voight’s leadership style is firm but fair; he is a strong figure who may not always operate within the bounds of traditional law enforcement ethics, but his overriding goal is to protect his city. Jesse Lee Soffer stars as Detective Jay Halstead, a former military man turned cop, who serves as a key member of the Intelligence Unit. His character is bold, brave, and relentless in the pursuit of justice. His partner, Detective Erin Lindsay, portrayed by Sophia Bush, is a former troubled teen turned officer who draws on her challenging past to connect with victims and perpetrators alike. The ensemble cast also includes Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek, an eager new recruit to the Intelligence Unit; Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess, a passionate officer grappling with the demands of work and personal life; and Jon Seda as Detective Antonio Dawson, a dedicated cop who doubles as the moral compass of the team. Each member of the team brings unique skills, perspectives, and personal histories, making the Chicago PD more than just an average cop show. Amy Morton plays the role of Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, providing not only administrative support but also a firm hand and insightful advice to the officers. Another highlight is Elias Koteas as Detective Alvin Olinsky, Voight's long-time partner with street smarts and loyalty that is tough to match. Rising officer Kevin Atwater, portrayed by LaRoyce Hawkins, and the strategic former ranger Sean Roman, played by Brian Geraghty, round out the stellar cast of the series. Set in the gritty streets of Chicago, the series effectively displays the city’s own character with its intense urban landscape, unique neighborhoods, and deceptively peaceful lakefront vistas. The city's charm and menace serve as a backdrop to the high-stakes drama and intimate human stories that unfold episode after episode. The officers of the Chicago PD straddle the line between saviors and enforcers, tackling high-profile cases that frequently mirror headlines ripped from real-world events. The show does a fantastic job portraying the danger, intensity, and reality of police work, but it also digs deeper, exploring the personal and emotional tolls that this work takes on the characters. Besides the stirring chart of crimes, the series spends substantial time delving into the lives of its characters. It carefully interweaves their personal relationships, problems, victories, and defeats into the narrative, making the characters relatable and the show's dramatic stakes more personal. Creator Dick Wolf, also responsible for the long-running Law & Order franchise, brings his knowledge of crime drama to bear, with each episode laden with suspenseful twists, heart-wrenching moments, and gripping showdowns. The direction, cinematography, and riveting scores further enhance the tense atmosphere of the show. Chicago PD goes beyond a typical procedural series. While it does a superb job of showcasing the thrilling world of crime-solving, it offers more. It delves into the complexities, sacrifices, and realities of serving in law enforcement, reflecting on the gray ethical areas, corruption, and both the ups and downs of the characters' personal lives. The stellar performances of the ensemble cast, the high-paced narrative, and impactful storytelling make it a must-watch series for any aficionado of intense, character-driven crime dramas.

Chicago PD is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 217 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

Crime Drama
Jason Beghe, Sophia Bush, Patrick Flueger, Laroyce Hawkins, Jon Seda, Jesse Soffer, Elias Koteas, Marina Squerciati, Archie Kao
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