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Who Are You?
The team is in Ireland, and when they finally come face-to-face with Conor Devlin, not everyone comes out alive. And Alex makes a life-changing decision about her future.

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Conor Devlin continues to seek revenge as someone from Alex's past comes back into her life.

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The Art of War
Conor Devlin has plans of his own when he plots revenge and returns to his home country, Ireland; meanwhile, the team unknowingly finds themselves as a pawn in his plans.

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No Place is Home
When Owen and McQuigg learn heartbreaking news about family members, the team goes on high alert as they quickly learn nowhere is safe.

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Fear Feargach
Lives are in danger as the team protects Shelby when she reunites with someone from her past, resulting in deadly consequences.

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Deep Cover
Alex goes undercover with an American military contractor who is believed to have struck a deadly deal with another country; but in the end, it's Alex's life that's on the line.

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Bullet Train
The team is tasked with protecting a scientist who has developed a deadly technology that, in the wrong hands, could have devastating consequences to mankind. Meanwhile, Ryan and Shelby stumble on something personal of Alex's that signals a possible change in her personal life.

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Heaven's Fall
Jocelyn shares her very personal story of hearing loss when she finds herself faceto-face with the adversary responsible for the bomb explosion that changed her life forever. Meanwhile, the team works together to take him down and infiltrates an illegal, underground operation that has deadly consequences when not everyone comes out alive.

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The Blood of Romeo
When a physics professor at a major U.S. university steals weaponized uranium, the team scrambles to find the professor and the missing uranium before it can be used against an important international summit meeting in New York City.

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Spy Games
Alex and McQuigg are assigned to protect a prince following the assassination of an emir

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Hell's Gate
The team must protect an ex-CIA agent to take down a cartel kingpin, an assignment that puts all of their lives in danger.

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Fear and Flesh
In tracking down the origin of a deadly strain of tuberculosis threatening Americans, Agent Ryan Booth must go undercover and infiltrate a white supremacist organization - an assignment that threatens the life of another member of the team.

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The Conscience Code
Ryan and Alex recruit Owen and Harry to help rescue their friend and defeat the villain. To help the cause, Owen brings in former agent Jocelyn Turner, who has her own dark past with The Widow.

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Quantico is a thrilling American television drama that aired on ABC from 2015 to 2018. This unique hybrid of action, espionage, and mystery was created by Joshua Safran and produced by ABC Studios. The series stars popular Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, as the lead protagonist, in her debut television role in the American television industry.

The narrative of Quantico is framed around Chopra's character, Alex Parrish. A bright, promising recruit and gifted profiler, Alex Parrish, is part of a diverse group of ambitious agents from the eponymous Quantico base in Virginia who are training to be part of the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Throughout their training at the FBI academy, these recruits delve deep into the nitty-gritty of counter-terrorism, intelligence, and investigation, each one possessing unique skills, intellect, and backgrounds. Their training will test their stamina, wit and mental agility to respond to numerous simulated high-stake, high-pressure situations.

However, post-graduation, Parrish finds herself as the prime suspect in a devastating terror attack and must use her extensive training to evade capture, prove her innocence, and unmask the real culprit behind the attack. It's a hyper-realistic take on the formative years of these agents sent off into the crucible of training, interspersed with captivating flash-forwards of these individuals in the field and validating their specific character progressions.

Quantico boasts an ensemble cast that includes Josh Hopkins, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri, Tate Ellington, Johanna Braddy, and Graham Rogers, among others. These characters, all as recruits alongside Parrish, bring a vast array of personality traits, ideologies, and interpersonal conflicts that deepen the layers of this gripping narrative, allowing viewers to engage in their complexities and unique dynamics.

The series also had a successful run of three seasons, showcasing a heart-pounding narrative that involves international terrorism, covert operations, elaborate conspiracies, and personal drama. The narrative structure transitions smoothly between the personal lives of these agents and the intense, high-octane action sequences. Its compelling storylines stray away from the conventional episodic nature of most crime shows, instead opting to focus heavily on building suspense and tension over sequential episodes to maintain a riveting continuity.

Various plot twists, layered characters, changing alliances, and a deep-lying conspiracy with global repercussions are essential ingredients that make Quantico a captivating watch. The show packs an insightful portrayal of the intelligence training process and life at Quantico, coupled with a significant reliable performance from Chopra as an FBI recruit falsely accused of terrorism.

For viewers looking for an American series chock-full of mystery, suspense, and intense drama, Quantico serves it all. The series remains dynamic in its storytelling and offers an engaging, multi-faceted perspective on the lives and trials of FBI agents. Moreover, the fascinating, richly textured characters and their journey from being novice recruits to competent field agents provide an intriguing framework for a deeply compelling narrative.

Beyond the enticing narrative, Quantico provides a realistic and detailed portrayal of the inner workings of one of the United States' most preeminent domestic intelligence and security institutions. This authenticity and attention to detail are owing to the producers' collaboration with former special agents and intelligence community members to ensure the characters and scenarios are depicted accurately.

The show's riveting mix of personal drama and global scale threats has cemented its place as a standout spy thriller. With its convoluted narrative threads, action-packed sequences, and its balanced blend of personal and professional conflicts, Quantico is a powerful series that showcases the combination of strategy, intelligence, and even personal sacrifice it takes to protect a nation.

Quantico is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 57 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

Crime Drama
Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Blair Underwood, Johanna Braddy, Russell Tovey, Alan Powell, Marlee Matlin
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