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Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler
On the eve of his wedding to Rita, and Connor leaving for the Witness Protection Program, Pride must track down who attacked Jimmy and Connor, while navigating Sasha's ulterior motives regarding her son.

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Runs in the Family
While Pride and Rita plan their wedding, the FBI arrests Connor in connection to the bar's firebombing as a means of getting to his mother, Sasha Broussard, and Rita may be the only person who can save them.

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As Pride directs the team to link Sasha to the recent attacks in New Orleans, he must help Connor come to terms with who his mother really is. Also, Carter and Tammy search for a stolen highly trained military dog, and Pride and Rita make an important decision about their wedding.

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The team investigates the deadly bar bombing and impending criminal turf war involving Sasha Broussard. Also, while Pride must come to terms with having Connor in his life, Carter and Hannah work to define their new relationship.

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Once Upon a Time
After a Molotov cocktail is hurled into Pride's bar, evidence leads him directing to his old nemesis, Sasha Brousard, who has been keeping a secret that will affect his life forever. Also, Tammy uses her profiling skills on Hannah and Carter with shocking accuracy.

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Sabastian's life is in danger when a criminal he put behind bars escapes police custody. Also, Carter is tasked with keeping Sabastian in protective custody and Carter and Hannah's flirtation is fun gossip fodder for Tammy and Sabastian.

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Homeward Bound
When a Petty Officer is shot down by a sniper, Pride and NCIS hunt down the killer, only to find that he may not be acting alone. Also, Rita tells Pride that she has been offered a compelling job..

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Into Thin Air
Pride and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father, who will soon have custody of her, is a radical survivalist living off the grid.

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Leda and the Swan, Part II
As Pride and the team continue the investigation of an Officer's assault and the murder of her therapist, NCIS zeroes in on a prime suspect who's been working the system for years. Also, Carter and his mother talk about how they'll move forward after a past mistake, and Sebastian begins a promising new relationship.

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Leda and the Swan, Part I
When a Navy therapist with a high level of security clearance is murdered, Pride and the team discover that she was working around the system to get justice for victims of sexual assault. Also, Carter's mother confronts him when he refuses to talk to the FBI for a background check on her behalf, and Sebastian starts to form a bond with a key witness who was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Operation Drano, Part II
When a torpedo hits a fishing trawler at sea, the entire Gulf Coast is in jeopardy as Pride and NCIS race to find the submarine before it can strike again.

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Operation Drano, Part I
As NCIS investigates a suspicious death and the missing key piece of evidence is a top secret, high tech battery, Pride and the team realize there could be deadly consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

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We All Fall...
As the NCIS team continue to investigate the murder of an officer who was about to whistle blow on police misconduct within NOPD, Pride must get creative in order to finally get rid of the dirty cops. Also, the Mayor asks Pride to join her new task force to address systemic issues plaguing their city and, as Covid continues to overwhelm the system, Wade finally addresses the toll it's taken on her.

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One of Our Own
When an NOPD officer is murdered, Pride and the NCIS team take on a group of dirty cops when they discover that the victim was also a key witness in multiple excessive force cases. Also, Tammy faces the reality of being in a new relationship.

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Something in the Air, Part II
As Tammy and Carter continue to investigate the suspicious death aboard a COVID-infected humanitarian ship offshore, Pride and the team discover that the PPE they were sent to distribute may hold the key to finding the killer. Also, Rita returns to New Orleans to surprise Pride, Wade helps a grieving woman who can't find her brother who died from COVID-19, and Patton and his goddaughter get into a heated argument.

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Something in the Air, Part I
As New Orleans grapples with the effects of COVID-19, Pride sends Tammy and Carter to investigate a suspicious death aboard a humanitarian ship offshore, where they learn that some crew members are infected with the deadly disease. Also, Wade is overwhelmed by the high volume in the morgue due to COVID-19.

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NCIS: New Orleans is a successful American television series originally aired by CBS from 2014 to 2021. The show is part of the wider NCIS franchise and centers on a fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agents based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The series focuses on the employees of NCIS' New Orleans office as they solve cases related to military personnel. The city's vibrant culture and rich history create a vivid backdrop for crime-solving, with the team often delving into the world of military science, together with deep-rooted local traditions, celebrated events, and the unique cultural fabric of the city.

Overlooking the team is Special Agent Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula, whose media nickname "King" defines his role within the organization. He's not just an agent, he's a mentor, a father figure, and a friend to his team and the local law enforcement. Pride leads with confidence and heart, going above and beyond to ensure justice is served.

Agent Pride's team is comprised of diverse personalities, each bringing their own set of skills, experience, and quirks to the forefront. This includes Christopher Lasalle, played by Lucas Black, a tough-talking, loyal agent who holds deep Louisiana roots. There's also the perceptive and enviously cool Tammy Gregorio, played by Vanessa Ferlito, who was initially an outsider but quickly found her place within the team.

Other notable characters include Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan), a charismatic and robust agent who treats her work as a lifestyle, and Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich), a brilliant forensic scientist who provides scientific expertise and knowledge that is key to solving cases. The team dynamic is further defined by the presence of Dr. Loretta Wade, played by CCH Pounder, the quirky and talented medical examiner whose deep understanding of New Orleans culture and residents often provides crucial leads in investigations.

What sets NCIS: New Orleans apart is its unique location. The spirit of New Orleans is omnipresent throughout the series, from the vibrant jazz scene and Mardi Gras celebrations to the sweeping landscape of the Louisiana bayous and the rich culinary vivacity of Creole and Cajun cuisine. The city proves to be as much a character in the series as the agents themselves.

The cases the NCIS New Orleans team encounters span the gamut from espionage and murder to cyber crimes and terrorism. Each case gives an opportunity for different team members to shine, from scientists analyzing the most minuscule of clues to field agents pursuing justice in the face of danger.

NCIS: New Orleans mixes action, drama, and mystique with generous doses of humor and humanity, making it an engaging and heartfelt show. It successfully juggles the complexity of the characters' personal lives with their commitment to their duty, creating a bond among the team members and between the viewers and the show. The series also doesn't shy away from addressing significant social and cultural issues prevalent in the American South, making it as educational as it is entertaining.

Throughout its run, the series has garnered positive critical reception for its effective storytelling, memorable characters, and its successful blend of crime-fighting drama with the charming, appealing backdrop of New Orleans. The dedicated fanbase has applauded the well-developed plotlines, intricate character development, and the distinct, accessible depiction of New Orleans.

In summary, NCIS: New Orleans is much more than just a spin-off from the original NCIS show. It successfully stands on its own, providing audiences with engaging, emotionally charged storylines, a vibrant setting, and a likable cast of characters that exemplify duty, resilience, and the spirit of New Orleans. Even as it concluded after seven seasons, the show’s charm and popularity continue to resonate, further amplifying its longevity and status as a fan-favorite.

NCIS: New Orleans is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 155 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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