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Gilligan, the Goddess
A native king arrives at the island looking for a white goddess--who must marry a volcano.

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Bang! Bang! Bang!
When a box of plastic explosives is washed up on the shore, the castaways makes plates,golf balls, nails, and so forth. Even Gilligan, who had two fillings filled with the plastic.

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The Pigeon
The Professor finds an ailing homing pigeon.

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane
A jet pack cuases the castaways havoc.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 27 Now

Slave Girl
Gilligan saves a native girl's life, but she is now bound to him as his slave out of gratitude.

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The Secret of Gilligan's Island
Gilligan, and the others help in finding pieces, to a huge stone map, that'll can help them off the island.

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The Second Ginger Grant
Mary Ann hits her head and starts to believe she's Ginger.

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High Man on the Totem Pole
Gilligan believes he is descended from headhunters when he finds a perfect likeness of his head atop a totem pole.

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The castaways try to contact a spacecraft in orbit.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 22 Now

Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Gilligan survives a lightning strike, but he becomes a human magnet--and his iron-ore bowling ball is permanently stuck to his hand.

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Our Vines Have Tender Apes
An ape man terrorizes the castaways until they discover he's just an actor practicing a role.

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Lovey's Secret Admirer
Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 19 Now

The Hunter
A famous hunter lands on the island to find something new to hunt. And after he sums up everybody, he goes after Gilligan.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 18 Now

On the radio, the castaways hear that the Maritime Board blamed the Skipper for the SS Minow's crash.

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Take a Dare
George Barkley enters a "Take a Dare" Contest and will win $10,000 if he fends for himself for a week on the island.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 16 Now

Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho
Gilligan takes his job too seriously when he becomes a deputy sherrif.

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All About Eva
When a plain lady comes to island, the girls help her out. They find out that she looks like Ginger.

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And Then There Were None
One-by-one the female castaways vanish, and when the Professor deduces that headhunters are not to blame, he believes one of the men has become mentally deranged.

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The Kidnapper
Ginger, Mrs. Howell, and Mary Ann were kidnapped, and the kidnapper wants ransom money. The kidnapper is a compulsive gambler who left civilization ro avoid temptation. The castaways try to rehabilitate him, though he eventually ends up leaving the island. He left with Mrs. Howell's pearl necklace, Mr. Howell's wallet, and Ginger's earrings.

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The Invasion
Gilligan and the Skipper reel in a briefcase while fishing. The briefcase is stamped with the words: "Property of the US Government.

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Gilligan sees everything upside down when he bumps his head.

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Ring Around Gilligan
A mad scientist comes to the island.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 9 Now

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Gilligan wakes up one morning with white hair, and he thinks he over-hears the Proffesor saying he has a disease that makes him age quickly.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Man With a Net
A famous butterfly-catcher by the name of Lord Beasley Waterford comes to the island in search of an extremely rare butterfly.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Where There's a Will
Mr. Howell makes his will, and leaves some of his estate for each castaway.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 6 Now

A witch doctor steals some of the castaways' personal possessions and makes voodoo dolls out of them.

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The Producer
During a world-wide talent search, a Hollywood Director comes to the island.

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Pass the Vegetables, Please
Gilligan finds some radioactive vegetable seeds.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Gilligan vs. Gilligan
Gilligan meets his double, who is a foreign spy.

Watch Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Up at Bat
Gilligan has been bitten by a bat. Soon, as Ginger and Maryann, tries to bandage Gilligan up, he looks into a mirror (one that the glass isn't in) and he starts to think he is a vampire.

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Gilligan's Island is an iconic American television sitcom that originally aired on CBS from 1964 to 1967, with a runtime of approximately 30 minutes per episode. The series enjoyed immense popularity which led to its syndication worldwide. It revolved around the comedic misadventures of seven disparate castaways, who were striving to stay alive and escape from an uncharted tropical jungle island situated in the Pacific Ocean, after their tour boat, the S.S. Minnow, got marooned during a violent storm. The ensemble cast of Gilligan's Island comprised some of the most iconic and remembered names of television history. Bob Denver portrayed the central character, Gilligan, a delightfully hapless and clumsy but well-meaning first mate of the S.S. Minnow. Alan Hale, Jr. played Skipper Jonas Grumby, the crusty but genial captain of the ship and the father figure of this makeshift family. Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer represent the moneyed class as the snobbishly rich couple, Thurston Howell III and Lovey Wentworth Howell, who often bring comic relief through their disconnected sense of opulence. Tina Louise appeared as Ginger Grant, the glamorous movie star who never misses an opportunity to remind others of her fame, while Dawn Wells played Mary Ann Summers, the charmingly innocent girl-next-door character from rural Kansas. Last but far from least, Russell David Johnson depicted the character of Professor Roy Hinkley, the all-knowing brain of the troupe, who could invent or improvise anything - except, of course, a way to leave the island. Together, this unlikely band of seven developed a unique camaraderie as they leveraged their individual skills and thwarted countless attacks of the island's challenges, from wild animals to weather threats to unknown dangers emerging from the depths of the jungle. Each episode, ingeniously scripted, put the seven castaways in challenging, often farcical situations, providing a comic take on human adaptability, inventiveness, cooperation, and timeless desire to get back to civilization. The show's creative premise combined with its engaging humor soon turned it into a cultural phenomenon, despite the uniformly negative reviews it initially received. Its title sequence with the series’ unforgettable theme song instantaneously enchanting viewers worldwide. The comedy was underlined by instances of simple slapstick, puns, and comic misinterpretations, but also charmed by its characters' quirky hodgepodge of personalities, constant bungles, and never-ending optimism to get back home. Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Gilligan’s Island and the series' guiding visionary, keenly crafted it as an allegory about differing types of people forced to coexist harmoniously to survive. He utilized the sitcom’s entertaining framework to often subtly, sometimes blatantly, highlight social issues of the era, without being too preachy. The timeless appeal of Gilligan's Island was noteworthy as it had something for everyone; there was comedy, adventure, and even a dash of romance. It had a particular resonance with children for its vibrant colors, silly gags, funny faces, and high jinks. However, by showcasing an assortment of characters with their flaws, strengths, hopes, and aspirations, it succeeded in enchanting the adult audiences alike. Gilligan's Island, for its entirety, was (and continues to be) sheer, unapologetic, comedic escapism done right. The zany situations, the improbable escapes, the ludicrous creations of the Professor, and the unending failed attempts to leave the island all contributed to crafting a comedy goldmine that has since entered the annals of television history. The charm of the show truly lies in its simplicity, a nuanced commentary on human nature, and a cast of characters who, despite their differences, form an endearing dysfunctional family. Despite the show’s cancellation in 1967, Gilligan's Island never truly disappeared. The spirit of the show continued through numerous reruns and syndication that introduced it to new generations. There were also TV movies, cartoon spin-offs, and spoofs, keeping alive the legacy of this beloved show and its unforgettable characters. With more than fifty years after its inception, the charm of Gilligan's Island remains undimmed, still pulling in audiences and assuring its place as a piece of cherished television history.

Gilligan's Island is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 99 episodes, the show debuted on 1964. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr., Russell Johnson, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells
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