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Faith No More
Brian becomes romantically interested in someone and it inspires him to use Stewie's time machine. Strange consequences result from their journey.

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Fat Actor
Peter tries to protest Hollywood after learning that Brad Pitt was cast in a biopic about a politician. After Pitt injures himself on set, Peter must act out the role himself.

Watch Family Guy Season 22 Episode 15 Now

Lifeguard Meg
Stewie and Brian become overwhelmed after winning a coffee shop; Peter and his friends annoy Meg at her new lifeguard job when they don't follow the pool rules.

Watch Family Guy Season 22 Episode 14 Now

Take This Job and Love It
Peter and his friends wonder about what their dream jobs would be; Peter enters a sequence featuring himself as a James Bond-type; Quagmire reflects on his job as an aerobics instructor; Cleveland and Joe take part in a "Lethal Weapon" sequence.

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Teacher's Heavy Pet
Lois joins Chris' school as a substitute teacher.

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Cabin Pressure
When the Griffins win a trip to Maine at Peter's company picnic, they decide to invite their friends on the vacation; tensions run high and things soon spiral out of control when the cabin burns down.

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Teacher's Heavy Pet
Louis joins Chris’s school as a substitute teacher.

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The Return of the King (of Queens)
Lois decides to sell the family's TV to help pay for Christmas presents; Kevin James gets upset over losing Peter as a viewer.

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Baking Sad
Meg discovers her tears produce delicious cookies, and her, along with her siblings, enjoy a profit until the success makes her too happy to cry. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys launch a "male talk show".

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Snap(ple) Decision
Lois wins a Snapple contest and uses her winnings to take Meg on a tropical vacation, where they flaunt their wealth and get kidnapped. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian undergo friendship therapy.

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Boston Stewie
Stewie tries to civilize his half-brother, Boston Stewie, so that he may be adopted. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris start a venture in which people online pay Chris to sit on and smash cupcakes.

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Baby, It's Cold Inside
Peter is emasculated when, on their anniversary, he abandons Lois amidst a shark attack. Meanwhile, Stewie finds a mini fridge and lives the dorm lifestyle.

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Old World Harm
Peter and Lois vacation in Florida, only to discover they've rented a condo in a retirement community. Back at home, Brian helps Stewie take his first shower.

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A Stache From the Past
When Peter loses the Griffins' home in a reverse mortgage, he and Mayor West travel to confront the man advertising the scheme, Tom Selleck. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian open a booth at the flea market, leading to a rivalry with Bruce.

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Supermarket Pete
With the brewery under construction, Lois implores Peter to take a new job, but grows irate when he begins work at the grocery store. Meanwhile, armed with his police stories, Joe and Brian team up to write their own true crime novel.

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Fertilized Megg
Meg agrees to be Bruce and Jeffery's surrogate causing a pregnant Meg to annoy her family. But, when the couple fails to pick up the baby, the Griffin's must take care of their new family member.

Watch Family Guy Season 22 Episode 1 Now

Family Guy is a subversive, animated sitcom produced and distributed by FOX since 1999, created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Set in the fictitious city of Quahog, Rhode Island, the show centers around the quirky, misfit Griffin family and their day-to-day life, indulging in absurdities that stretch the boundaries of the television medium.

Family Guy embraces the comedic trope of the not-so-average family, similar to acclaimed predecessors like The Simpsons. However, Family Guy sets itself apart with its notorious blend of unabashedly crass humor, cultural references, and the inclusion of cut-away gags that often ridicule American culture.

The show's main characters include bumbling, well-meaning dad Peter Griffin; his intelligent, and often exasperated wife, Lois Griffin; their teenagers Megan "Meg" and Chris who respectively battle with teenage awkwardness and lack of intellectual prowess; and their maternally-challenged younger brother Stewie, an infant with a British accent. Adding further to the show's eccentricity is Brian, the talking alcoholic dog (and often the show's Voice of Reason), who is Peter's best friend and confidant.

Peter Griffin, the family patriarch, is an overweight, pie-eyed, and man-childish character who frequently embarks on outrageous adventures due to his exaggerated, often childish worldview. Despite his myriad of flaws and often controversial actions, Peter retains an endearing charm, a reflection of the love that creators have endowed his persona, which makes audiences forgiving.

Lois, his wife, is a stay-at-home mother and piano teacher who provides the much-needed maturity in the Griffin household. She is the mostly sane member of the cast, though she can be uniquely wild and adventurous in her own right.

Teenage children, Meg and Chris are the quintessential representations of the awkwardness and challenges of adolescence. Meg, the unpopular teenager, often bullied and neglected, provides a dash of dark humor, while Chris, the overweight and not-so-intelligent son, blunders through life with good-heartedness that is often taken advantage of.

The breakout character who steals the show in many ways is undoubtedly the youngest Griffin, Stewie: in his stylish jumpsuit and armed with a high-brow British accent, he is, paradoxically, an infant with the aspirations to domineering world control while still being mired in his inability to outgrow diapers. The dichotomy of Stewie’s character adds an inimitable flavor of humor to the show.

Rounding out the seam of these eccentric characters is Brian, the anthropomorphic, alcoholic pet dog with a dry wit who can talk and express an array of human-like sentiments, often the part sanity in the Griffin household.

Family Guy is perhaps best known for its unflinching willingness to tackle and lampoon a wide range of subject matter. It plows through sacred cows and political correctness with irreverent humor often bordering on the scandalous. The show also employs "cutaway gags," a storytelling technique where a line of dialogue prompts a flashback or detour to an unrelated scenario, often a comedic vignette that parodies pop culture.

The show treads a fine line between satire and controversy, tackling topics like socio-political issues, moral debates, and parodying American culture and celebrity community. With its adult-focused humor, it’s definitely not a cartoon intended for children but rather designed to address the adult mind and adult laughs.

The show’s influential style on television comedy, use of clever cultural references, pioneering serialized storytelling in animation, iconic voice-acting performances, and its durability amidst numerous cancellation threats have all helped solidify Family Guy as a titan on the landscape of American television. The series' wry commentary, distinctive narrative voice, and brazen comedic style have captured the hearts of millions around the globe while reshaping expectations for animated television.

Family Guy continues to hold sway by pushing the envelope with its outrageous humor, audacious themes, and the unusually hilarious situations that the Griffin family and the other equally vibrant Quahog inhabitants find themselves in. It's silly, it's clever, it's borderline offensive, and most important of all, it’s endlessly entertaining. Despite its fair share of snubs and controversies, Family Guy remains a titan in the world of television animation and continues to make an indelible mark on the page of comedy pop-culture.

Family Guy is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 22 seasons with a total of 431 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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