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Cheers (a.k.a Adjourned: Series Finale)
At Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore appear before Judge Eugene Young, and Hannah Rose (Rebecca De Mornay) recuperates from the punch she suffered at the hands of Ellenor. Meanwhile, Jamie takes a position at Berluti's new legal shingle, and Ellenor invites Bobby Donnell (guest star Dylan McDermott) to help his former colleagues bid an official goodbye to the old firm, as they each embark on the next phase of their professional lives.

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New Hoods on the Block
Eugene considers an exciting new offer for his future... could this mean the end of the practice? Meanwhile, Jimmy is shaken by an ominous run-in with neighborhood lawyer Lenny Pescatore (Vincent Pastore), as their turf war heats up, and Ellenor clashes with sexy and ruthless attorney Hannah Rose (Rebecca De Mornay) of Crane Poole & Schmidt.<br>

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Comings and Goings
Eugene is presented with an offer he finds hard to refuse, and Ellenor is shocked when she hears the news, knowing full well that any departure by Eugene would mean the beginning of the end of the practice. Meanwhile, Jimmy is confronted by crooked lawyer Lenny Pascatore (Vincent Pastore), who claims that the neighborhood only has room for one practicing attorney.

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The Firm
Jimmy Berluti takes the firm by surprise when he leaves to pursue his own practice, and Alan Shore gets an immediate taste of what life is like at the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

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The Case Against Alan Shore (3)
In a dramatic courtroom showdown, Alan Shore sues his former friends and partners at Young, Frutt & Berluti for wrongful termination, but is it justice he's after, or simply revenge.

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War of the Roses (2)
Tensions between Shore and Eugene rise to the boiling point when Shore retains the services of a high-profile law firm to go head-to-head with Young, Frutt & Berluti in the face of his abrupt firing from the firm.

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In Good Conscience (1)
There are major shake-ups at the firm, as tensions rise between Eugene and Alan Shore. Meanwhile, the firm takes the case of a young man who is suing the doctor he feels is responsible for the death of his wife during childbirth.

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Mr. Shore Goes to Town (3)
With childhood friend Paul Stewart's freedom hanging in the balance, Alan Shore braces for the jury's return.

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Pre-Trial Blues (2)
Alan Shore and Jimmy Berluti's mutual antagonism began the moment they met, and tensions mount when Shore is forced to seek Jimmy's help with the case of his childhood friend, Paul Stewart (Patrick Dempsey). Meanwhile, Catherine Piper (Betty White) makes a shocking revelation that could have a devastating impact on the outcome of the trial.

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Going Home (1)
When his best friend from childhood is accused of murdering his mistress, Alan Shore returns home to defend him.

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Avenging Angels
Jimmy Berluti and Jamie Stringer defend an elderly man, Walter Josephson, who is accused of killing a member of the local Irish mob, and Alan Shore agrees to help a friend - by any means necessary - who discovers his wife is cheating on him.

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Police State
When the police torture a man they believe shot one of their own, Eugene, barely able to contain his emotion, takes the lead in seeking justice.

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Equal Justice
Alan Shore uses unorthodox tactics when he's appointed by the court to defend a young man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Tara must try her first case when she's thrown into covering Shore's previously scheduled client.

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Victims' Rights
Alan Shore defends a twelve-year-old girl who is trying to escape an arranged marriage in her home country. Meanwhile, Eugene tries to help a man who is seeking justice for the brutal murder of his wife.

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Concealing Evidence
Alan Shore uses questionable, if not illegal, tactics in representing his clients - Ted Grayson, a mentally unstable man accused of murder, and Karen Evanson, a woman who claims her husband's suicide was induced by a prescription drug.

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Rape Shield
As a court-appointed attorney, Berluti takes an unexpected path in defending a man accused of rape. Meanwhile, Eugene and Ellenor confront both Jamie and Alan Shore when evidence of some questionable behavior comes to light.

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The Lonely People (2)
Eugene and Jimmy's defense of the leader of a white supremacist group takes an unexpected turn when surprising new developments come to light. Meanwhile, Shore continues in his quest to free Roland Huff from prison, and Jamie and Eugene must come to terms with their differences.

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The Heat of Passion (1)
Eugene struggles to defend a white supremacist whom he was appointed by the court to represent. Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Tara Wilson and Alan Shore grows, and Jamie and Eugene's interracial relationship is tested.

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Blessed Are They (3)
Alan Shore is troubled by Sheila Carlisle's (Sharon Stone) increasingly erratic behavior and fears for her mental - and legal - competence. Meanwhile, Shore is ordered by the court to represent a man who refuses to divulge his identity for fear that the unsavory nature of his crime will be made public.

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Cause of Action (2)
Eccentric attorney Sheila Carlisle (Sharon Stone), whom Alan Shore hired on a temporary basis without consulting anyone else, takes on a lawsuit on behalf of the firm; and Ellenor finds herself in a moral dilemma when faced with the truth about her client.

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The Chosen (1)
Alan Shore agrees to help friend Sheila Carlisle (Sharon Stone), a successful attorney who claims God speaks to her, and who has subsequently been fired from her law firm for being mentally incompetent. Meanwhile there are startling new developments in the case of Brad Stanfield (Chris O'Donnell), whom Ellenor and Jamie are defending for allegedly poisoning his pregnant wife.

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We the People
Alan Shore (James Spader), an ethically challenged anti-trust lawyer who was recently fired from his firm for embezzling, approaches Ellenor, a friend from the past, about a job. She reluctantly agrees to give him a chance, but first he must prove himself by taking over a case.

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The Practice is an engaging and intense legal drama series that originally aired on FOX between 1997 and 2004. The drama is expertly created by David E. Kelley, acclaimed for his work on other successful TV dramas such as "Big Little Lies," "Chicago Hope," and "Ally McBeal." The Practice distinguishes itself with its unique blend of courtroom drama, interpersonal relationships and some surprising plot twists that keep the audience guessing.

Set within the high-pressure milieu of the Boston legal system, The Practice centers around the employees of a small but dedicated law firm called Robert Donnell and Associates, or "Donnell, Young, Dole, & Frutt" in later seasons. The firm specializes primarily in criminal law, but also handles civil cases, making for a dynamic range of storylines and ethical dilemmas. The narrative brings to light the functionings of the law firm in defense of their various clients from different backgrounds and the issues the attorneys encounter while performing their duties.

The Practice features an ensemble cast of talented actors, who bring an intriguing group of attorneys to life on the small screen. Dylan McDermott leads as idealistic attorney and firm founder, Bobby Donnell. His performance captivates viewers and sets the tone for the moral conflicts and professional challenges that his character frequently encounters. Other central figures form a diverse and multi-dimensional team composed of attorneys Ellenor Frutt, Jimmy Berluti, Lindsay Dole, Eugene Young, and Rebecca Washington, each providing a unique perspective and approach to their legal profession.

This thought-provoking series doesn't shy away from depicting the darker side of the justice system, consistently challenging its characters to weigh their personal ethics and feelings against the strict letter of the law. The attorneys often grapple with intricate, legally grey cases, confronting the difficult task of defending clients who are often morally reprehensible or at least morally complex. Kelley's writing does not hold back, pushing the characters and audience to question the delicacies of justice, morality, and the balance a lawyer must maintain between defending their clients and their personal beliefs.

The Practice is not just all about law, however. A good amount of airtime is dedicated to depict the personal and romantic lives of the characters, emphasising the human beings behind the business suits. The dynamic between colleagues, friends and lovers depicts the weight and demands of their profession reflected in their personal lives. This comprehensive view into their lives helps establish a connection between the viewers and the characters, promoting the overall appeal of the series.

Impressively during its airing, the show earned its recognition with numerous awards, including the outstanding drama series at the Primetime Emmy Awards and an impressive lineup of guest stars who brought even more depth to the series' varied and complex cases.

The Practice proudly stands as a sophisticated and engaging legal drama that doesn't just rely on the charisma of its main characters or the glamour of high-profile cases. It asks difficult questions about justice, ethics and personal integrity while weaving deeply personal narratives everyone can relate to. It offers a legally and morally challenging perspective, diving deep into the unexplored corners of the judicial system, making the series a must-see for all drama lovers, especially those intrigued by courtroom dramas.

In a nutshell, The Practice can be described as a gripping blend of ethical dilemmas, courtroom procedural, and character-driven drama. Whether appealing to fans of law-based series or those merely seeking compelling drama, this show delivers engaging storylines, excellent performances, and impactful themes throughout its run. It clearly showcases not only the dangerous thin line between right and wrong but also, and just as importantly, the professionals who walk it. A series that leaves viewers not merely entertained, but also forced to think, to question, and to ponder on the vast spectrum of human experiences and morality. Now, that's an enduring legacy, and The Practice certainly has that kind of resonance.

The Practice is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 205 episodes, the show debuted on 1997. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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