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Little Man With a Big Reputation
Devane becomes entangled in the life of an ex-convict who disappears shortly before his wedding

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Ex Marks the Spot
A series of cleaning store robberies exposes the chain's owner as the decoy for a moneylaundering conspiracy and causes suspicion from his very dangerous partners.

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Cries of Silence
As Hunter investigation the murder of a foreign dignitary's assistant, Novak searches for a runaway teenager who's linked to the killings.

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All That Glitters
Hunter searches for the killer of several coin dealers while Novak is concerned about the arrest of a teenaged mugger who victimized her neighbor.

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The Grab
Chris' daughter is kidnapped to prevent her father from providing Hunter and Chris with vital information on a killer and a counterfeit ring

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Shadows of the Past
When Chris Novak's estranged father returns to her life, it's not to rekindle their relationship but to find and kill the only man who can expose his involvement in a drug ring.

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Room Service
Old passions and jealousies flare when Hunter is forced to work with Chris Novak's ex-husband to solve a series of airport robberies while Chris tries to find an escaped prisoner she once arrested.

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The Reporter
Novak is pleased when old friend and newspaper reporter Amy comes to LA to do a story on police work, until Amy impedes an armed robbery investigation. Novak is puzzled by her friend's attitude until she learns of Amy's recent cocaine habit.

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Under Suspicion
Hunter unwittingly helps a businessman find and kill a fleeing executive set to take the blame for the company's graft.

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Fatal Obsession Pt 2
Hunter tracks down a cop killer.

Watch Hunter Season 7 Episode 13 Now

Fatal Obsession, Pt. 1
A former girlfriend complicates Hunter's investigation of a string of campus murders while Molenski becomes the target of a cop-killer

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Acapulco Holiday
During the investigation of a series of robberies, Hunter clashes with an opportunistic lawyer when he arrests the wrong suspect.

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La Familia
When a friend of Hunter's is released from prison, he struggles to keep his son from continuing gang activity.

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This Is My Gun
While investigating a series of art thefts, Molenski's gun is stolen and used in a fatal robbery.

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The Usual Suspects
Hunter leads a massive police operation to find dozens of prisoners set free by a computer operator who wants one of them to kill her husband.

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Oh, the Shark Bites!
When a mobster's son is killed, Devane must defend himself from charges of corruption

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A Snitch'll Break Your Heart
Molenski battles with the department to protect the identity of an informant as Hunter investigates the death of an adopted boy 17 years earlier.

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The Incident
Hunter and Molenski battle a neighborhood watch group whose members are taking the law into their own hands

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Kill Zone
Hunter and Molenski investigate a series of rape/murders that revive disturbing memories for Molenski

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Where Echoes End
Hunter attempts to clear the name of a fellow detective accused of a lucrative scheme

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Deadly Encounters - Pt. 2
Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro

Watch Hunter Season 7 Episode 2 Now

Deadly Encounters, Pt. 1
Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro

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Hunter is an American action crime drama television series that aired on NBC from 1984 to 1991, produced by Cannell Productions. The universally respected and highly addictive show, led by the dynamic duo of Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer, captivated audiences with its unique blend of edge-of-the-seat thrill, insightful detective work and sublime character portrayals. Fred Dryer shines as the titular character, Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter, a work-centric, tough-as-nails cop with a cavalier demeanor and the physical prowess of handling perilous situations with aplomb. A Vietnam War veteran, his unconventional methods frequently make heads turn in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), but his results, often exceptional, are a testament to his intriguing character. With his towering height, chiseled features, and deep voice, Dryer brings an extraordinary and enthralling aura to the character of Rick Hunter. Stepfanie Kramer, on the other hand, emerges as a compelling and crucial counterpart to Dryer with her portrayal of Detective Sergeant Dee Dee McCall. Billed as the "brass cupcake," she's a blend of femininity and steel, armed with sharp wit and undeterred dedication to her profession. Together, Hunter and McCall form an indomitable team with an electrifying chemistry that is palpable through their quips, banter, and genuine trust. This unusual team of opposites makes for an enduring and iconic partnership that forms the heart and soul of the series. The supporting cast of Hunter is equally eminent and punctuates the storyline impressively. Charles Hallahan as Captain Charlie Devane, the stern yet caring boss, and Garrett Morris as Arnold "Sporty" James, a street informant, lend notable performances. The appearances of John Amos, Bruce Davison, Darlanne Fluegel, Lauren Lane, James Whitmore Jr., and Rudy Ramos throughout the seven-season run further bolster the series with their compelling portrayals. Set against the backdrop of sunny Los Angeles, the series delves into the darker underworld hidden beneath the city's glittering facade. From thought-provoking homicide cases, entangled drug rings, gruesome serial killings, high-stakes robberies to sophisticated white-collar crime, Hunter covers a broad spectrum of criminal activities. Utilizing a combination of police procedural work, intense chases, dramatic courtroom scenes, and dynamic gunfights, Hunter brings an omnipresent element of excitement and anticipation. The series effectively juxtaposes the darker themes of crime with well-placed moments of humor. This balance of gravitas with lightheartedness enhances the entertainment value of the series while keeping the atmosphere palpable. The central characters' unique personal lives and growth over the series, leading to their forming deep personal connections, are touched upon, giving the series a layer of depth and realism. Despite being a crime drama, Hunter explores the complexities, bureaucracy, and internal politics of the police department. It does not shy away from raising vital questions about ethics, justice, law enforcement, and societal conditions. It provides an uncompromising and holistic view of the hardships and tribulations law enforcement officers face routinely, offering a noteworthy human dimension to the otherwise high-octane, action-packed narrative. The aptly chosen gritty urban aesthetic, atmospheric cinematography, and pulsating background score complement the high-stakes storyline of the series. Each episode typically begins with a crime, follows the detectives as they investigate, and sees them confront the criminal, leading to an adrenaline-fueled climax. Hunter is reminiscent of the hardboiled detective narratives of the past, combined with the fast-paced storytelling of the 80s and 90s. Its methodical investigation processes and rich character development separate it from other police dramas of the era. The memorable performances by the central characters, engaging storylines, high-energy action sequences, and the underlying themes of friendship, loyalty, and righteousness, make Hunter an iconic piece of television history. The series is not only a time capsule capturing the zeitgeist of late 20th-century American television but also offers timeless, thrilling entertainment to new viewers today.

Hunter is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 155 episodes, the show debuted on 1984. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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