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Something Worth Dying For (2)
Having just recovered from being shot, Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the investigator's exam, he'll wind up with a desk job -- and Malloy will need a new partner.

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Something Worth Dying For (1)
With his wife telling him to quit the force, Reed wonders whether he's really making a difference as a police officer. In order to better serve his community, Reed volunteers to work with the narcotics department.

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Dana Hall
Female cop Dana Hall isn't getting any respect at the Los Angeles precinct from the male officers, so she sets out to prove her toughness. But Dana's attempts to impress everyone end up backfiring and creating major problems.

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Gus Corbin
Mark Harmon guest stars as Gus Corbin, a rookie cop who becomes Reed's temporary partner. While Malloy works a desk job, Reed struggles to keep Corbin from taking unnecessary risks in the line of duty.

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Operation Action
It's strange when Malloy misses an appointment, so Reed starts looking for him. By retracing his partner's steps, Reed discovers he's been kidnapped by a group of young revolutionaries who want to trade him for one of their friends.

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A man has started telling people that he plans to take his own life. When the police department is notified of this potential suicide risk, officers Reed and Malloy are assigned to track him down and make sure he's safe.

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Follow Up
Someone has been stealing horses from a horse riding academy, and the company's owner is considered one of the prime suspects. Malloy and Reed investigate the case, trying to find out who the horse thief really is.

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Citizen with Gun
A homeowner who's been the victim of several burglaries purchases a gun for safety, but he doesn't know how to properly use it. After calling in the police for help, the man accidentally fires his weapon at Officer Wells.

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Lady's Night
During a night off, Reed and his wife decide to meet up with Malloy and his girlfriend for a dinner together. But their evening plans quickly change when the Reeds see someone robbing a gas station.

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Pressure Point
New recruit Ernie Sampson doesn't tell anyone he has an occasional stuttering problem because he fears it might cost him his job. But Ernie gets into big trouble when his stutter prevents him from telling Reed and Malloy about a potential ambush.

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Victim of the Crime
A shopkeeper is critically wounded during a holdup, and one of the two robbers gets away. Receiving lots of pressure and guilt from the victim's daughter, Reed tries to find the criminal who's still on the loose.

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The statistics for auto thefts are on the rise, particularly for older-model vehicles. Since they haven't had much luck locating the missing cars, Malloy and Reed turn their attention to investigating scrap metal yards.

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Pot Shot
Malloy spends his day off catching up on household chores, including doing his laundry. When he gets to the laundromat, Malloy discovers that all of the dryers are being used by a man who's processing marijuana.

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It's Christmas, and Reed and Malloy are stuck with patrol duty. Reed wants to donate a Christmas tree to a senior citizens center, but Malloy says they can't use their police cruiser for personal business.

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Credit Risk
While applying for a credit card, Reed discovers he's been labeled a major credit risk by a computer database. Determined to find out why, he sets off on a mission to get to the bottom of his sagging credit rating.

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Reed and Malloy get a kick out of a funny drunkard they're arresting. But when the alcoholic, who appears harmless, gets into a tragic accident later in the day, the two cops step in to investigate.

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Reed and Malloy's search for a missing girl ends in a foot chase with a suspect. In the process of arresting the alleged child molester, Malloy loses his cool and is later charged with excessive force.

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A violent criminal is on the loose attacking and raping young girls. In order to have a better shot at catching this creep, Malloy and Reed start working with a female police officer, Sgt.

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Point of View
After their attempted robbery fails, two men take a woman hostage and head to the roof of a shopping center. Reed and Malloy try their best to capture the two criminals without harming the hostage.

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Suspect Number One
An old ex-con is having trouble adjusting to life in the real world outside of prison, so he desperately wants to go back in. The man turns to Malloy for help, but there is very little the cop can legally do.

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Roll Call
Reed goes undercover as a pizza delivery boy to attract and capture a gang of robbers. When an unknown police officer makes a desperate call for help, the rest of the force begins a frantic search all over town.

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Team Work
Reed and Malloy notice that a car accident witness from one location is at the spot of a different collision later in the day. After realizing the same tow truck driver was also at both locations, the two policemen become suspicious.

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Camp (2)
Malloy is having trouble keeping a delinquent youth in check, so he sends him to a special summer camp to get straightened out. Meanwhile, Reed pays a visit to a young woman who claims she was molested.

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Camp (1)
The fact that a young boy is small doesn't stop him from getting into big trouble and clashing with his overprotective mother. As he tries to break free from her grip, he gets picked up by the police and winds up spending time with Malloy.

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Adam 12, a classic American television series from NBC, captivated audiences with its realistic depiction of a Los Angeles Police Department patrol unit between 1968 and 1975. Starring Martin Milner and Kent McCord, the groundbreaking series provided viewers with an authentic glimpse into the everyday life of two policemen patrolling the streets of Los Angeles.

The show centers around two main characters: seasoned veteran Officer Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and his eager young trainee, Officer Jim Reed (Kent McCord). Over the course of its seven-year run, Adam 12 tracks the evolvement of Reed’s career, from a rookie cop adjusting to the realities of his job to a confident, experienced officer operating on the force. While Malloy acts as Reed's mentor, their professional relationship gradually develops into a close friendship.

Adam 12 is often praised for its realistic portrayal of Police work, often showcasing the pair's responsibility to respond to an array of calls throughout their shift. As a semi-anthology, the series frequently threw Malloy and Reed into a diverse range of situations - from mundane domestic disputes to high-stakes car chases. It was presented in such a way as to highlight the unpredictability of life in law enforcement, which could veer from the repetitive to the adrenaline-charged, often within the same episode.

One of the hallmarks of the series was its attention to procedural detail. The show prided itself on portraying intricate police protocols, police jargon, and the standard operating procedures of the Los Angeles Police Department. This commitment to authenticity reflected the creators' desire to depict police work accurately, which greatly contributed to the show's popularity and longevity.

Another admirable aspect of Adam 12 was the way it humanized its protagonists. Malloy and Reed weren’t shown as mere law-enforcing robots, but as people with personal lives and human qualities. They faced everyday dilemmas, made mistakes and even experienced moments of grief and joy. This served to make the characters relatable to the audience, and allowed for emotional depth amidst the ongoing action and crime-solving narrative.

Presenting an objective portrayal of societal dynamics in the late 1960s and early 1970s was an integral part of the series. Adam 12 frequently delved into the contentious dialogue about law enforcement and civil rights that was ongoing during the period. This was paralleled by the portrayal of various community members from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. The relationships between these individuals and law enforcement ranged from cooperative to confrontational, delivering a multi-faceted exploration of the society at the time.

The series, created by Jack Webb and Robert A. Cinader, was a spin-off of Webb's earlier police drama, Dragnet. Webb sought to recreate the same commitment to authenticity with Adam 12 and indeed, the realistic ambience of the series is one of the elements that sets it apart from other television dramas of that era.

Unlike many other police series of its time, Adam 12's setting wasn't confined to a single precinct or departmental bureaucracy. Instead, it unfolded within the two-man patrol car—with the voice of the police dispatcher creating an ongoing connection with the police station—adding to the overall dynamism and pace of the series.

Even after its conclusion, Adam 12's impact on law enforcement television drama remains evident. It paved the way for various police procedurals and series that emerged in the years that followed. Easy to follow, but still exciting to watch, the show balanced action, drama, and character development with remarkable skill.

In summary, Adam 12 is a classic American crime series that delivers a realistic portrayal of the daily work of the Los Angeles Police Department patrol unit in the late 60s and early 70s. The authenticity, diverse range of episodic stories, and relatable characters contribute to the alluring charm of the series that remains in the hearts of many viewers today. The adventures of Malloy and Reed have touched many lives, making Adam 12 an enduring symbol of quality law enforcement storytelling in American television history.

Adam 12 is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 174 episodes, the show debuted on 1968. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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