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Johnny is upset when he finds out the IRS is planning to audit him. A con man shows up at Rampart as a patient.

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A heart attack victim claims Roy and Johnny stole money from his wallet during his rescue. the station is called out to rescue a pilot and his copilot who are trapped in a plane which is omitting liquid oxygen.

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No one can figure why the station mascot, Boot does not want to eat anything. A college woman is trapped inside her car which is pinned underneath a fuel truck.

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A woman is convinced her dead sister's spirit wants to come back and harm her husband. A teenage kid is brought into Rampart having overdosed on tranquilizers.

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Roy and Johnny disagree over when the truth should be told and when it's okay to use a white lie. A young man is injured when he attempts to high dive in a pool from a roof of a house.

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Johnny diagnoses Roy's sore throat as tonsillitis. A famous actor is admitted to Rampart was once an old flame of Dixie McCall.

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The Professor
A man acting schizophrenic arrives at Rampart being escorted by the secret service who won't reveal any information about the patient. The station is called out to rescue a despondent young man who is threatening to jump off a building under construction.

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School Days
Johnny and Roy are working with a new trainee, Billy, who has a big confidence problem. An elderly professor is injured when a bookshelf falls on top of him.

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Johnny is annoyed as a driver cuts them off while they are on a run. The guys are informed that their paramedic trainer has died.

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Johnny stokes the flames when Roy and his wife have an argument. A tired young doctor makes mistakes in his diagnosis and with judgment.

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Musical Mania
A joke from Chet has Johnny determined to learn to play an instrument. A father refuses to have his son treated for lead poisoning believing it would be an act of charity.

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Dinner Date
Johnny is set up for a date by Roy's wife, Joanne. A woman goes into an epileptic seizure after hitting a boy on a bicycle with her car.

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A pretty female newspaper reporter is convinced that the fire department caters to male chauvinism. The squad gives the reporter a ride along where they help a man who is trapped in his car with live power lines across the hood.

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A new paramedic trainee who was a former Vietnam medic, has trouble taking orders from both Roy and Johnny, and the doctors at Rampart. While on a run, the trainee runs after a purse snatcher.

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Fuzz Lady
Items are disappearing from Rampart, and Johnny has fallen for a police woman who helped catch a mugger. Roy and Johnny arrive at a fire where an elderly blind man is trapped in his room.

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Johnny believes he can make extra money by working in a rodeo in his spare time. A girl receives a face full of glass after a soda bottle explodes.

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Peace Pipe
Chet teases Johnny about his Indian heritage. A child is left trapped inside a parked vehicle when it is rammed by another car.

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The key to a virus which has struck down a few citizens along with Johnny and Dr. Brackett maybe lie with a sick woman and her pet monkey.

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Show Biz
Johnny is asked to be a model for a photo shoot involving the firefighters. A call for a man who is trapped under a tractor has Roy and Johnny in search for a doctor when their radio signal fails to reach Rampart.

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Dr. Early risks his career when he treats a young boy and then accuses the parents of abuse. John and Roy help a boy whose head is stuck in a window and the station adopts a stray dog they name boot. The dog helps with a rescue.

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Roy and John rescue a man who is injured while repairing his car, But when the radio in the ambulance is broken, Roy treats him with out medical authorization. This act infuriates the man's personal physician and causes Dr.

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Emergency! is an American television series that combines the medical drama and action-adventure genres. The show was produced by Mark VII Limited and distributed by NBC Universal. The series was aired on the NBC network from 1972 to 1979, showcasing a talented ensemble cast that included actors such as Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup, Randolph Mantooth, Kevin Tighe, Tim Donnelly, Mike Stoker, Marco Lopez, Michael Norell, and Ron Pinkard. Emergency! is set in Los Angeles County and revolves around the professional lives of the first responders working at the fictional Station 51, and Rampart General Hospital. The series specifically focuses on the dedication and heroism of the paramedics and firefighters of Squad 51, part of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the medical team at Rampart. Robert Fuller plays Kelly Brackett, a senior staff member at Rampart General Hospital, and his character is defined by his professional competence, undying commitment to saving lives, and a deeply ingrained sense of caretaking. He's teamed up often with Dixie McCall, a head nurse portrayed by Julie London. Dixie is known for her clinical expertise, compassion, and nurturing disposition. Bobby Troup takes on the role of Dr. Joe Early, a neurosurgeon who also plays jazz piano during his time off. Dynamic paramedic duo John Gage and Roy DeSoto, played by Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe, respectively, works under the direction of Brackett and McCall, responding to emergency rescue operations and providing first aid to the injured on their way to the hospital. Their collaboration is one of the cornerstones of the series, bringing both suspense and emotion as they sometimes risk their lives in the line of duty. Tim Donnelly and Mike Stoker take on the roles of firefighters Chet Kelly and Mike Stoker, both displaying resolute courage, aided by Marco Lopez in the role of firefighter Marco Lopez. They each bring their unique character traits to the show, adding depth and individuality to the collective dynamic of the firefighting team. Michael Norell portrays Captain Hank Stanley, the stalwart leader of the firehouse crew. Confident and reliable, Captain Stanley plays a significant role in calming the often hectic environment, providing much-needed stability to his team. The cast also includes Ron Pinkard as Dr. Mike Morton, serving as another integral part of the medical team at Rampart General Hospital. Emergency! is notable not just for its fascinating storytelling and character development, but also for its effort to depict the emergency services realistically, giving viewers a glimpse into the dangerous and emotionally grueling work life of those in these rescue professions. Moreover, the show is lauded for showcasing the need for and importance of mobile intensive care units, a novel concept at the time it aired. Beyond the hospital and firehouse setting, Emergency! often steps outside, into the diverse Los Angeles landscape. The city's boulevards, canyons, highways, and coastlines serve as regular backdrops for the high-intensity rescues performed by Squad 51 and some of the show’s most dramatic and edge-of-your-seat moments. The great balance of action, human drama, humor, and educational insight sets Emergency! apart. The show provides a mix of narrative arcs, with storylines ranging from single-episode resolved crises to character-centric stories developed throughout series. It delves into issues both in their professional lives—rescuing people trapped in dangerous situations, treating patients with severe injuries—and personal lives, exploring relationship dynamics, personal struggles, and moments of joy and camaraderie. Emergency! is a reflection of its time, capturing the transformative period of the 1970s, but its themes of heroism, duty, care, and community resonate today. Through the lens of the emergency services, the show unravels human stories, connecting audiences to the lives of its characters. Whether you’re a fan of the classic medical dramas or action genres, Emergency! offers a compelling snapshot of the often-underrepresented field of emergency response.

Emergency! is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 122 episodes, the show debuted on 1972. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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