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The Bad Seed
Dutch Dixon's son escapes from prison to exact revenge on his mother's kille r- who he believes is Reno - just as new evidence in Reno's case may finally prove his innocence.

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The Maltese Indian
Reno, Bobby and Sandy stake out the home of a fugitive's daughter and her mother, expecting the criminal's arrival-but not expecting Reno to fall for the mom.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 21 Now

Born Under a Bad Sign
Reno tries to haul in an escaped convict who brings bad luck to everyone he meets, which is something Reno refuses to believe-even when they're arrested and thrown into prison together.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 20 Now

Bounty Hunter of the Year
While Bobby Sixkiller searches for the perfect anecdote for his Bounty Hunter of the Year acceptance speech, he, Reno and Sandy recall their past adventures.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 19 Now

Blood Hunt
When Reno comes across a runaway who looks like she's going to be the fourth victim of a "vampire" in a beach community, Reno investigates further, suspicious of a "supernatural" cause.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 18 Now

Sex, Lies and Activewear
Bobby and Reno focus on exposing thieves who have kidnapped several adult-magazine models and the publication's photo editor.

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Knock Out
Bobby and Reno are hired by a movie producer whose leading action heroine has disappeared, leaving only a heroin wrapper behind.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 16 Now

SWM Seeks Vctm
Sandy is determined to have the final word when one of her friends is murdered by a serial killer who goes after women he meets through personal ads.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 15 Now

Top Ten With a Bullet
Reno tries to arrange for the peaceful surrender of a counterculture fugitive charged with murdering a professor during the 1960's.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 14 Now

Hard Rain
Reno may finally have the evidence he needs to bring down Dutch - a video that shows the evil marshal shooting his own wife in the back. But first, Reno has to locate it.

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Father's Day
Reno's thrilled to be reunited with his former love, Janet -and stunned to find out that her 14-year-old son may be his child.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 12 Now

Bobby is forced to dip into his own savings when a bumbling bounty hunter is held for ransom by the very bank robber he was trying to capture.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 11 Now

The Pipeline
Bobby and Reno investigate a bounty's claims of the existence of an organization that helps fugitives fake their deaths and obtain new identities.

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For Better, for Worse
While Dutch tries to juggle shaking down a pornographer and pleasing his boss, his wife, Melissa, finally decides that enough is enough, so she goes to Bobby and Reno and offers to help take Dutch down.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 9 Now

High Rollers
The stakes are high when Reno infiltrates a gang of bandits famous for robbing high rollers as they are leaving Las Vegas.

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The Milk Carton Kid
Reno, Bobby and Sandy try to fill in the missing pieces when a girl asks for their help in finding out why her picture is appearing on the back of milk cartons.

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Ghost Story
Following a near-death experience, Reno is contacted by the spirit of a murdered man who wants the Renegade to help clear his name and punish the man responsible for his death.

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God's Mistake
Reno forces a rock star to face the music after the man arranges to have himself kidnapped in order to get out of his record deal.

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Five Minutes to Midnight
Bobby races against the clock to find out whether one of his former bounties, a convicted rapist on death row, is truly guilty-before the man is put to death.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 4 Now

Mr. Success
Reno and Sandy scramble to find out who murdered a man they were tracking-especially after Bobby is arrested for the crime.

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Self Defense
Reno goes after bounty Teddy Ray Thompson, who accidentally stabbed her cop husband during a situation of domestic abuse. When Reno discovers the truth, he helps her fend off her husband's partner, who's determined to get his revenge.

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No Balls and Two Strikes
US Marshal "Dutch" Dixon agrees to release convicted murderer Lucious Carabello in exchange for the convict's help in luring Reno Raines into a trap - by using Bobby as the bait.

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No Balls, Two Strikes
Lucius Carabella is released from prison and has thoughts of killing those that testified against him. Meanwhile, Sandy Carruthers, bounty diploma in hand, applies for, and gets, a job with Sixkiller Enterprises.

Watch Renegade Season 5 Episode 501 Now

Renegade is an American television series that aired on USA Network from September 1992 until April 1997. Produced by Cannell Productions and starring Lorenzo Lamas in the title role, the series had a run of five seasons, providing viewers with a refreshing fusion of crime-related drama, action, suspense, and a hint of romance.

The gritty series features a compelling narrative revolving around the life of the main character, Reno Raines. Portrayed passionately by Lorenzo Lamas, Reno is an alluring and skillful police officer engaged in the relentless battle on the criminal frontlines. His promising career takes an unexpected turn when he is falsely accused of murder. The plot centers on this wrongful accusation and his life that dramatically changes as a result.

Reno Raines is marked for cold-blooded execution by those who once formed an integral part of his professional life. Betrayed by his own friends within the police force and framed for a crime he did not commit, Raines is forced to go on a run. His only choice is to adopt a life of a drifters, doing odd jobs for survival while painstakingly building an elaborate case to clear his name.

Lorenzo Lamas delivers an exceptional portrayal of Raines, capturing the persona of a man whose life is turned upside-down. Raines has to navigate through the brutal terrain of the criminal underworld, while also running from those who should uphold justice. As Raines transitions into a fugitive, the line between law and crime starts to blur, adding depth and intrigue to the plot.

Notably, the character Raines is also brilliant at martial arts, which he uses predominantly in his physical confrontations. His main goal is to gather enough evidence to expose the corrupt cops, clear his name, and bring the real murderers to justice. His journey is fraught with suspense, devastated hopes, fleeting joys, and tense confrontations, making it a gripping watch.

Although he is the primary focus of the show, a host of other characters weave in and out of the story, significantly adding to its depth and intrigue. Among these characters are Bobby Sixkiller and Cheyenne Phillips, portrayed by Branscombe Richmond and Kathleen Kinmont respectively. Soon after Raines' life takes a complicated turn, these two characters form an important part of his fugitive existence. Bobby Sixkiller, a bounty hunter, at first attempts to bring Reno to justice. However, after witnessing Reno's exceptional skills and realizing the truth about his innocence, Bobby becomes an ally. In contrast, Cheyenne Philips, Bobby's smart assistant, becomes a close friend and occasional love interest for the fugitive Raines, adding romantic undertones to the otherwise fierce and violent narrative.

Renegade provides a powerful narrative that deftly explores the dichotomy of law enforcement and corruption. It provides a captivating portrayal of a man's quest to reclaim his honor while solidly holding onto his moral compass. The underlying theme revolves around the concept of justice, survival, and relentless pursuit of truth, intricately sketched through well-structured episodes.

As the story unfolds, Reno Raines' continuous strife to clear his name keeps viewers on their toes. Season after season, Raines' resolve strengthens, his strategies evolve, and his battles become fierce, increasing viewers' anticipation of his eventual confrontation with the corrupt officers. Each episode unfolds new clues, new challenges, unexpected thrills, and crosses previously uncharted territories, consistently engaging viewers.

Renegade provides an enthralling viewing experience that seamlessly combines crime investigation, martial arts, suspense, and emotion. The show is replete with high-octane fistfights, explosive car chases, and the nerve-wracking tension of a cat-and-mouse chase, which all contribute to the heart-pounding excitement of this action drama series.

In conclusion, Renegade not only serves as a gripping tale of survival and justice, but also as a profound exploration of the morality that lies within the hearts of those who are wrongly accused. It is an enchanting blend of the ingredients that make a television series memorable - an intricate plot, strong character arcs, suspenseful action, and an emotional undercurrent that resonates with viewers, even after they have finished watching the series.

Renegade is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 112 episodes, the show debuted on 1992. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond, Kathleen Kinmont, Stephen J. Cannell, Dakota Pike
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