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Unknown Soldier
The Unit must locate and diffuse three sets of dirty bombs headed for unknown locations across the United States. The team prepares for a wedding of one couple (Charles Grey & Joss Morgan) and the end of a marriage for another (Jonas & Molly Blane) or will Jonas leave The Unit and stay married.

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While Jonas is tracking down a Russian terrorist cell, a kidnapped Molly is used as bait. As you cloud see on the last episode Sam is involved in the kidnapping of Molly.

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Chaos Theory
A random incident throws Jonas and Bob's carefully planned mission into chaos.

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When Sam attacks Bridget, the other members of the Unit must hunt him down.

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Best Laid Plans
The mission's plans go awry and Bob must run interference when Jonas and Mack are undercover to find the terrorists who killed the Vice President.

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Flesh & Blood
As the Unit fights to rescue Jonas's old friend, a broken helicopter gas tank and nearby guerillas impede their mission. Tom goes to extreme measures to extract information from a recovering alcoholic whose husband may have been behind a terrorist attack.

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Hill 60
Unable to communicate with the outside world, the Unit and their families must survive when a deadly gas poisons anyone in their community who steps outside.

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As Jonas coaches Betsy before her military-ordered media tour, the Unit initiates a new team member.

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The Last Nazi
The President orders the unit to capture a Nazi war criminal from his hiding place and deliver him to The Hague. In Washington, Tom Ryan confronts his past when he is offered a promotion to General.

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The Spear of Destiny
Jonas and a seriously wounded Mack take refuge in a monastery where he is ordered to steal the monks' most prized possession. Back home, Bob is asked to perform a dangerous mission that will reveal the darkest side of his job to Kim.

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Bad Beat
Jonas plays a game of high stakes baccarat to win back the services of a CIA spy who has gone over to the other side. His success is also key in getting court martial charges against team member Bridget Sullivan dismissed.

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Jonas and the team trick an arrogant Department of Defense official, who jeopardized a previous mission due to his lack of field experience, into joining them on an assignment so he will observe war up close and personal.

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Mislead and Misguided
Who you going to call...the team is about to bust a anthrax lab with a leader with field experience but they are being held up by an official who is using high-tech toys to make decisions for him.

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Shadow Riders
In order to keep peace between two Afghanistan tribes, the team is assigned to deliver a young woman to her future husband. On the home front, Bob works with his wife, Kim to find a man who is believed to be working with terrorists.

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Into Hell, part 2
The rescue mission continues. One of the team may not get out alive.

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Into Hell, Part 1
Ryan, Jonas and the rest of the team are in Iraq, dealing with a kidnapping of a few US soldiers by insurgents. It seems one of the prisoners has a personal connection to someone in the team.

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The team produces fake evidence of an attack to con a terrorist into exposing his accomplices before the truth comes out and they can get away. Mack wants Tiffy to reveal details about her relationship with Ryan.

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Dancing Lessons
A nuclear scientist insists on making a deal with the team before he will reveal vital information about a terrorist attack in a major U.S.

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The Conduit
Bob is undercover as a scientist when he's kidnapped by a drugs cartel. They want him to help them to disguise cocaine.

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Sex Trade
Jonas vows to help save a group of girls who are being trafficked as sex slaves by the man he hopes will lead the team to a nuclear weapons smuggler they are trying to find.

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Sudden Flight
The team follows a scientist on a commercial flight who they believe will be the next target of terrorists they hope to link to a presidential assassination plot at the same time as their wives are relocated and given new identities back home.

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While women are being secretly relocated and moved off the base for their own safety, Jonas and the team must unravel an assassination plot against the vice president and president elect.

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The Unit is a thrilling American television series that aired on CBS between 2006 and 2009. The show, which combines elements of action, drama, and war genres, is impeccably executed and keeps audiences at the edge of their seats, eager for the next episode. The show’s exceptional narrative is closely tied to its cast of talented and seasoned actors, among them Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Scott Foley, Robert Patrick, Audrey Marie Anderson, Max Martini, Abby Brammell, Demore Barnes, Michael Irby, and Nicole Steinwedell, who breathe life into the gripping writing. Together, they project a stunningly realistic and untamed image of the life and operations of Special Forces.

The Unit centers around a group of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers, more specifically, the secretive unit known as Delta Force. Dennis Haysbert leads as Sergeant Major Jonas Blane, a seasoned and level-headed operator, with Scott Foley as his second-in-command, Staff Sergeant Bob Brown. They are supported by a crew of equally proficient soldiers played by Max Martini, Michael Irby, and Robert Patrick who portray Sergeant Mack Gerhardt, Sergeant Charles Grey, and Colonel Tom Ryan, respectively. Each of these characters has an equally compelling story, and the show brilliantly alternates between their classified missions and the struggles they endure on the homefront.

On the other side of the coin, the home stories provide a deeper insight into the collateral damage of a career in this line of work. The soldiers' wives, played exceptionally by Regina Taylor, Abby Brammell, and Audrey Marie Anderson among others, represent the familial dimension in the storyline. Their struggle to cope with their husbands' dangerous and secret lives, raise their families, protect their secrets, and sometimes even their involvement in mission offshoots makes the show much more than a typical action-packed military show. This delicate balance gives The Unit is a multidimensional quality that extends its appeal beyond the typical war-story enthusiasts to a broader audience who appreciate deep, nuanced storylines.

The Unit is brought to life under the executive production of David Mamet, an acclaimed theatrical writer and director, and Shawn Ryan, the creator of The Shield. These two industry heavyweights joined forces to deliver a show that perfectly blends fast-paced military action with intense personal drama. The tight, crisp battle sequences are tempered with realistic scenarios at home, back on base, providing viewers with a profound and rounded interpretation of life in one of the most elite military outfits in existence. The creators approached the military realm with respect and care, meticulously researching real operations to ensure an authentic presentation.

The four-season series expertly delves into the many layers, complexities, and conflicts inherent in Special Forces operations. It portrays the elite and clandestine nature of these missions and the toll they take on the operatives and their families. The storytelling switches between the adrenaline-filled stealth operations to the domestic tribulations back on base - the clandestine missions in far-flung corners of the globe, and the family lives continuously under threat of disruption or worse by the covert nature of the soldier's work.

In this series, the line between being a military man and a family man becomes blurred as their worlds intertwine, leading to dramatic showdowns and moral dilemmas. The soldiers' camaraderie, dedication to duty, and struggles with the emotional costs that come along with it, are brilliantly juxtaposed against the families' resilience, their fight to maintain normalcy, and their constant fear for the lives of their loved ones.

The Unit is more than a captivating action drama. It's a study in character development, intense suspense, and the constant push and pull between duty and family. Each episode stands as a tribute to the extensive training, skills, and above all, the human element in the often glossed over world of Special Forces. It’s an exploration of human frailty and strength under extreme circumstances. Whether you're a fan of military action, intense drama, or compelling characters, The Unit offers something to keep you riveted through its four-season run. It's a show that respects its subject matter and its audience, offering a thrilling journey filled with insight, excitement, empathy, and a depth of understanding into what it truly means to be part of such a unique brotherhood.

The Unit is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 70 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Audrey Marie Anderson, Robert Patrick, Max Martini, Abby Brammell, Scott Foley, Michael Irby, Demore Barnes, Wes Chatham, Nicole Steinwedell, Sammi Hanratty
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