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Paranoid Android
When a shooter on the loose triggers a flashback that doesn't add up with Carrie's perfect memory, the team at Major Crimes discovers that a nefarious conspiracy is at play and trained killers are among them.

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Bad Company
Carrie and Al engage in a cat-and-mouse game with a corrupt former cop.

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About Face
Carrie and Al investigate the cold case of a missing surgeon.

Watch Unforgettable Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Game On
Carrie and Al become involved in high-stakes video games and corporate espionage after a murder at a haunted-house attraction.

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Shelter from the Storm
A hurricane forces Carrie and Al to seek refuge in a rundown precinct house and fend off a gang sent to free an elusive drug kingpin.

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Breathing Space
There are plenty of suspects in the case of a murdered aerospace engineer as the Major Crime team uncovers that the victim was working on a billionaire's top-secret space mission.

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We Can Be Heroes
The team determines that the kidnapping of a prominent scientist's son was not a crime of opportunity but a plot for revenge.

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The Return of Eddie
A quick mart robbery goes awry and a tabloid cameraman is killed. Carrie and Al make an unexpected discovery.

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All In
Carrie's ex resurfaces and a murder investigation takes the team to Atlantic City.

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Dollars and Scents
The murder of a deli employee triggers the search for a criminal organization.

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Behind the Beat
Major Crime investigates the murder of a young jazz prodigy and navigate the halls of an ultra-competitive music conservatory.

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Gut Check
Carrie and Al are drafted to transport an embezzlement trial's star witness to Florida.

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Blast from the Past
Things get shaky when Carrie's ex-husband shows up.

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Unforgettable is a dynamic police procedural television series that runs on CBS from 2011 to 2016. It is anchored by a premise that in itself is both captivating and intriguing. The show revolves around the life of former Syracuse, New York, police detective Carrie Wells, brilliantly portrayed by Poppy Montgomery.

Carrie Wells is not your average detective. She possesses a rare, mesmerizing ability — she has hyperthymesia, a condition which gives her the power to visually remember every minute detail of her entire life. It’s a condition which lends itself perfectly to her role as a detective, as she has the unique capacity to rewind and replay events in her mind, and grasp the minutest of evidence in her investigations.

Over the course of the show, layers of Wells's character are peeled back, revealing more about her complex past, her unparalleled memory, and how it both empowers and haunts her. As season after season unfolds, viewers witness her harnessing her capabilities to solve high-stakes criminal cases, while contending with her own haunting personal tragedy - the murder of her sister when they were children, an event which, ironically, is the only one she can't recall.

Dylan Walsh co-stars as Al Burns, Wells's former boyfriend and partner from her days in Syracuse, who moved to New York to head a local precinct. He learns about Wells's unique skill and brings her back into the dangerous world of law enforcement, using her uncanny abilities to solve complex criminal cases. As they continue solving mind-boggling cases together, their professional collaboration rekindles old romantic sparks, adding another compelling layer to their relationship.

Jane Curtin brings a touch of humor and warmth to the show as medical examiner Joanne Webster, while Kevin Rankin and Michael Gaston depict other pivotal characters in New York's law enforcement fraternity. The cast is rounded out by Daya Vaidya and James Hiroyuki Liao, who, along with the others, make for an eclectic ensemble that lends further color and depth to the plot's fabric.

Executive produced by John Bellucci and Ed Redlich, the series is a thrilling journey into the catacombs of New York City's criminal underbelly, with each episode featuring a new case and fresh mysteries. From the first minute to the last, Unforgettable merges crime investigation with character drama, resulting into an engaging narrative engrossed with suspense, sentiment, and psychological complexity.

Unforgettable's cinematography is praiseworthy as it vividly brings out the contrasting characteristics of New York City, from glaring skyscrapers to quaint houses, all along echoing the theme of the show. Also, notable is the skillful visual representation of Wells's extraordinary memory, as she recalls events as vivid, dynamic reenactments, as against simple flashbacks.

But despite the murders, investigations, and myriad mysteries Unforgettable throws at its audience, at its core, it’s a story about people; about their connections, their pasts, and their futures. It’s an intriguing look at how an otherwise debilitating condition can turn into a strength, and how one woman's journey to overcome her personal tragedy drives her to cleanse her city of crime.

Unforgettable is not just a show, but a strangely captivating experience. It's a crime drama, a character study, a romance, and above all, a testament to the power of memory - good and bad. From scintillating performances to a gripping storyline, from the vibrancy of New York City to an extraordinary medical condition, the elements of this show conspire to produce an unforgettable viewing experience.

But it's not just the memory-enhancing aspect that sets Unforgettable a notch higher than regular crime dramas. It's the emotional depth, the unpredictability, the gritty reality that makes it a must-watch for fans of complex, character-driven narratives. And while it effortlessly carries its investigative flair, it's the exploration of the human psyche, the puzzles of memory, and the nuances of interpersonal relationships for which Unforgettable will truly be remembered.

Unforgettable is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 61 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Michael Gaston, Dylan Walsh, Poppy Montgomery, Kevin Rankin, Jane Curtin
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