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Late Night Killer
Norma Rodriguez is found dead, her head wrapped in duct tape in a baffling and brutal crime. Clues point to everything from a serial killer to a random burgler, but who has a personal stake in her death to be so cruel?

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Murder in the Cabin
When millionaire Bob Bosley is shot to death in his cabin, his wife Amy claims a robber killed Bob and dashed off into the woods. A wide search turns up nothing, but an investigation into Bob's lifestyle turns up many interesting details.

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All's Well That Ends
In the series finale, Mary feels caught between her "model" witness and a surprise family reunion. Meanwhile big changes occur within the WITSEC office.

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Sacrificial Lam
With Mary's father on the lam and out for vengeance, she finds herself under FBI surveillance. In order to clear her name, she'll have to lose her tail and track down her own father before anyone else does.

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The Medal of Mary
When Mary's fugitive father turns up, his return puts Brandi and Jinx in danger. Revelations abound as Mary struggles to determine whom she can trust.

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Drag Me to Hell
Mary must stop a drag queen from going back to his old ways.

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The Merry Wives of WITSEC
Mary tends to a bigamist, who's hiding from his former employer and his two wives.

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Reservations, I've Got a Few
When Marshall's witness escapes from the WITSEC offices and vanishes on an Indian Reservation, Mary and Marshall find a Native American detective to help find him.

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Four Marshalls and a Baby
Mary must find child care while investigating a case in which a hoarder witnessed a violent murder.

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The Anti-Social Network
Mary Shannon takes on motherhood in the fifth season premiere.

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In Plain Sight is an engaging crime drama series that aired on the USA Network from 2008 to 2012. The show, with its intricate plotlines and dynamic character development, added a unique spin to the conventional crime genre on television.

Set against the beautiful landscapes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, In Plain Sight revolves around the unpredictable and intriguing life of Mary Shannon, a US Federal Marshal working in the Witness Protection Program, also known as WITSEC. The spirited and no-nonsense Mary Shannon, brilliantly portrayed by actress Mary McCormack, is a dedicated law enforcement officer who is tasked with the immense responsibility of relocating federal witnesses and ensuring their safety. This delicate job brings her face-to-face with various intriguing personalities—from high-profile crime bosses and corrupt politicians to innocent bystanders who unwittingly get embroiled in criminal activities.

Throughout the series, Mary's personal life intertwines with her professional one, making the story arcs even more compelling to follow. She has a complicated relationship with her family, including her flighty, meddlesome mother Jinx Shannon (Lesley Ann Warren) and her sister, Brandi Shannon (Nichole Hiltz), a recovering drug addict and an occasional songwriter, adding an additional layer of drama to the narrative.

Balancing out Mary's intensity is her level-headed and charming, albeit a bit quirky, partner, Marshall Mann, played by Fred Weller. His dry wit and his undeniable chemistry with Mary create a refreshing dynamic that effectively breaks the overbearing intensity of the witness-protection narratives. Their camaraderie forms an integral part of the show, providing adequate comic relief and drama in equally measured doses.

Adding to the dynamic cast is Paul Ben-Victor playing Stan McQueen, the adaptive and reliable head of the Albuquerque office who has a knack for biting off more than he can chew. Todd Williams adds another level of complexity to the narrative with his portrayal of Detective Robert Dershowitz, a determined cop who often finds himself encountering Mary and Marshall due to their overlapping cases.

In Plain Sight successfully uses the characters' interpersonal relations to draw attention to their deep-seated issues, their past, and their various idiosyncrasies. It is a show that highlights the absolute best and the most unfathomable depth of human nature within the overarching themes of crime, protection, and justice.

Moreover, the show uses the Witness Protection Program as a lens to explore a galaxy of complex emotions and characters while still marching ahead with its riveting crime-solving plots. The dynamic relationships, nail-biting suspense, unexpected comic relief, and unwavering dedication to showcasing genuine human emotions contribute to making In Plain Sight a standout series in the arena of crime dramas.

The constant necessity to keep moving, making lives anonymous, changing identities, and the high stakes of Mary’s job underline the high-intensity narrative of the series. This drama, mixed with the personal lives of the characters, makes an engrossing storyline that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the show progresses, the audience gets an in-depth look at the lives of these protagonists that are as complex and layered as their respective jobs. Apart from showcasing captivating stories within the Witness Protection Program, In Plain Sight doesn't shy away from presenting the nature of their jobs that often result in a complex web of nefarious criminals and their innocent victims.

In conclusion, In Plain Sight is a riveting and engaging crime drama that effectively balances suspense, humor, and drama. Deftly crafted characters with distinct personalities and intricately woven plots encapsulating various themes, make it an absolute must-watch. With five seasons of gripping narratives and power-packed performances, In Plain Sight has certainly left an indelible mark in TV history.

In Plain Sight is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 88 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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