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Au Revoir
In an effort to assist Neal in his risky heist, Peter joins a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers; Neal concocts a new plan that will benefit himself as well as the Pink Panthers.

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The Pink Panthers call on Neal unexpectedly, while Peter's family life takes a hit after a colleague is murdered.

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All's Fair
Peter and Neal take on a case involving someone from Mozzie's past.

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Uncontrolled Variables
Running a con for the Pink Panthers, Neal feels torn for scamming an innocent mark. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself working with a reckless Interpol agent who could threaten their entire operation.

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Return to Sender
Neal teams up with an enemy from his past in an effort to help the Pink Panther.

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Borrowed Time
In the sixth season premiere, Peter has Rebecca come in to help find Neal, who has been held captive, by someone she used to work with.

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White Collar is a sophisticated drama series produced by the USA Network that aired from 2009 through 2014. The show is an intriguing blend of comedy, drama, and crime genres, peppered with clever wit, humor, charm, and intellectual intrigue. It stars an ensemble cast led by Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, and Willie Garson, alongside a slew of supporting cast members and guest stars.

The show's premise revolves around Neal Caffrey, portrayed by Matt Bomer, an exceptionally skilled forger, thief and con man, whose dapper charm, intelligence, and gentleman manners make him a lovable rogue. After being captured by FBI Special Agent Peter Burke, played by Tim DeKay, on his third run, Neal offers his criminal expertise to assist the FBI in capturing other elusive criminals.

This intriguing partnership forms the crux of the show. Peter Burke is a career FBI agent, a strict law-abiding citizen who is initially skeptical about Neal's intentions but agrees to his unconventional proposition to leverage Neal's unique insight and expertise in solving the FBI's most complex and high-profile cases. On the other hand, Neal seeks to use this opportunity to eventually gain full freedom.

Tiffani Thiessen plays the role of Elizabeth Burke, Peter's supportive wife. She becomes a vital part of this unlikely partnership, often serving as the voice of reason when the work dynamics between her husband, the hard-edged FBI agent, and Neal, the charming con artist, get complicated. Willie Garson portrays Mozzie, Neal's eccentric, conspiracy theorist best friend, who also proves to be an ally in his endeavors both on and off the field.

Marsha Thomason and Sharif Atkins feature as Diana Berrigan and Clinton Jones, FBI agents who work under Peter Burke and become part of Neal's world. Their roles help enrich the series' narrative, often adding their own personal perspectives and interactions with the main characters.

Other cast members like Hilarie Burton, Gloria Votsis, and Alexandra Daddario portray characters who intersect Neal's life intriguingly, either stirring emotions, complicating matters, or adding much-needed levity. A classic recurring character is June, played by Diahann Carroll, who provides Neal with a place to live after he is conditionally released from prison.

Natalie Morales, Noah Emmerich, James Rebhorn, Andrew McCarthy, Bridget Regan, and Ross McCall contribute profound performances to the show, highlighting a blend of mystery, action, and drama. They take on different roles ranging from law enforcers, recurring criminals, to love interests, each bringing in a flair of their own.

The show is set against the backdrop of New York City, showcasing prominent city landmarks which give the series a glossy, big-city feel. While dealing with crime, it also goes beyond the traditional cat-and-mouse chase, delving into the lives of the characters, their emotional arcs, their camaraderie, and the unexpected alliances they form.

The series often balances its serious undertones with moments of humor, subtle sarcasm, and style. Neal's penchant for art, wine, exotic cuisines, and high-end fashion frequently serves as entertaining sub-texts, often providing comic relief. His charisma and dynamic personality often steal the limelight, while his relationship with Peter, which grows from mistrust to deep friendship, remains the emotional core of the series.

White Collar is much more than a crime drama. It's a show that beautifully explores the profound theme of redemption and second chances while tackling the gray areas of morality. It is a testament to the complexity of human emotions and values which can often blur the lines between right and wrong.

The show cleverly intertwines the intricate details of the world of white-collar crimes with the personal lives of its characters, all the while maintaining its subtle wit and charm. White Collar is a fresh take on crime drama that uses its unique plot, memorable characters, and vivid storytelling to keep viewers hooked and entertained throughout each season.

White Collar is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 81 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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