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To The Boy in the Blue Knit Cap
Goren and Eames investigate the murders of two web staffers involved in a heated lawsuit. Investigation takes them to a site that connects strangers who've had brief romantic encounters.

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A sitcom star turned Broadway actor is killed during a stunt in a controversial and highly technical Broadway musical, and the real drama is finding out who killed him.

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Goren and Eames investigate the death of a millionaire philanthropist whose body was switched with a medical cadaver from the very institute he was funding.

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Trophy Wine
A wine collector and a premiere wine sommelier become potential suspects when a wealthy wine importer is found dead in his cellar.

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The Last Street in Manhattan
With the murder of a Wall Street guru, everyone stands to benefit. Can Goren and Eames solve the case?

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Boots On The Ground
Goren and Eames investigate a long standing war among two private security companies when a man gets thrown to his death from a building.

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The Consoler
A murdered banker with ties to the Catholic Church leads to a cover-up investigation.

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After a young call girl is murdered, investigators interrogate a hard-partying, "rockstar" fashion designer extraordinaire.

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent (CI) is an American television drama series produced by NBC from 2001 to 2011. The show often revered as an offshoot of the original Law & Order series, delves into the psychological realms of crime, providing viewers with an exciting puzzle to solve in each episode.

The series features Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Jamey Sheridan, Courtney B. Vance, Chris Noth, Annabella Sciorra, Julianne Nicholson, Eric Bogosian, Alicia Witt, Jeff Goldblum, Saffron Burrows, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Paul Wesley, and Leslie Hendrix. Apart from these regulars, Law & Order: CI also features a host of guest stars and special appearances that add depth to the storyline and keep audiences glued to their TV screens.

Law & Order: CI departs from the typical crime drama formula, focusing less on whodunit and more on the why. The concentration on motives behind crimes and culpable minds set it apart from its contemporaries, providing a unique perspective into the criminal psyche that the Law & Order franchise is known for. These stories are ingeniously woven, and they keep you guessing, delivering an adventure of unique psychological depth.

Vincent D'Onofrio plays the role of Detective Robert Goren, an eccentric but brilliant criminal profiler gifted to get into the minds of the criminals. He uses his instincts, unconventional techniques, and his deep understanding of human behavior to solve crimes. Chris Noth, known for his role in the sister series Law & Order, reprises his role as Detective Mike Logan, a street-smart cop with a complex personality, infusing fresh dynamics into the show.

Detective Alexandra Eames, played by Kathryn Erbe, is Goren's partner and the balancing element to his character. She's a no-nonsense cop with a strong moral compass and complements Goren perfectly, grounding him when his theories get too far-fetched. Julianne Nicholson and Eric Bogosian portray detectives Megan Wheeler and Captain Danny Ross, respectively. Both characters bring a wealth of experience, unique skill sets, and nuanced character development to their roles, contributing to the reliable construct of the show.

Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Witt, and Courtney B. Vance infuse the series with new energy in their various roles. Goldblum plays a detective with a unique take on crime-solving, while Vance takes the role of a tough but empathetic district attorney - each bringing their intricate characters and creating complex relationships, which add layer to the series.

Guest stars like Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Paul Wesley, Annabella Sciorra, and Saffron Burrows add extra flavor to the series. Whether they're portraying a grieving parent, a high-powered lawyer, a victim of circumstances, or a criminal mastermind, their unique performances ensure that every episode hooks viewers.

Leslie Hendrix returns to her role as the city's medical examiner from the flagship series, providing a needed link to the past, with her insights helping solve even the most complicated cases.

The show creators ensure that not a single character is one dimensional, and each has a riveting backstory and intriguing character arc that allows them to grow over the course of the series. The characters' growth, coupled with the gripping criminal cases and the mind games that play throughout, make Law & Order: CI an absolute hit for audiences seeking an intelligent and thought-provoking crime drama.

Law & Order: CI's intellectual approach to crime-solving and its complex structure shine a spotlight on the way crime and justice intersect in the modern world, underlining that the reasons behind criminal actions are often more complex than they first appear. This series gives viewers an in-depth view into the heart of New York City's justice system, emphasizing the multi-layered nature of law enforcement and prosecution.

Conclusively, Law & Order: Criminal Intent offers viewers a captivating journey into the minds of criminals, providing a unique crime-solving perspective. Despite being set in a gritty reality, the series also showcases the tenderness, the vulnerabilities, quirks, and raw humanity of the investigators, making it an essential watch for fans of crime drama and the Law & Order franchise.

Law & Order: CI is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 195 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch Law & Order: CI online? Law & Order: CI is available on NBC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Law & Order: CI on demand at Peacock Premium, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play online.

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