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Baby Mena Drama
Safaree risks missing his daughter's birth. The Creep Squad's meeting goes left.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 14 Now

Mind Your Dollaz
Olivia meets with Cisco about her money dispute with Rich. Remy puts her new material to the test when she books a major performance.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 13 Now

Straitt Outta Brooklyn
Erica's pregnancy is reaching full term but Safaree's new album threatens to pull him away. Jim shows Mama Jones her new house.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 12 Now

Somaya attempts to mend Yandy and Kimbella's feud with the healing power of her spiritual tea. Joe and Cyn show up together to Erica's baby shower, sending Tahiry on a spiral.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 11 Now

Lingerie Goes Left
Yandy hosts an event to raise money for Jonathan's nephew. Rich's investigation into Olivia's money dispute leads him to his old rival Cisco.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 10 Now

December to Remember
Olivia returns to New York to revive her music career but must confron Chrissy and Rich first. Yandy's prison reform protest in Mississippi could jeopardize Mendeecees' release.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 9 Now

Whose Birthday is it Anyway?
Erica Mena's birthday bash takes a turn when Tahiry confronts Cyn; Jim Jones learns to cook with Joe to rekindle his romance with Chrissy, and Jada demands her money back from PHresher.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 8 Now

Happily Mena After
After the chaos of his bachelor party, Safaree gets cold feet about the wedding; and Erica gets some timely advice from Remy Ma.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 7 Now

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Erica and Safaree's joint bachelor, bachelorette party takes a turn when an unexpected guest arrives. Yandy gets some surprising news.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 6 Now

Ex's & Oh's
Safaree is forced to set things right to save his wedding. Cyn confronts Erica about her plan to match Tahiry back with Joe.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 5 Now

Some Sticky Big Bizness
Yandy pitches her business plan to the Mayor of Newark; Joe Budden and Tahiry explore a new relationship, and newcomer Jennaske pits Rich Dollaz against Phresher.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 4 Now

Keeping Up with the Joneses
Chrissy takes Kimbella and Juju to Philly to try and save her real estate business. Erica Mena and Safaree face a painful decision.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 3 Now

Messy Boots
Fat Joe tries to help Remy Ma get her career back on track, Kimbella lashes out at Yandy and Jonathan for being messy, and Chrissy and Jim's home goes into foreclosure.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 2 Now

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones return to New York City, Joe and Cyn struggle to co-parent after calling off their engagement, and Remy Ma's off-parole party gets tense.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 1 Now

Love & Hip Hop New York: Where Are They Now?
Cast members pull back the curtain on the original series that established the blueprint for the franchise. We'll get the inside scoop on some their most memorable NYC moments and where life has taken them now.

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 102 Now

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Where Are They Now?
In this "Bottom to the Top" themed special, cast members pull back the curtain on the 305 and give us the inside scoop on some of their most memorable moments and their journey from the bottom to the top!

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 103 Now

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Where Are They Now?
Cast members pull back the curtain on the ATL and shine a light on how far their hustle has taken them, celebrating the city that invented the "level up!

Watch Love & Hip Hop Season 10 Episode 104 Now

VH1's Love & Hip Hop is a hallmark franchise in reality television that has consistently captivated audiences since its premiere in 2010. The series chronicles the personal and professional lives of several women involved in the hip-hop industry, which includes artists, managers, producers, and even spouses or partners of the artists. The show seeks to unveil the often unseen aspects of the hip-hop scene, portraying both the triumphs and trails of the women as they navigate this glamorous but challenging world.

The genesis of the franchise is set in the heart of New York - the city often touted as the birthplace of hip-hop. The show exposes the vibrant and high-octane world of hip-hop culture through the lens of strong, independent, and driven women who are striving to make their own mark, whether through their own talents or the businesses they run. The characters are a blend of up and coming artists, industry veterans, and those attempting to revive their careers, offering a multifaceted view of life in the hip-hop industry.

Each episode of Love & Hip Hop provides an intense, up-close look into these women's lives, revealing their personal stories full of passion, determination, and resilience. Much of the drama unfolds from the inherent tension between their professional and personal lives. From romantic affairs and family disputes to career hurdles, the show captures their struggle to balance everything that comes with fame and appeal in the hip-hop sphere.

The relationship dynamics are a major driving force of the show. On the one hand, Love & Hip Hop showcases romantic relationships, some stable while others volatile, and the impact they have on each woman's life. On the other hand, fierce rivalries and intense friendships profoundly influence their lives and become a point of conflict and drama.

While much of the series is built around the drama, conflicts, and controversy, Love & Hip Hop also provides an inspirational platform for showcasing the sheer talent and hard work that goes into the industry. The show displays the dedication that these women have towards their craft and careers. With the backdrop of a cutthroat industry, they stand strong in the face of adversity and showcase their tenacity and grit, working tirelessly to cement their place in a mostly male-dominated field.

Scene switches between recording studios, upscale nightlife venues, luxurious living rooms, and occasionally, therapy or counselor offices all serve as settings for this dramatic saga. This changing landscape mirrors the rollercoaster ride of their lives, filled with highs and lows, love and disappointment, success and failure. As such, this show appeals not only to fans of hip-hop music but also to those interested in the personal and emotional dramas of celebrity lifestyle.

One of the key attributes of Love & Hip Hop is its evolving roster, with new characters introduced and old faces departing, keeping the storyline fresh and the audiences engaged. Despite the rotating lineup of artists and industry insiders, the essence of the show—centering the stories of powerful women within the competitive world of hip-hop—remains consistent.

Coupled with the well-crafted storylines and intriguing characters, Love & Hip Hop lays bare the realities of the music business, tough competition, and how fame can transform relationships. Viewers gain insider’s insights into the unique set of challenges faced by those in the limelight of the Hip Hop world, providing unconventional entertainment.

One of the merits of Love & Hip Hop is its focus on the rich and diverse culture of hip-hop. While it serves as an engaging reality series, it also functions as a deep-dive into a fascinating subculture, giving viewers an understanding of the values, norms, and styles unique to this vibrant music genre.

In its essence, Love & Hip Hop offers a blend of compelling narratives, personality clashes, personal triumphs, and defeats set against an ever-enthralling backdrop of the hip-hop music industry. Its strong, multi-faceted female leads who deal with unique professional and personal challenges in an industry dominated by men are a key drawing point for audiences. With its mix of glamour, grime, and grit, the show continuously provides a captivating and unfiltered look into the world of hip-hop.

Love & Hip Hop is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 153 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.8.

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