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Don't Call Me Sweetie
Jac'Eil invites the girls to an LGBT charity event, but unsolved tensions among Brandi, Evelyn, and Brooke threaten to wreck the day.

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Uninvited Guests, Unintended Consequences
Brandi plans a team-building exercise, but an unwanted guest creates tension. Evelyn pursues her investigative skills while keeping a discovery under wraps.

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Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes
Jackie surprises Jac'Eil with her past. Brooke finds out some possibly life changing news. Jennifer's wedding bliss turns into wedding stress. Brandi is not here for the BS. Evelyn investigates a frenemy.

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a liars gonna lie
Jackie plans a Ponderosa due to current conflict in the group. Jen questions whether she should invite Jackie to her wedding in Paris.

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The Reunion
The ladies come together to hash out their differences that have been brewing all season. Evelyn and Brooke exchange words with Jackie.

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Love Lost & Love Found
The ladies go to Houston, where Pastor Keion helps Evelyn gain clarity about her relationship with Lavon; Vanessa is met with opposition when her basketball gym dream becomes a reality; Jen is shocked when Christian pops the question.

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Shop Til You Pop
Evelyn throws a popup for her fashion line. Jen's boyfriend Christian checks Vanessa for gossipping about his kids.

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Pain to Purpose
Brittany distances herself from the group. Brooke turns pain into purpose and finds herself growing close to her ex.

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Wrong Impressions
Evelyn wants to support Vanessa but gets the wrong impression. Brittany goes on a blind date and distances herself from the group.

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Not So Magic Mike
Brooke is in LA preparing for a fundraiser. Meanwhile in Arizona the other ladies head out to an all-male review for their last night shenanigans.

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The Double Standard
Jackie promotes healing with a trip to a Shaman. Brittany realizes there is a double standard while Evelyn and Jennifer rekindle their friendship.

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Turning Up The Heat
Jackie brings the ladies on a healing trip to Arizona but is unsure if everyone will come. Brittany begins to wonder if she started the body shaming with Brooke.

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Cooking With Fire
Jac'eil forms a bond with Brittany's rival, Brooke. Evelyn struggles to balance loyalty to her daughter with her friendship with Jennifer, Vanessa again puts her nose where it doesn't belong, and Jackie hatches a plan.

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Who Are You, Where Did You Come From?
Jen is skeptical when Clayanna invites her to lunch. When Lavon comes to town Evelyn is faced with having a tough conversation.

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Ice Queens
Brittany brings the wives ice skating for some wholesome fun, but her frustration over co-parenting causes a crack in her plan. Vanessa faces off with Evelyn one-on-one.

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Shaunie tries to broker peace between Evelyn and Vanessa; Evelyn gets cold feet in her relationship with Lavon; Brittany's motives are questioned after she is spotted out to dinner with Shaq; Jackie gets an unexpected olive branch by an old friend.

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Back in the Building!
Evelyn Lozada is back in the fold but when Brooke Bailey throws her a party there are mixed feelings in the group; when Jackie Christie introduces newcomer, Vanessa Rider, into the mix a surprising personal vendetta is revealed.

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Basketball Wives is a popular reality television series from VH1 that first premiered in 2010. The show provides audiences with an inside peek into the captivating world of professional basketball from the perspective of the women who are deeply ingrained into it. Whether they are wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of NBA players, this dynamic group of women brings a unique blend of drama, excitement, and opulence to the screen.

The show primarily focuses on the personal and professional trials and tribulations of women who are in relationships or were once in relationships with famous basketball players. The narrative uncovers stories of ambitious women dealing with some of the unique stresses, conflicts, and privileges that accompany the fast-paced, jet-set lifestyle of professional athletes.

The series initially emerged from Miami, Fla., where it first began following the lives of the glamorous women connected with Miami Heat basketball stars. Over the years, the show has expanded to other cities, shining a light on the lively communities of sport wives in Los Angeles and other high-profile basketball hubs. While professional basketball forms the backdrop of these women's lives, the show skilfully illustrates how they deal with life beyond the glitz and glamour, delving into their private lives and personal growths.

On the surface, it may seem like their lives are all about extravagant shopping sprees, high-profile events and grand houses. But Basketball Wives also gets into the heart of what it means to be connected with an NBA player. Viewers see beyond the glitz to the pressure these women face in their personal lives from the fame, fortune, infidelity, and the constant media scrutiny.

The show also revolves around a group dynamic, with a cast that regularly changes as the seasons progress. These women share a bond based on their unique situation, but that bond often comes with numerous tensions, disagreements, and blowouts that make for intense television viewing.

The first season introduces audiences to a group of vibrant women, starting with Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and the brain behind the show. As an executive producer, Shaunie not only shares her personal experiences being married to a famous player but also helps navigate the audience through the turbulent journeys of other basketball wives. The initial cast also included Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, Suzie Ketcham, Gloria Govan, and Evelyn Lozada. As the show evolved, so did the lineup, introducing characters like Tami Roman, Jackie Christie, and Malaysia Pargo, providing a dynamic pool of personalities exploring their lives in this exclusive club.

With its effective blend of glamour, high-stakes tensions, and fascinating personal narratives, Basketball Wives also tackles real-life issues like divorce, single parenthood, relationship issues, and career struggles. These struggles are presented without pretense, providing an empathetic glimpse into the women's vulnerabilities and strengths.

Most importantly, Basketball Wives has been a talking point in addressing stereotypes surrounding the wives of professional athletes. The show plays an instrumental role in presenting these women as more than just their husbands' spouses. They are shrewd businesswomen, caring mothers, and ambitious individuals who strive hard to maintain their identity and make a difference in the world. The women frequently engage in charity work, entrepreneurial ventures, and other personal projects, showing that they are far more than just pretty faces and glamorous wives.

The hypnotizing combination of the high-stakes behind the scenes basketball world and the housewives' fascinating personal stories makes Basketball Wives an addictive watch. Whether viewers are sports enthusiasts or fans of reality television drama, the show offers something for everyone. It's a show that combines the thrill of premium sports and the drama of a soap opera, layered with elements of female empowerment and gritty realities of life.

For a decade, Basketball Wives has given viewers the opportunity to live vicariously through these women's experiences, as they navigate the extraordinary world of professional basketball, and all the thrill, drama, heartbreak, and joy it can bring. Their lives may differ vastly from the ordinary, but their stories of resilience, ambition, and friendship are universally relatable. This sensational yet down-to-earth portrayal leaves the viewers hooked and makes Basketball Wives a reality tv tour de force.

Basketball Wives is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 166 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 3.6.

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