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The Los Angeles based spin-off of Basketball Wives, Basketball Wives LA follows the lives of a group of women with relationships to some of the biggest basketball players in the game.

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Basketball Wives: LA is a popular American reality television series that aired on VH1 from 2011. A spin-off of the original show, Basketball Wives, this exciting and drama-filled series is based in Los Angeles, California, the heart of the sports world where basketball reigns supreme. It revolves around the lives of women who are in romantic relationships or have been previously engaged, married or romantically involved with professional basketball players in the NBA. Basketball Wives: LA is famous for showcasing the daily lives, relationships and personal struggles of its female cast members that are interlocked with the high-octane, glamorous world of professional basketball. As the show progresses, it digs into the ups and downs faced by the women while juggling their careers, stardom, friendships, gossip, and the challenges that come from being a part of an incredibly exclusive circle in the realm of professional sports. The main cast members come from an array of backgrounds, each with their own unique story. The original group included Kimsha Artest, Gloria Govan, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo, and Draya Michele. These central characters were later joined by a number of other women associated with NBA players. The series navigates the turbulent waters of the ladies' professional and personal lives, balancing the demands of children, their philanthropic ventures, their modeling careers, their businesses and even their leisure time. Viewers get an up-close view of their daily lives and the balance they attempt to maintain between their relationships, work obligations and the drama of living in the spotlight. The unique aspect of Basketball Wives: LA is its focus on the dynamics behind the scenes, offering rarely seen backdoor insights into the world of pro basketball, seen through the eyes of the women supporting these men. From galas and high-end parties, to game nights and tense confrontations, the show features a constant whirlwind of glitz, glamour, and sensational headlines. Throughout each season, the women have to deal with varying levels of conflict, romance, heartbreak, success, and failure. Sometimes their world is filled with glitz and other times it’s overwhelmed with struggles.The TV show doesn’t shy away from shedding light on darker aspects of their lives, and the limelight invariably extracts a heavy price. An integral part of the show is the bond that forms among the women, as they share similar experiences and challenges. The friendships formed, strained, or sometimes broken, form a compelling narrative that keeps viewers tuned in episode after episode. Another captivating facet of the show's narrative is how each woman forms her unique identity in a world that often overlooks them, behind the fame of their partners. These women are entrepreneurs, starring in their own lights, and facing their own battles publicly and bravely. Exceptional narratives of strength, resilience and ambition form focal points throughout the series. Just as compelling as the rise of these women in their own right is the drama that inevitably unfolds. As in any reality television show, much of the appeal of Basketball Wives: LA lies in its conflicts, whether they are between individuals or within the ensemble cast. Gossip, rumors, confrontations and reconciliations are the hallmarks of the series, making each episode both unpredictable and entertaining. Basketball Wives: LA is an emotive portrayal of empowered women navigating complex relationships, career pressures and personal growth. It challenges stereotypes and sheds light on the untold stories of the women behind the basketball stars. Add in the vibrantly beautiful setting of Los Angeles, a city that’s a character in its own right, and viewers are treated to a visually delightful, thrilling journey into the life of a basketball wife. With a captivating mix of glamour, lifestyle, interpersonal drama, and heartfelt moments, Basketball Wives: LA offers a multifaceted view into the intertwined worlds of basketball and showbiz. For fans of heartfelt, dramatic and luxurious reality television, it's a must-watch.

Basketball Wives: LA is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 74 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.1.

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