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Love Is The Answer
In the Season 6 finale, the couples talk about the knowledge they've gained and what relationship deal-breakers they might have. Scott gives Jaclyn a gift.

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Let's Talk About Sex
The group talks about their sex lives to Dr. Jenn, who gives unexpected advice. Carmen gets quizzed on the details of being trans, and the group gets an anatomy lesson. Adrian surprises Carmen.

Watch Couples Therapy Season 6 Episode 9 Now

Remembrance of Things Past
The group reflects on their pasts and the effects on their current relationships. Joe reveals a painful matter of the heart he's been keeping to himself.

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The Power Exchange
The group session focuses on who wears the pants in the relationships. Later, Neil surprises Big Ang for their anniversary.

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Putting Out Fires Without Getting Burned
Joe addresses rumors while Adrian and Carmen argue over a mysterious text.

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Joe and Kaylin Return
The group talks about members of the house who aren't optimizing their time at therapy. Later, everyone is surprised to learn that Joe and Kaylin will be returning.

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Gene Therapy
Legal issues force one couple to leave, triggering a wave of emotions from the rest of the house, and a DNA expert shows up to test the couples genetic compatibility.

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Texts, Lies and Tampon-gate
The couples face their biggest threats to their relationships and Big Ang reveals her suspicions of her husband Neil.

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Enter the Drama
A new couple arrives at the house; although Joe and Kaylin are fan favorites of Carmen, she doesn't quite trust them enough to confide in them.

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The Journey Begins
Celebrity couples seek help to improve their relationships.

Watch Couples Therapy Season 6 Episode 1 Now

VH1's reality television series, Couples Therapy, first aired in 2012, and instantly captivated audiences with its emotional depth, real-time relationship strains, and the therapeutic process designed to help couples navigate their unique issues. While it was a reality show, it presented an un-flinching portrayal of the emotional intricacies that go into maintaining and healing romantic relationships — making it an interesting mix of entertainment, voyeurism, and educational content about relationship dynamics.

Couples Therapy revolved around celebrity couples at various stages in their relationships who attended a residential therapy program to deal with their relationship problems. During their stay, the couples participated in individual and group therapy sessions led by relationship therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who aimed to help them repair their relationships and take them to a harmonious path. The couples lived together in a Los Angeles home, which created an ideal setting for them to explore their relationship issues away from their usual environment and routine.

What set Couples Therapy apart was its authenticity and depth. Relationship problems were not presented as mere entertainment, but as real issues that needed attention and resolution. The show allowed viewers to see the reality behind the celebrity personas — exposing vulnerabilities, insecurities, and deep-set emotional problems that often go hidden behind the camera.

Couples Therapy was unique in its concept, presentation, realism, and the quality of attention given to the issues presented. It was not just another reality television juggernaut that showcased confrontational drama and near-endless arguments; instead, each episode delved into the different complexities of relationships that most people can relate to on some level. It was a show that explored the human side of celebrities and their struggles with love, trust, infidelity, resentment and the tremendous pressure that comes with public lives.

Dr. Jenn Berman, a licensed psychotherapist with a specialty in relationships, emerged as the centerpiece of Couples Therapy. Her empathetic approach, combined with her perceptive insights, were instrumental in helping couples confront their issues head-on. Her intention was not solely to help patch things up temporarily, but to identify and address systemic problems that could potentially threaten the couple’s future happiness — if left unresolved.

Each season of Couples Therapy introduced a new ensemble of couples, from high profile athletes to Hollywood actors, reality television stars to musicians. Regardless of their backgrounds, these celebrities were unified in their quest – the desire to save or improve their romantic relationships.

The participants' willingness to lay bare their relationship struggles in front of the camera set them apart from their celebrity status. They transformed from being mere entertainers to being relatable individuals dealing with the same relationship troubles that many viewers may have faced in their own relationships. This emotional transparency that the couples displayed on screen was raw, vulnerable and brave.

Couples Therapy successfully tapped into the public's curiosity and interest in celebrity lives and combined it with universal relationship issues. This combination of psychological insight, authentic emotional struggles and entertainment provided viewers with an under-the-lens look at the struggles faced by high-profile romantic relationships — something that was not commonly available on the reality TV platform before.

The show's format remained consistent throughout its five-season run, with each season covering various topics that can affect relationships, such as trust issues, communication problems, infidelity, personal traumas, and resentment. While the focus remained primarily on the couples, the show also ingeniously illustrated how individual mental health struggles can significantly impact a relationship and demonstrated strategies for addressing these.

Couples Therapy was not a show that endeavored to simply exploit the dramatics that come with relationship struggles, but to highlight the personal journeys of each individual as they learned about themselves and each other, guided by their supportive therapist.

The series' sincere and often harrowing portrayal of relationship problems, hopes, fears, and triumphs turned VH1's Couples Therapy into an absorbing viewing experience for its audience. Unquestionably, it offered a closer perspective into the world of celebrity relationships, set apart by its therapeutic framework and genuine approach to resolving relational disputes—a defining reality TV show that strived to address the realities of love, compassion, and misunderstanding in celebrity relationships.

Couples Therapy is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 72 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.1.

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