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Mother Pearl
In the groundbreaking season finale, Keyshia decides to visit her estranged mother in jail. She and her mother, Frankie haven't seen each other in a year, so the confrontation is anything but comfortable.

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Waiting to Exhale
Keyshia's schedule is jammed and she needs a break so she decides to hire a personal assistant. She and Manny conduct interviews for the job.

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The Celebration
Keyshia discovers that her album went platinum and decides to throw a party to celebrate. She and her girls go shopping for something fly to wear.

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Foundation for the Future
Keyshia states her intentions of starting her own record label. She expresses her interest in the undiscovered rapper, Amina.

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If I Can, You Can
Keyshia hits the road and goes to Las Vegas, Nevada. While there, she speaks with a group of troubled teens.

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Humble Beginnings
The series begins in Keyshia's hometown Oakland, California. She visits her sister Neffe. Later, she throws a barbecue block party. She also makes an appearance on a radio talk show to address rumors.

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Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is is a reality-based documentary series that aired on BET network in 2006. The show centers on Grammy-nominated R&B singer Keyshia Cole, portraying her journey as she navigates the parallel paths of her personal life and professional career. The objective of the series is to present an intimate perspective of Keyshia's life, a reality often hidden behind the glamour and the opulence of the entertainment industry. The series invites viewers to accompany Keyshia on her emotional voyage, delving deep into her relationships with family members, friendships, and love interests, offering a rare, unfiltered look at her life. It also accentuates the singer's growth and evolution as an artist, showcasing her determination to succeed in the music world, as well as the obstacles and the hard work involved in it. The linchpin of the show is Keyshia Cole herself, an exceptional singer whose sultry voice and invigorating performances have captured the hearts of millions around the globe. However, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is reveals there is more to Keyshia than just an R&B diva. The focus is on Keyshia the individual, her struggles, her triumphs, and her ability to remain grounded despite her superstar status. A significant part of the series is dedicated to exploring her relationships with her biological mother, Frankie, and sister, Neffe, both of whom have been a part of Keyshia’s personal and professional journey. This real-life drama unfolds in a relatable way. The dynamics between Keyshia, her family, and colleagues elucidates conflicting interests, hidden insecurities, joint victories, and heart-wrenching situations. The series unfolds not just as a narrative of her life but present significant life situations which are recognizable to general viewers — broken families, battling addiction, economic hardships, and the quest for personal growth, notwithstanding the fame. Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is shines a light on Keyshia's benevolence and her close community ties, demonstrating how she strives to maintain a connection with her roots. The series features moments showing her outreach efforts to give back to the community that raised her, revealing the depth of her humanitarian side and commitment to a cause larger than her. In terms of its musical segments, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is provides a backstage pass to viewers, unfolding the realities of the music industry, the constant grind, the sleepless nights, and the dedicated team working behind the scenes to ensure a successful career for an artist. It provides a realistic portrayal of a music artist's journey, showcasing the balance between immense pressure and exquisite creativity that goes into the making of a music superstar. Moreover, the show serves as a testament to Keyshia's indomitable spirit, demonstrating her perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. It captures the raw emotionality and heart felt moments, humanizing Keyshia, underlining her openness, and vulnerability, striking a balance between capturing her personal life's upheavals and her professional life's highs and lows. On the technical front, the series boasts thoughtful cinematography and mindful editing, bringing to life various segments of Keyshia's world, resulting in a visually appealing and dynamic narrative. The background score of the show often features Keyshia's own music, creating an immersive experience and a personal note that adds to her story's authenticity. In essence, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is is a multi-layered series that paints a comprehensive portrait of a determined woman who is in constant evolution. The show offers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to an artist's life and intricate aspects of the music business. The way the show weaves the strands of her personal and professional life together gives fans a deeper understanding of the woman behind the music and the challenges she faces on her path, thus fulfilling its core aim: to reflect 'the way it is.'

Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 23 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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