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Never Say Never
Keyshia has learned a difficult life lesson - relationships can die. Her marriage...Her bitter feud with Neffie...But can they ever be revived?

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Second Thoughts
As Keyshia and Daniel continue to work out what it means to "co-parent," she begins to reconsider what a lot of things mean. What family means.

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Party's Over
New reality show following Keyshia Cole as she balances her professional music career along with her personal life as a single mom to her son.

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Sons and Daughters
Families change and blend, as Marquisha prepares for motherhood, Frankie and Yvonne discuss grandmotherhood, and Keyshia keeps a promise.

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Too Little, Too Late
Before Keyshia leaves Atlanta, she and Neffe attempt to salvage their relationship one last time, but is it too late?

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Keyshia Cole: All In 103
Angry and hurt, Keyshia and Neffe struggle to find common ground. Frankie and Elite come together, as promised, and Keyshia gives some deeply appreciated healing.

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Bad Blood
Keyshia struggles to balance her son, her career and a deteriorating marriage.

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Keyshia Cole: All In 101
In the middle of a long concert tour, Keyshia struggles to balance her son, her career, and a deteriorating marriage. Feeling lonely and stuck, she longs for the comfort of family, but doesn't want the drama that her mother and sister always bring.

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Keyshia Cole: All In is a compelling television series produced by BET network in 2015 which primarily encompasses the genres of reality television and docu-series. This American TV show is a captivating exploration of the life of renowned R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole, delving into her personal and professional lives. Giving fans an access to a side of Keyshia Cole they've never seen before – up close and personal, unscripted, and unfiltered – the series presents an engaging amalgamation of reality television, music, family, and drama. The show invites viewers to an honest depiction of the singer’s life as she navigates through her career in music industry, evolving into an entrepreneur, as well as becoming a mother all while balancing the precarious line between public adoration and scrutiny. Having established herself as an eminent artist in the music industry since her debut in 2005, Keyshia's journey is filled with substantial highs and agonizing lows, each depicted candidly in the series. A huge appeal of Keyshia Cole: All In is that it is not just merely a display of her music career, but rather, it conveys multiple facets of her life saturated with genuineness and relatability. Her struggles and triumphs pertaining to family matters, motherhood, intimate relationships, and her professional life – all are subject to revelation in the series. 'Keyshia Cole: All In' includes numerous scenes concerning the artist's familial ties, concentrating on Keyshia's troubled relationship with her biological mother and sister. It showcases Keyshia's undying effort to offer them support and help them conquer their addictions. The series captures the arduous challenge Keyshia faces as she oscillates between her own personal struggles and family conflicts. The dynamics of these relationships depicted in the series makes for a riveting and at times heartbreaking watch. The show also incorporates numerous elements from Keyshia’s professional life as a prolific R&B singer. Through the episodes of 'Keyshia Cole: All In', viewers are able to tag along on a journey behind the scenes of her latest music and business ventures. Watch as the singer goes through the joyous, stressful, and creative process of writing, recording, and performing new music. It is a unique opportunity for fans and music aficionados to perceive the intricacies of the music industry from an insider’s perspective. Beyond offering a sneak peek into her blossoming career, the series also unfolds Keyshia's life as a mother. Intermingled with her life as a performer, the show tracks her progress as she wrestles with the challenges of single motherhood. It also delves into the complexities of her journey, which is often fraught with commitments and sacrifices that require a delicate balancing act of career and family. Thirdly, and perhaps most personally, the series peeks into her intricate love life which involving former Cleveland Cavaliers player, Daniel Gibson. The story chronicles the ups and downs of their previously tumultuous marriage, depicting Keyshia's attempt to find harmony and happiness through the rough ride of love, marriage, and divorce. The series does not shy away from exhibiting the raw emotions connected with a broken relationship, and the aftermath of it, making it a touching, and at times, an emotionally charged viewing experience. Keyshia Cole: All In, in essence, is a reality-based documentation of a popular figure in the music industry. It is an unfiltered portrayal, portraying the real Keyshia Cole that extends beyond her identity as a performer. The series showcases a resilient woman navigating career highs and lows, juggling familial commitments, dealing with personal conflicts as well as striving for happiness and personal growth amidst all the challenges. It draws attention to the fact that celebrities too, are human beings first - facing trysts with happiness, trauma, anxiety, and strife. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Keyshia Cole and her music or a casual viewer intrigued by her journey, 'Keyshia Cole: All In' is an engrossing depiction of the struggle, triumph, and passion of a woman maneuvering through life’s challenges. It offers an intimate, relatable, and inspiring view into the life of a star grappling with everyday struggles of life, career, and relationships, captivates viewer's attention and keeps them rooting for Keyshia Cole, the woman, the mother, and the artist. The show indeed is a testament to the fact that 'All In' is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life - demanding, compromising, yet ultimately rewarding in its own unique way.

Keyshia Cole: All In is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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