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Old School Southern Comfort
Justine's craving classic comfort foods, so the Sunday supper menu includes fried chicken, smoky green beans and creamy cheddar cheese grits. The family reminisces about the past and looks to the future.

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Kitchen Tails
Justine and her sister Chelle make braised oxtail with warm spoon rolls.

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Russy's Room Service
Russy joins Rev and Justine to make a meal inspired by luxury room service.

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Date Night
With the house to themselves, Rev and Justine recreate a romantic meal from their early days of dating. They dine on cracked crab, rich garlic noodles and gourmet banana ice cream and fudge sauce.

Watch Rev Run's Sunday Suppers Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Eat Play Love
Favorite bowling alley snacks receive a healthy twist. Included: Classic buffalo flavors and Asian-inspired teriyaki sauce are used when Rev and his son make wings two ways.

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Diggy Does Dinner
A healthy meal is prepared, including glazed salmon with a refreshing mango salsa; Parmesan-roasted broccoli; naturally sweet baked apples with homemade honey Greek yogurt.

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Rev's Cook-Off Challenge
Rev, Michael and Perry get serious with a grill and fry challenge.

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Laidback Luau
Justine turns Sunday supper into an at-home Hawaiian luau with green papaya salad and Rev's favorite banana leaf steamed pork. No luau is complete without dessert, so Justine finishes it off with a tropical banana-guava pie.

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Patties of the Caribbean
The family creates a classic Caribbean meal in honor of Justine's father. Island dishes include beef patties, fiery Jamaican jerk chicken and Gramps's famous rice and peas.

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Supper Por Favor
Inspired by a trip to Mexico City, Justine recreates Mexican street food.

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Ravioli Revelations
The family prepares a gourmet Italian supper with tiramisu for dessert.

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Rockin' Rolls on a Sushi Sunday
Rev and Justine create a Japanese bounty for their daughter Miley, including miso soup, chicken teriyaki and a salad with carrot-ginger dressing. They then create restaurant-worthy maki sushi rolls for the whole family.

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The High Tea Low Down
Justine re-creates a traditional English high tea.

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Rev Run's Thanksgiving Supper
Thanksgiving becomes a friendly competition this year between Rev Run and his wife, Justine. They both prepare their own menus with two amazing turkeys and delicious sides.

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Rev Run's Sunday Suppers is a delightful family-centric cooking show that debuted on the Cooking Channel in 2014. The program offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of the iconic musician Rev Run (formerly of Run D.M.C) and his family. The show's title, "Sunday Suppers," signifies the gathering of Rev’s family around the table to enjoy a home-cooked meal every Sunday. This tradition lays the foundation for the show where food, laughter, and learning blend seamlessly to create a heartwarming and entertaining experience.

The primary focus of Rev Run's Sunday Suppers is to demonstrate the importance of familial bonding through the traditional ritual of a shared meal. In an era that's crowded with fast food and individual meal preferences, Rev Run aims to bring the family together in one time-honored setting - the dinner table. He believes in cooking and sharing a meal as a fundamental familial ritual that not only brings joy but also tightens the bond amongst family members.

What sets this show apart is its dedication to the holistic experience of cooking. It is not just about the food and the process of preparing it, but it is also about the bonds formed, the conversations exchanged, and the memories created around the dining table. Each episode brings to life the love and camaraderie of the Simmons family, alongside their adventures in the kitchen.

The protagonist of the show, Rev Run, real name Joseph Simmons, is a loved and iconic figure who made his name in the music world as a member of the hip-hop group Run D.M.C. His transition from music to a cooking show host seems unlikely, yet, he beautifully blends his charisma, humor, and love for food to make each episode engaging. He navigates the kitchen with a unique charm, interweaving his passion for meal preparation with enlightening life lessons and inspiring dialogues about family values. His personality is lively and contagious, providing a warm, welcoming, and real aura to the show.

Alongside Rev Run, an essential element of the show is his actual family including his wife, Justine, and his children. Each brings their own dynamic character and individuality to the show, making for varied and often humorous interactions. Justine is Rev's beautiful, effervescent spouse who shares his philosophy on family and food. As a published author and an advocate of adopting healthier eating habits, she often steps in to help whip up meals, revealing family secrets and tips on making every meal healthful along the way.

Their children, despite having moved out of the house, make frequent appearances on the show. Each one brings unique tastes and preferences to the table, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the series. The fun dynamics and playful banter between the family members provide a sense of realistic familial interaction, and it is these moments that often steal the shows charm, making it truly distinctive and relatable.

The culinary content of the show is diverse and reflects the family’s personal favorites. Recipes range from comfort foods, like fried chicken and mac and cheese, to healthier options, like salads and smoothies depending on the individual tastes of the family members. The show finds a balance between indulgent and health-conscious recipes. The dishes, often classic American comfort foods, are presented with a touch of soul and passion reflecting the essence of the show.

Rev Run's Sunday Suppers is a cooking show that appeals not just to food lovers but to anyone who values family time. It's a manifestation of the universal message that cooking and sharing food is inherently a bonding experience that brings people closer.

The show offers a unique viewing experience, combining entertainment, humor, and learning in a package that appeals to a wide range of audiences. The charm of Rev Run, the warmth of his family, and the love for food that resonates in each episode creates an irresistible draw, which proves that this show is not just another cooking program but a beloved family tradition brought to life on your television screen.

Rev Run's Sunday Suppers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 34 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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