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Hell And Back
The pastors hit the streets by hosting a block party in an effort to ease tensions among them. But gossip instead of gospel spreads, sorely testing their relationships.

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A Cross To Bear
Dramas spike over Le'Andria's erratic behavior and Judah's differing theology as the other pastors try to intervene. Also, Corey's daughter divulges startling information about her controversial relationship with her boyfriend.

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Hearts Can Heal
When the other pastors try to intervene, tension simmers around Le'Andria's erratic behavior and Judah's differing theology. Corey's daughter reveals a shocking development in her controversial relationship with her boyfriend.

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The Family That Prays Together
Canton Jones and Judah have a blow out when they try to work together on music. Corey tries to save a troubled teen headed for a life of incarceration.

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In The Name Of The Father
Canton Jones pushes his protégé to settle a bitter grudge with his estranged father. Pastor Corey attempts to reconcile his traumatic past with his mother and Le'Andria struggles with a shocking request from her husband.

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Truth & Consequences
Corey loses it when his 19-year-old stepdaughter confesses she's dating an older man. Le'Andria hit the streets dressed as a prostitute to minister to ladies of the night.

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Code Red
Pastor Le'Andria Johnson's husband undergoes a paternity test; Pastor Corey Hambrick holds a forum to address race relations with the police.

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Welcome To The Atl
Pastor Canton Jones invites the hottest names of music and ministry in the ATL to a listening party for his new, gospel Hip Hop album while Pastor Le'Andria Johnson may have to deal with some family drama of her own.

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Preachers of Atlanta is a highly engaging reality television series that premiered on the Oxygen network in 2016. It is a spin-off to "Preachers of L.A." and forms part of the "Preachers" franchise so well-loved by the audience. This exciting show delves into the lives of diverse, dynamic preachers from the Atlanta area, displaying an unseen sector of American culture with dramatic flair but without completely diminishing the sincerity or importance of the subject matter. The premise of the series is simple yet profound– showcasing the multifarious mix of preachers in Atlanta, their lives, trials, tribulations, successes, and of course, their strong dedication and calling to their faith. It is a bold and robust narrative that unearths not only their spiritual journey but also their engagement with the community, personal experiences, and interactions with their parishioners. Preachers of Atlanta not only seeks to present their work on the pulpit but goes further by revealing the nuances of their lives outside the church, thus humanizing them in the eyes of viewers. The show seeks to blend spirituality with reality, emerging as a narrative that is as provocative as it is inspiring. This series stars five powerful and passionate preachers who use distinct approaches to spreading the Word to their congregations, each with their own unique methods for delivering the teaching and fellowship of their faith. These include Pastor Canton Jones, Pastor Judah Swilley, Pastor Le'Andria Johnson, Pastor Corey Hambrick, and Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier. By focusing on these five men and women, Preachers of Atlanta displays a wide variety of practices, styles, and perspectives on Christianity. From Grammy Award-winning Pastor Le'Andria Johnson, who is unafraid to challenge the conventions of religious conduct, to Pastor Canton Jones, an acclaimed singer, rapper, and producer who also leads the Free Life Church, their journeys are as captivating as they are diverse. Standing out amongst them is Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, renowned motivational speaker and life coach, who offers a unique perspective on faith. The structural diversity of these preachers sees them ministering to congregations in distinctly different ways. Beyond conventional sermons, they adopt alternate methods like using gospel music, the hip-hop industry and even unconventional meeting spots to reach out and connect with those in need. This variety in approaches to their pastoral duties is an integral part of the show's appeal. Throughout the course of the series, some rather pressing social issues are addressed as the preachers seek to reconcile their faith with the realities of the contemporary world. From crime, racial tension, and drug addiction to matters of sexuality, poverty, and corruption, Preachers of Atlanta never shies away from confronting the tough issues people face in their daily lives, and it challenges the preachers to respond to these challenges in faith-empowering and society-uplifting ways. The show does not only present the bright side and the victories of these leaders; it delves into their struggles as well. It delves into the challenges they face in balancing their personal lives with their ardent faith, their passion for their jobs, and their deep love for their communities. Their struggles with doubt, personal defeat, criticism, disappointment, and even their own mistakes, are open for the audience to see, rendering an authentic and relatable narrative. Unlike a typical reality show, Preachers of Atlanta offers a deep sense of purpose and inspiration, underlining the importance of faith in everyday life. It captures the human experience through their spiritual journey, entwining the complexities of life and faith in a worldly and relatable context. It touches on the major role faith leaders play within their societies, as they attempt to guide their followers to navigate life's many trials and tribulations with a strong sense of hope and belief. Preachers of Atlanta is an intriguing exploration of faith and leadership within the unique cultural context of Atlanta. Combining entertaining drama with stimulating spirituality, the show offers an opportunity for viewers to witness different facets of these influential leaders, and in the process, explore their own beliefs and perspectives on religion and spirituality. The series offers not just entertainment, but also a chance for introspection, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking thought-provoking content.

Preachers of Atlanta is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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